Statement by PFLP about Trump, imperialism, and Israel.

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In an interview with the PFLP website, Palestinian leftist writer Comrade Khaled Barakat spoke about the ongoing threats to the people of the region and the world posed by the United States. “The blatant war crimes of U.S. imperialism are only escalating, as evidenced by the dropping of the so-called ‘mother of all bombs’ near the Afghani-Pakistani border. This crime cannot be separated from the US aggression on Syria and its threats of war in eastern Asia. We see the United States threatening Syria, threatening the DPRK, and using the civilians and land of Afghanistan as a ground for weapons testing to back up its international threats.”

“All of these actions fit into the attempts not just to threaten those countries the U.S. has identified as ‘enemies’ or ‘opposition,’ but in fact to extend that threat to all ‘neutral’ forces as well,” noted Barakat.

“What Trump wants us to get accustomed to and accept as normal,” Barakat said, “is that our people and our region are a testing ground for the US military-industrial complex, as Israel has tested its bombs and weaponry on Gaza and Lebanon in the past ten years. This is, in fact, used to sell US and Israeli weapons at international arms fairs, because of their ‘success’ in being tested on the children of Gaza, the women of Afghanistan and the impoverished classes of Yemen and Iraq. US weapons corporations are profiting daily from the killing of the people of the region.”

“Murderous U.S. imperialism is nothing new in our region, and it is urgent that any illusions about Trump or the role of the United States be cast aside. Trump is a figurehead for bankers, cops and generals,” said Barakat. “On the Arab level today, we see that the reactionary forces led by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Sisi of Egypt are rallying behind Trump around two identified causes, the so-called ‘war on terror’ and the real economic, political and threatened military war on Iran.”

In addition, Barakat noted, “today, the Arab reactionary regimes are publicly coordinating with Israel against the resistance and any revolutionary or truly democratic change in the region. This comes at the expense of the Palestinian people and their rights while imposing this inverted image of reality on the Arab people, with heavy propaganda that Israel is our friend and Iran is our enemy.”

In Palestine in particular, “Trump sent the CIA director and later a special envoy with nine conditions for the Palestinian Authority; both met with Mahmoud Abbas. There were security delegations with the PA sent prior to these meetings. To clarify what is hapepning in a nutshell, the PA will be working as a security agency for the United States and Israel. Abbas has already fulfilled the nine conditions of the US, particularly with the starvation of the popular classes of the West Bank and Gaza,” Barakat said.

“If we are to look clearly at this situation, what does this mean? They want to solve the crisis of the Palestinian capitalist class by creating a crisis of the Palestinian popular classes, creating a crisis of the people and stealing the rightful funds of the Palestinian people to fulfill the conditions of the U.S. and of European powers. It serves them and serves Trump. When we see the social and economic crises that Palestinians are living in, from Gaza to Ein el-Helweh to Syria, we know that these are products of capitalism, Zionism and imperialism and are being used in order to consolidate the most reactionary forms of power,” said Barakat.

“Why do we see this policy of starvation today against Gaza? Why the intensification of the policy of security coordination? Why does the PA reject the calls of the Palestinian people for unity and to end security coordination? All of these fit into a new era that we are entering, in which the capitalist class of the West Bank and Gaza who have essentially agreed to the ‘self-rule government’ by calling it a ‘Palestinian state,’ without any of the sovereignty or authority of statehood. You can call it the ’empire of Palestine,’ but it is still occupation with a Vichy regime,” noted Barakat.

“Our people are convinced that Abbas cannot stop Israel from building one settlement or ensure the freedom of one prisoner. These are the tasks of the Palestinian resistance. Another urgent task is the intensification and expansion of the boycott movement and the isolation of the racist, Zionist state. There must be no illusions left about the grotesque Abbas-Trump meeting, bringing together the president of security coordination with the openly racist president of U.S. imperialism, who boasts of firing missiles on Arab land over cake,” Barakat said.

“In fact, we urge the Palestinian community in the United States to send a message to Mahmoud Abbas before he arrives in Washington, DC, as declared will take place in the last part of the month, that he does not speak for the Palestinian people or for Palestinians in the United States,” said Barakat. “The real representatives of the Palestinian people are imprisoned by Israel. On this occasion, we also encourage all progressive and revolutionary forces to support the week of action around the world in solidarity with our Palestinian heroic strugglers in Israeli and international – including U.S. and French – prisons.”


PFLP salutes Native and Indigenous struggle at Standing Rock

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Statement On Lockerbie

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Visitors to this blog will have noticed that the Lockerbie incident has been extensively commented on by us, time and time again. Although our comments in the past were thought to have been as comprehensive as is humanly possible, we continue to scrutinize publicly available evidence when time permits, and reserve the right to update our research in light of hitherto unexamined evidence. Of course we are not running a criminal investigation and do not have teams of investigators who can fly all over the world interviewing people. Despite this fact we believe we have accurately identified the sewage tank on Pan Am 103 as the seat of the explosion and went on to draw conclusions from that disclosure, which seemed to be logical at the time.

Of course an investigation of this nature isn’t static and despite the fact that many years have passed since the bombing of Pan Am 103, some of the evidence is still available on the internet and can be examined by all. It should be noted, however, that this publicly available evidence has by now been incorporated into the dominant paradigm in a misleading way. An official myth has been created by the British and the Americans and all publicly available evidence is now presented to reinforce that myth. The evidence of the Toshiba radio and the Samsonite suitcase are good examples of evidence which have been incorporated into the official mythology. Of course the radio and the suitcase were incapable of incriminating Mr Megrahi until the results of the forensic examination were twisted, manipulated, and then woven into the fabric of the Lockerbie legend. What we see now is the culmination of the investigation: we are required to digest the facts as they are presented as history.

Yet despite tying the case up so neatly, the British and Americans have been unable to convince a significant percentage of their population, that what they have been presented with is the truth. Many journalists and intelligence analysts have questioned the dominant paradigm and have raised important questions. In one instance a Scottish policeman code-named the Golfer came forward and claimed important evidence was fabricated. There have been so many accusations levelled that we doubt they can all be unfounded.

One commonly re-occurring accusation is that the PFLP (General Command) executed the bombing, at the request of the Iranians, in retaliation for the loss of an Iranian passenger jet shot down a few months before Lockerbie. We pointed out the logical fallacies of this argument in a previous report and our position remains unchanged. It is interesting to note that Glen Jenvey went on to blame the Palestinians and the Iranians for the incident after confirming the sewage tank information. We went on to show why it was reasonable to believe one of his statements while rejecting another. The evidence from Jenvey quite clearly pointed to the involvement of one or more state intelligence organisations in the bombing of the jet, possibly his own organisation, the PGCC.

Mr Jenvey has now buried his head in the sand and despite issuing a childishly constructed statement on Lockerbie approx 18 month ago, appears to have withdrawn from public life completely. He has either constructed a new identify we have been unable to identify, or, more likely, has found a safe haven and has been told to shut up by those providing him with protection. The whereabouts of Mr Jenvey is not the subject of this update, however, and while it is true that the sewage tank claim led us to pursue a particular direction with our perspectives, it is now necessary for us to modify that perspective in light of evidence we have recently seen. The evidence is not new, however, and concerns the testimony of Thomas Thurman, an FBI investigator, whose impartiality and integrity have been questioned by some Lockerbie investigators over the years.

Once we discovered the location of the Lockerbie device in the sewage tank, we think we made a mistake concluding the Americans and British colluded to frame Mr Megrahi, at least as far as the evidence of the Mebo timer is concerned. We saw the British and the Americans as two sides of the same coin because the dominant paradigm appeared to be a joint construction. While law enforcement agencies and political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic always maintained this was the case, portraying their efforts as a triumph for joint co-operation, the emergence of this narrative was fraught with problems throughout the investigation, due to the fraudulent nature of the allegations being made. And although we didn’t have anything to say about Mr Thurman in our previous reports, we at least suspected Mr Thurman was part of the conspiracy, even if we didn’t mention him by name.

We now wish to apologise to Mr Thurman for casting him up in the dragnet of our conspiracy theory and would like to say that we believe him after seeing him interviewed for a History Channel documentary. Please click the following link and download all four parts of the documentary called Air Crash Investigation. You will see the links at the right of the page. Please note that we are unable to provide direct links because we are unsure about the legality of doing so. Obviously we wish we had seen the interview two or three years ago as it does change the way we think about Lockerbie. We could say that the discovery of the Mebo timer led to allegations being made against Libya but we must also say that because we believe Mr Thurman, we must now conclude that it was the British who supplied the fake evidence to the FBI. Why?

We sincerely urge the reader of this report to review Mr Thurman’s evidence and take an hour or two to get a little closer to the truth. We are well aware of the fact that it is difficult to get people to look into something which isn’t readily available with one or two clicks of the mouse but please be aware that Mr Thurman does not claim to have been given access to the Mebo timer fragment but only to a photograph. It is very easy to see that he is telling the truth when he explains how he identified the Mebo timer from the photograph of the fragment. Why was he given this photograph? Where was the timer fragment “discovered?”  Could the British have reasonably expected the Americans to identify a Mebo timer from the photograph of the fragment? If so, did the British give the photograph to Mr Thurman with the expectation that all roads would lead, in this case, to Tripoli?

A few months ago, we visited Professor Black’s Lockerbie blog and discovered that the Americans were offering the so-called Libyan freedom fighters a deal: we will give you continued support but when you come across Mr Megrahi we want you to hand him over to us. One of us became quite emotional and upset at this news because the main objective of Operation_Breaklock was to liberate Mr Megrahi. We believe the Libyan revolution sold out its revolutionary principals when it handed over Mr Megrahi to the court at Camp Zeist. We further believe the Libyan revolution sold out its revolutionary principals by paying compensation and then privatising the Tripoli water supply to finance their raproachment with the west. Therefore, our motivation for launching Operation_Breaklock was two-fold: we aimed to liberate Mr Megrahi, which should be considered a humanitarian action; and we aimed to gather intelligence, which should be considered as an operational by-product or bonus.

After we heard the news that Mr Megrahi could be re-arrested, we wrote an entry in this blog which reflected the fact that we were upset. Our blog post said, in effect, that we would try to take down some of America’s shining stars, if that was indeed the outcome. We were belligerent and we regret talking in this way. We apologise.

We wish to point out to our readers that it must have been just a coincidence that as soon as we started disseminating the Lockerbie sewage tank information, and the Golfer came forward with his allegations, Mr Megrahi was released from prison and we are no doubt being egotistical in thinking otherwise.  If Mr Megrahi is in fact re-arrested we will supply information, correspondence and other evidence in our possession to the proper authorities and not act in an inappropriate way.

Finally, we wish to point out that Mr Megrahi’s fate is in the hands of God Almighty – and because Almighty God has already blessed him by releasing him from jail, and making him live a lot longer than expected, we believe God will continue to look after him.

When was Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh arrested and why does it matter?

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We noted in our previous reports on this subject that Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah was reported in the world press to have been arrested in Karachi, Pakistan, on 11th September 2002, exactly one year after the attacks he and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed allegedly masterminded. The fact that he was arrested on the anniversary of the attacks was commented upon excessively by some American writers, who seemed to make a big deal out of numbers and dates and who claimed the arrest was no more than a publicity stunt, staged by the Bush administration in much the same way the Mars rover landed on the red planet on the 4th July. These armchair conspiracy theorists, whose previous observations included spotting the face of Satan in the smoke bellowing out of the World Trade Centre and who were peddling the fallacy that bombs were planted in the buildings, were desperate to latch onto a new conspiracy theory to distract serious investigators and to create confusion in the minds of the public. Would Bush be so stupid to claim an arrest when none were made, we asked at the time. It would only take one disgruntled Pakistani Ranger or one FBI agent with Democrat sympathies, we reasoned, to blow the whole story apart. We did not think Bush would risk claiming Ramzi’s arrest if it did not happen but shortly after the claimed arrest one Islamic website hosted at DV2.COM in Atlanta, Georgia, also claimed that Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah had not been arrested and was still with the Mujahideen.

We did not see the original posting on which denied the arrest had taken place and so our knowledge of the denial comes from second hand sources. We wondered why an American service provider in Georgia would have anything to do with Mujahideen associated with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-thinkers and we were surprised to learn that was a reliable source of information for so-called Islamic fundamentalists. Yosri Fouda, the Al Jazeera journalist who claimed to have conducted an interview with Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah and KSM in April, May or June, depending on which version of the story he was relating, claimed to have contacted the Mujahideen via the above-mentioned website and described the website as a reliable source of Mujahideen news. We were doubtful and, all these years later, we still are.

Atlanta, Georgia, it seems, was quite a hot-bed of so-called Islamic extremist activity back in 2002. In addition to posting the denial of Ramzi’s arrest, the same website also claimed responsibility for a shooting attack on a US marine in Kuwait and praised the attack in the following terms: “We hail this courageous and successful operation … that caused huge losses to the Americans.” Incredibly, other so-called Islamic extremist websites operating in Atlanta were ratcheting up the threat level too, with one site providing advice about kidnapping Americans and another divulging plans to poison American food supplies and kill people in restaurants. Yet another Atlanta based website posted instructions for bomb-making and explosives. What on earth could be happening in Georgia, we wondered. Had the epicentre of international ‘terrorism’ miraculously shifted from Afghanistan and the Arab world and put down its roots in Atlanta, GA? The Whois details for are correct for October, 2002:

Whois Information from “” about
IP address=
OrgName: Net Depot, Inc.
Address: 55 Marietta St NW
Suite 1720 Atlanta GA 30303

AdminName: Hinkle, Jeff
AdminPhone: +1-404-230-9150

TechName: DV2 Engineering

AbuseHandle: DV2AB-ARIN
AbuseName: DV2 Abuse
AbusePhone: +1-404-230-9150
AbuseEmail: (source)

The question of who owned and ran is an important one because many state intelligence agencies run fake Jihadist websites to entrap aspiring fighters by harvesting their internet protocol addresses. All it takes to discover this ruse is a simple ‘whois’ search to discover who the registered owner of a website is and in which country the website is hosted. And while it is true that a ‘whois’ search cannot definitively identify a fake Islamic website, there would obviously be cause for concern if the website was hosted in America, for example, or Saudi Arabia, where the internet is closely monitored by government security agencies. We mention all this in passing because according to another website, Jihad Unspun, which itself was described as suspicious by Azzam Publications, individuals posting messages on were emphatic that the raid in Karachi had not netted Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah and that Ramzi was safe with the Mujahideen.

Perhaps all this is confusing to someone who has not followed this story before, especially when Azzam Publications categorically refuted the information being disseminated by Jihad Unspun and implied that the webmaster of Jihad Unspun was an American government agent. According to the webmaster of Azzam Publications, Jihad Unspun was trying to discredit Azzam with the information that Ramzi had not been netted and damage their reputation as the ‘authentic voice of the Mujahideen’. It is interesting to note that Azzam publications did not attack the website which first published the claims,, but instead chose to attack the messenger, Jihad Unspun, perhaps because it was an easy target and easier to discredit because it was run by a female Canadian convert to Islam and had, as Azzam succinctly put it, slick graphics and a well-designed lay-out, again implying the website had been set up by government agents. We should add at this point that we do know the identities of the webmasters concerned but do not feel the need to identify them here as doing so may cause difficulties for them. The webmaster of Azzam publications did not cease his attacks against Jihad Unspun with a single report but went on to make quite a meal of the story, claiming at a later date that because Jihad Unspun charged their readers money to view the Saeed Al-Ghamdi confession video, to cite just one example, that this indicated that Jihad Unspun was a government set-up designed to entrap radical Muslims by getting their credit card details. In short, a war of words broke out. And as we followed the story we could see that there was a lot more to it than two competing webmasters trying to come to grips with facts associated with the arrest or non-arrest of Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah. We thought we could discern the outline of an intelligence operation in full swing although, to be honest, we really didn’t know what was happening. Now we think we do know and that is the reason we are compiling this report. In this particular case, however, we can’t say with any certainty that we know, for sure, what exactly happened. We do have a viable theory, which makes very interesting predictions. As usual we would like assistance from anyone who has knowledge of these events and we can be contacted via or via We are only interested in the truth of the matter as the questions that are at the forefront of our thoughts have been brewing for quite some time.

As if the story wasn’t complicated enough, with competing webmasters contradicting each other and then making accusations of being government agents, we came across what we think is important information on a website named eramuslim news. We reprint the information here because the link is now dead. We downloaded the document on Sunday, 10th August, 2003, and the link we got the file from is: By the time this was posted, the Azzam website had closed after a campaign of harassment led by Johnathan Galt, one of Glen Jenvey’s associates. Galt had written to Azzam’s hosting company, complaining that they were hosting terrorist websites and making demands that the site be closed down. When no action by Azzam’s hosting company was taken, Azzam Publications formed the opinion that the authorities actually wanted to keep their website alive so they could monitor it, hence the decision to close it down. Azzam Publications were not content to let the issue of Ramzi’s arrest fade away with the closure of their website, however, and posted the following information on eramuslim news:

3. The ‘front’ behind is supposedly a middle-aged Canadian businesswoman who is said to have accepted Islam after 11 September 2001. The Muslims can draw their own conclusions from this, bearing in mind the tenfold increase in the budgets and manpower of Western intelligence agencies in the post-September-11th World.
4. We re-iterate and reconfirm the capture of Ramzi bin Al-Sheebah in Karachi in September 2002 regardless of any claims made by JUS or on any Arabic discussion boards. Furthermore, we put our credibility and the credibility of every news item we have provided over the last six years, on the line to confirm that Ramzi bin Al-Sheebah was arrested in Karachi, that the photograph the media alleged was him was not him but someone else, that Ramzi bin Al-Sheebah was not arrested following a shootout in an apartment block and that the remaining people that were captured or killed by the Pakistani authorities were ordinary Arabs with no connection with Al-Qaida whatsoever – they were neither commanders, leaders nor ‘terrorists’. They were simple people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As for Ramzi bin Al-Sheebah himself, he was just an ordinary Mujahid who was said to have attempted to enter Afghanistan after the American attack in November 2001, just like thousands of other Muslims. He is certainly not a senior Al-Qaida official nor a ‘terrorist’ – such claims are made by the US authorities in order to brainwash the American people that America is succeeding in this war against Islam. Various Arab discussion boards circulated reports that Ramzi bin Al-Sheebah was not captured because the person in the photograph of Pakistani newspapers was not him. These reports were translated by JUS, who published them in a special feature, which we interpreted as an indirect attack on our credibility.

We think what happened is that the chorus of protests that Ramzi had not been arrested were growing and spreading through ‘various Arab discussion boards’ like wild-fire – but still, interestingly, Azzam chose not to attack the originators of the source material – but instead intensified their campaign against Jihad Unspun. The original claim made by Jihad Unspun was that Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah had not been arrested and that a youth, Abdullah (Safar), had been taken into custody after an anonymous individual tried to claim the reward money by claiming that Abdullah was in fact Ramzi. Jihad Unspun also reprinted eyewitness testimony from Abu Shihab Al-Qandahari Al-Yemani – a nickname – which was first published on The eyewitness denied that Ramzi had been taken and assured readers that “Ramzi was safe and sound.” While we find this information interesting in itself, it is full of loopholes in our opinion, and does not explain events in any meaningful way. If we were to disclose to the Australian police that their most wanted criminal lived at a certain address, and that information was subsequently discovered to be false, we would have no chance of claiming any reward money and could end up being charged. Pakistani police procedures aren’t any different from Australian ones so the information that the reward money provides a meaningful explanation simply doesn’t cut any ice.

Our initial premise was confirmed, in our opinion: that an intelligence operation involving the Pakistanis and Americans was in full swing. We decided that the competing claims were a smoke-screen to hide the real situation. Please bear with us while we attempt to explain how we arrived at our conclusion.

A raid took place in Karachi on 11th September, 2002 and the Americans claimed that Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah had been arrested. Self-evidently, he was or he wasn’t. The information was either true or false. Photographs of the blindfolded alleged 9/11 conspirator were taken by the press as he was taken into custody and were published in major newspapers throughout the world. Bush trumpeted the event as a major breakthrough, describing Ramzi as “just another killer – and we’ve got him.” The problem arose for this version of events when ‘various Arab discussion boards’ refuted the claim. As reported by Jihad Unspun, Ramzi’s brother said that the person photographed bore no resemblance to his brother. Claims were made on and repeated by Jihad Unspun that Ramzi was safe with the Mujahideen.

These assertions were vehemently denied by Azzam Publications, who saw the claims as an attack on their credibility, in what appeared to be a case of wounded pride. But appearances can be deceptive because of the nature of webhosting on the internet. A statement dated 24th September, 2002 and posted on had this communication from Azzam Publications:
Sometime in November 2001, our web-site was transferred to hosting companies in South-East Asia and we began to provide daily, uninterrupted news on the events in Afghanistan. The site continued to remain online until July 2002. During this time, whilst tracking the continuing efforts of Mr Galt, we realised, as we thought at first, that the FBI was ensuring that our site remained online, even though officials at the US State Department cited concern over our site, in news reports that were carried by major news organisations. A number of discussion boards specific to web hosting companies, e.g., revealed threads stating that companies wanted to shut down service to the web-hosting companies hosting our sites, but they were specifically instructed by the FBI that ‘this site must remain open at any cost’. We concluded that US Intelligence wanted our site to remain open for two reasons:
(i) To use it for gathering intelligence on events happening on the ground in Afghanistan and perhaps that our news bulletins might lead them to capture ‘Mujahideen suspects’.
(ii) To gather intelligence on the infrastructure behind the site. Mr Galt and Co., apparently not convinced of the ‘benefits’ of the FBI’s strategy, continued to pressurise both the FBI and the web hosting companies, to remove our web-site, and this tit-for-tat saga continued until July this year. In June and July 2002, American forces in Afghanistan took heavy casualties and many of the incidents in which these casualties occurred, were being daily reported by us. By the end of July 2002, the Americans concluded that there was no useful intelligence to be gleaned from leaving our site open and they decided that enough was enough. During the South-East Asian ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Summit in July, Secretary of State Colin Powell’s delegation personally delivered a written order to the local authorities asking them to immediately shut down our site. Our site has remained shut since then, but we have continued to post daily news bulletins on other web-sites, such as

We can see from the above information that Azzam’s own website shut down in July 2002 and so it is difficult to definitively attribute anything posted after that date to them. Statements posted on eramuslim news or anywhere else for that matter, could be written by literally anybody and attributed to Azzam rightly or wrongly. But the story gets interesting from our perspective because Azzam Publications – long considered to be the ‘authentic voice of the Mujahideen’, appeared to be backtracking with their statement on eramuslimnews. After previously confirming the arrest took place in Karachi, they then claimed that well, yes, it did take place in Karachi but not at the place the Americans said it did. They also claimed that the photograph of the arrested Ramzi wasn’t him, despite the fact that they took offence when Jihad Unspun and Ramzi’s brother said the very same thing. Their article (if genuine) posted at eramuslimnews, implied that Bush was lying when he claimed Ramzi was arrested after the shoot-out in Karachi, a position which was now exactly the same as the position adopted by and Jihad Unspun. Why bother arguing? Of course the additional information provided by Azzam was that Ramzi had been arrested – but not following the shoot-out.

In the past, we have criticised American researchers who read newspaper claims often attributed to anonymous sources and who then proceed to cite these sources to reinforce their own agenda. We find this method sloppy and consider it is inappropriate to cite the American media on almost anything except the weather and then consider the story ‘confirmed’. Whether or not we agree with their conclusions, the investigators at CIT did a very good job going on a field trip to Washington and interviewing Sergeant William Lagasse. That’s the kind of research 9/11 investigators should be undertaking instead of sitting at home with their feet up reading half baked American media reports about 9/11 and then citing the information as ‘confirmed.’ The worst culprit for doing this was Mike Ruppert although he is by no means alone in acting in such a way. If you’re like us and stuck millions of miles away from a source it’s still possible to pick up the telephone or send an email and we have discovered it’s much better to send a letter if a postal address can be obtained. Investigators who simply cite news reports can’t be trusted as a general rule and they’re guaranteed not to find new information. Having said all that and apologising to our readers for being so hypocritical, we ourselves found a news report which, if true, would support Azzam’s assertion that Ramzi was arrested – but not at the shoot-out. The link is here:

Whether or not we should do so based upon the available evidence, the authors of this report conclude that as a result of the claims and counter-claims, we believe that Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah was not arrested in Karachi following the widely publicised shoot-out at the apartment. That cannot be the end of the story however, because there are other threads of evidence to consider. It is conceivable that Secretary of State Colin Powell requested local authorities to close Azzam Publications at the anti-terror summit in July as part of the operation to capture Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah and Khalid Sheikh Muhammed. It seems reasonable to assume that the interview with these two accused conspirators by Yosri Fouda, the Al-Jazeera journalist, needed to be carried out in a kind of vacuum – a situation which could be achieved with the closure of the website long considered the ‘authentic voice of the Mujahideen’. Please remember that Mr Yosri Fouda dated his interview with KSM and Ramzi first to June, then May and finally April. He did so, he claims implausibly, because if the need arose to contact the Mujahideen in relation to the interview, he could confirm he was talking to the right people if they knew the interview took place in May. Despite the fact that Mr Fouda is a Muslim and we are sure that he is a good one, the most likely course of action to take in the circumstances would be to create a password that only he and the participants knew. Lying about the date of the interview seems a very clumsy way of verifying a person’s bona fides, and Mr Fouda is well aware that he is stretching people’s credulity with such an implausible claim. Having said all that, however, it is also conceivable that the operation that raided the Karachi apartment and resulted in the shoot-out was carried out with the knowledge that Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah was not in the apartment but was designed to flush him out because authorities knew he was in Karachi and had unspecified links to the apartment. With the ‘authentic voice of the Mujahideen’ offline and silenced, the sting operation could proceed as planned. With blanket saturation coverage of the raid in Karachi and the reported arrest of Ramzi and early reports indicating KSM was killed in the operation, the CIA could have anticipated a flurry of telephone calls and communications from or to their target which could be intercepted by the NSA’s much trumpeted Carnivore eavesdropping system or perhaps more specific intercepts of telephone numbers in the hands of American or Pakistani intelligence. Is this what happened?

We need to place these events in a much broader context at this point to get a better understanding of what in fact occurred. Back in September 2002, the question of who masterminded 9/11 was by no means certain although, as pointed out in his excellent, landmark report, Chaim Kupferberg documented that the Americans ‘rolled out’ KSM as their chief suspect in June. This month also coincides with the date Yosri Fouda first claimed as the date of his interview with KSM and Ramzi. We take pleasure in reprinting here part of Mr Kupferberg’s analysis but also implore our readers to take the time and read the whole essay if they want to find out about 9/11 instead of absorbing the usual 30 second snippets that are usually delivered to the gullible population via the internet and television: The seminal essay can be linked to here but the section relevant to our investigation can be read below:

The Official Legend of 9/11 as a prefabricated set-up.

As we will see, the Moussaoui indictment had lain the groundwork for the eventual Khalid Shaikh Mohammed/ Ramzi Binalshibh/ Mustafa Ahmed nexus that really gets rolling in June 2002, when Khalid is first introduced as the 9/11 “mastermind”, then proceeds through Binalshibh’s choreographed arrest in September 2002, and culminates with the simultaneous arrest of Khalid and Mustafa Ahmed in March 2003. Further, we will see how FBI Director Mueller uses the details in the Moussaoui indictment to explicitly pair up Khalid and Mustafa Ahmed – a full nine months before these characters end up sharing news space for their own simultaneously choreographed apprehensions.

The unsealed December 2001 Moussaoui indictment also set out two “unindicted co-conspirators” who had yet to play their final roles in the unfolding 9/11 Legend – Ramzi Binalshibh and Mustafa Ahmed al-hawsawi (the “official” paymaster)…

Of the various pivot points in the unfolding 9/11 Legend, the time period of June 4-5 2002 was among the most significant.

…Around the same time that the joint Senate-House Inquiry was proceeding under the co-chairmanship of Bob Graham and Porter Goss (the September 11 breakfast partners of Omar Saeed’s reported ISI “handler”), Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was formally introduced as the operative mastermind behind 9/11. John J. Lumpkin of the Associated Press wrote the definitive article, courtesy of the revelations of an anonymous “top U.S. counterterrorism official”

…Lumpkin’s key June article served as a guidepost as to how the unfolding 9/11 Legend would finally crystallize. As reported by Lumpkin, in the same article where Khalid was introduced as the new 9/11 mastermind, he was also “accused of working with Ramzi Yousef in the first bombing of the World Trade Center [in ’93]” in addition to working with Yousef on a 1995 plot (code-named Bojinka) to bomb a dozen airliners headed to the United States

…It was not by accident that the 9/11 paymaster – now officially dubbed as Mustafa Ahmed al-Hisawi – was mentioned in an article introducing Khalid as the mastermind. As it turned out, about the same time that Lumpkin’s article was making the rounds, Robert Mueller was making a statement before the Senate-House Committee, narrating the full details of the money trail story (as set out in the Moussaoui indictment), but this time adding the role of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who, according to Mueller’s statement, shared a credit card with Mustafa Ahmed “Alhawsawi.”
Thus, Mueller inserted Khalid into the Money Trail Story by way of a direct connection with the “Mustafa Ahmad” alias. And now, thanks to Lumpkin, “Mustafa Ahmad” was not to be thought of as simply a convenient pseudonym, but rather as a real person, bin Laden’s bona fide “financial chief”…

…Once Lumpkin’s June 2002 article on Khalid was out, further incriminating details were coming out fast and furious. According to CBS News, U.S. officials now had “evidence” that Khalid had met with “some of the 9/11 hijackers at their Hamburg, Germany apartment in 1999.” Presumably, Ramzi Binalshibh – Mohammed Atta’s Hamburg roommate who was also thought to be a potential “twentieth hijacker” – was among them. Lumpkin’s key June article also mentioned Binalshibh as part of Atta’s Hamburg “cell.” And as Binalshibh was paired with Mustafa Ahmed as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Moussaoui indictment, we have perhaps an indication that Khalid, Binalshibh, and Mustafa Ahmed were part of a concerted strategy touched off in early June 2002 to bring this phase of the 9/11 Legend to a close. Conveniently timed for release on the very next day – June 6, 2002 – further news followed that, according to National Security Agency intercepts, Khalid was heard talking on the telephone with hijacker Mohammed Atta. Moreover, for the very first time, authorities were now reporting that Khalid was actually the uncle of Ramzi Yousef. In other words, when the nephew failed to bring down the Towers in ’93, the uncle took up the slack in ’01.

Perhaps it was this sort of conceptually artistic symmetry that made Khalid so attractive as the designated mastermind. Through Khalid, one had a direct connection to the first World Trade Centre attack, providing a smoking gun continuity leading directly to al-Qaida. Prior to Khalid’s June 2002 public promotion, he was lurking on the official terror lists merely as an indicted conspirator in the 1995 Bojinka plot masterminded by Ramzi Yousef. Thus, while Khalid had not previously been directly connected to the 9/11 plot, he did make the “most wanted” cut based on his alleged 1995 collaboration with Yousef. With that in mind, one can almost picture sitting in with the members of the National Security Council on a balmy Spring morning in late May 2002, leafing through their photo albums as they argued over the most appropriate candidate to close off the official 9/11 Legend. As it turned out, they chose the guy with the unibrow and the hair shirt.

What was the official reason for revealing the role of Khalid at this point in time? According to CBS News, it was senior al-Qaida figure Abu Zubaydah (captured a few months previously) who had “fingered [Khalid] as the mastermind behind the Sept. 11 attacks.” Abu Zubaydah, the first “big fish” captured in the War On Terror, had previously – and conveniently – been fingered as a major al-Qaida player by Ahmed Ressam…

… As we will see, once Ramzi Binalshibh’s number comes up for apprehension (in September 2002), followed by the capture of Khalid and Mustafa Ahmed in March 2003, another version will be offered for the timing of Khalid’s introduction as 9/11 mastermind. But first, we should take note of James Risen’s June 5, 2002 article for the New York Times, in which Risen reported that the authorities “had begun to suspect soon after the [Sept. 11] attacks that [Khalid] had some role in the hijackings. But in the next months, a detailed financial investigation of the money trail from the plot led officials to believe that he had a more prominent role than previously suspected.” In other words, as Risen had framed it, Khalid had first garnered notice for 9/11 by way of his connection to the money trail. Was this a retrospective addition into the record? – for Khalid most certainly did not make it into the Money Trail Story as of December 2001, when pretty much all the details of the money trail were crystallized within the Moussaoui indictment. On the other hand, there is a possibility that Khalid was intended from the very beginning to be featured as the 9/11 mastermind, yet perhaps he could not be safely inserted back into the Legend by way of the money trail until that nasty confusion over the “Mustafa Ahmad” alias was resolved…

…By June of 2002, the contents of the Moussaoui indictment could indeed be viewed as the clear signpost pointing the way to the manner in which the final loose ends of the Official 9/11 Legend would be tied up for posterity. With Ramzi Binalshibh and Mustafa Ahmed al-Hisawi already tied together as unindicted co-conspirators in the Moussaoui case, FBI Director Robert Mueller would, by this time, explicitly weave in Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, pairing him up with Mustafa Ahmed and thereby inserting this newly-christened 9/11 mastermind into the Money Trail Story. The Associated Press’ John Lumpkin would reference all three in his key June 2002 article. It is as if the powers-that-be were putting this trio of nefarious characters on notice – from here on, their fates were to be indelibly entwined.

If habitual coincidence is the mother of all conspiracy theories, then one must surely raise a discerning eyebrow at the revelation that, around this time – after more than a decade of staying hidden in the shadows – Khalid Sheikh Mohammed suddenly was stricken with an urge to conduct his very first interview, with none other than Ramzi Binalshibh at his side. The journalist chosen for this honour was the London bureau chief of Al-Jazeera, Yosri Fouda…

…On September 9, 2002, the die was cast. Al-Jazeera was broadcasting Part I of Fouda’s historic interview with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh. For the first time, millions would hear – from the planners themselves – exactly how the September 11 plot was put in motion. It was al-Jazeera’s version of VH1’s Behind The Music, featuring guest commentaries from Vincent Cannistraro and Lyndon LaRouche. Unfortunately, viewers would only get the audio feed of Khalid and Binalshibh, as Binalshibh and Khalid purportedly had confiscated from Fouda his videotape of the proceedings before he had taken leave of them back in June.

In more ways than one, September 9 was an ideal launch date for the interview broadcast. By then, the mainstream media had the whole summer to feed the public – and themselves – with various leaks, revelations, and “official” comments concerning Khalid and Binalshibh’s newfound place in the 9/11 pantheon. Set-up and payoff. Moreover, the interview was now being broadcast in the immediate lead-up to the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, thereby further raising the profile of this historic broadcast…

…It was practically a seamless propaganda extravaganza, except for one small detail – Fouda had gone on record as dating the interview to June of 2002, thereby raising the prospect of two plausible scenarios. Scenario One: Khalid and Binalshibh’s respective roles in the plot were first discovered solely due to Fouda’s contact with them; or Scenario Two: The decision to send Fouda on his interview errand was made at the same time that a decision was made to market Khalid as the new 9/11 mastermind. Of the two scenarios, the first one was far more palatable – from a propaganda perspective – as at least it could be kept within the borders of plausible deniability, and only Fouda would get burned by it. The second scenario, however, would raise the prospect of one of those uncomfortable coincidences that could conceivably expose the 9/11 Legend as a pre-fabricated set-up.

Only two days after the initial broadcast of Fouda’s interview with Khalid and Binalshibh – on the first anniversary commemorating the 9/11 attacks – Pakistani forces, accompanied by FBI agents, raided an apartment complex in Karachi. After a “four hour” gun battle involving “hundreds” of Pakistani soldiers and policemen, the authorities captured, among a few others, Ramzi Binalshibh himself. Their original target, however, had been Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, whom they had been tracking for months throughout Karachi. While Khalid had just barely slipped away only a few hours before Pakistani forces had arrived at his door, the authorities were reportedly “surprised” to discover that they had netted Binalshibh in the process. At least that is now the official version of the day’s events…

…With the well-timed arrest of Ramzi Binalshibh in September 2002, journalist Yosri Fouda was in a bind. Only days before, he had gone on record – repeatedly – as dating his interview with Khalid and Binalshibh to June 2002. Up to the time of Binalshibh’s arrest, the official legend had it that Khalid’s pivotal role as 9/11 mastermind was revealed to U.S. authorities through their interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, who was captured in March 2002. Now, in the aftermath of Binalshibh’s capture, word was circulating that perhaps authorities had learned of Khalid’s true role by way of Fouda. That contention, of course, would remain most plausible if Fouda’s interview could definitively be back-dated to a time before early June 2002 – that is, to a time before Khalid was first publicly announced as 9/11 mastermind. The alternative scenario quite simply pointed to a conclusion that would have to be denied at all costs – that the decision to out Khalid publicly as the 9/11 mastermind was coordinated with the decision to send Fouda on his interview errand with Khalid. Had Fouda erred, then, by initially claiming that his historic interview had taken place in June 2002? Had he possibly exposed a seam pointing the way to a coordinated set-up?

Soon after the Binalshibh arrest, Fouda took the opportunity to revise the date of his interview for the record, revealing to Abdallah Schleifer of the Kamal Adham Center For Journalism:
Fouda: “Actually, this question of dates is very important for another reason. All of these Islamist websites that were denouncing me alluded to my interview as taking place in June. That’s what I mentioned both in my article in The Sunday Times Magazine and in my documentary – that I met them in June.”

Schleifer: “So?”

Fouda: “I lied.”
Schleifer: “Really?”

Fouda: “Yeah.”

Schleifer: “But you’re going to come clean with [us], right?”

Fouda (laughter): “Yes, of course. I lied because I needed to lie. I’ll tell you why. Because I thought, maybe even expected, that if something went wrong and I needed to get in touch with them through a website or a statement or a fax … they would be the only ones who would know that I had met them one month earlier than I let on, and so I’d know I was talking to the right people.

So after the first wave of denunciations a pro-Qa’ida website “” put up a statement online in the name of Al-Qa’ida clearing me of any blame or connection with Ramzi’s arrest and I knew this was an authentic communiqué because it alluded to the interview taking place in May.”

Apparently, Fouda had lied again, for on March 4, 2003 (i.e. a few days after Khalid’s eventual arrest), Fouda offered up this newest version of his 48-hour encounter to The Guardian:

“It was late afternoon, Sunday 21 April 2002, when I packed my bags before joining Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi bin al-shibh for a last prayer before saying goodbye.”

That, as they say in legal parlance, is a very definite recollection. In short, Fouda had impeached his own testimony through these two explicitly detailed, contradictory dates. Fouda, through this compounded lie, was now calling into question the very credibility of his entire interview with Khalid and Binalshibh…

…Recall that, back in June 2002, the “official” legend at the time had it that it was Abu Zubaydah, back in March 2002, who had spilled the goods on Khalid. Yet with Khalid’s March 2003 apprehension, this one aspect of the legend was duly revised. As revealed by Keith Olbermann in a March 3, 2003 item: “Ironically, it would be [Fouda’s] interview that would point out, to U.S. intelligence, that [Khalid Shaikh] Mohammed and Binalshibh were the brains behind the 9/11 attacks”…

Now, despite the fact that Mr Kupferberg is gifted and we admire his analysis, he does have some facts mixed up. To begin with, Yosri Fouda’s documentary, Top Secret: the road to September 11th contains no audio of KSM and only voice distorted audio of Ramzi. There have been allegations on the website that the interview never took place and that the audio delivered to Al Jazeera was provided separately, along with Abdul Aziz Al-Omari’s confession video. Mr Kupferberg then appears to accept at face-value the September 11th 2002 arrest of Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah and the March 2003 arrest of Khalid Sheikh Muhammed, which we have seen – in the case of the former – and will see, in the case of the latter, is based on very flimsy evidence indeed. In the case of Ramzi, serious doubts and divisions arose from the alleged arrest and in the case of KSM, the Sunday Times and The Independent of England questioned the American version of events. Robert Fisk of the Independent went one step further in reaction to the alleged arrest of KSM and said quite simply: I’ll believe it when I see it.

We can also see Mr Kupferberg relying unreasonably on news reports of events, specifically the Olbermann report, as we are willing to concede that Lumpkin’s report may be part of the pre-fabricated set-up Mr Kupferberg refers to. There are two important factors for the reader to consider: firstly, why would anybody accept at face value anything the Americans said at a time when they were brazenly lying about weapons of mass destruction and using forged documents to reinforce the case for war; secondly, how is it that American society has progressed to such a pitiful state that an anonymous “top U.S. counterterrorism official” can provide information to a private organisation and people so willingly accept the corporatization of news and do not protest about it? Yes, okay, we are willing to concede that some Americans do protest against the situation and at the time Bush administration officials were desperate to murder hundreds of thousands more Iraqis, on top of the million plus already killed, the Traprock Peace Centre shone like a beacon of real American values in a climate of fear and loathing and lies. We congratulate Traprock for this and advise them that without their contribution some of us would have lost faith in all non-Muslim populations irrevocably, and viewed the Muslim Ummah as the only population capable of dealing with the truth.

Thus far we have dealt with reactions to the arrest of Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah, some of which accepted the arrest at face value and others that did not. We have not dealt with evidence of the arrest itself, the actual operation, because evidence is very, very scarce. We have seen that a large number of people in Pakistan and elsewhere denied the arrest took place and that number was not limited to the webmaster and her associates at Jihad Unspun. What possible evidence of the arrest can be considered at this point? As we pointed out in a previous post on this subject, there are photos, presumably taken in the police or army barracks in Karachi, of the alleged Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah holding a board with a name written on it. We have published this evidence before but will do so again because the evidence causes a great deal of controversy because Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah may not be his real name.

new photos of ramzi bin al shibah

his real name is umar

The person photographed looks, to us, to be the same person who was later photographed by the Red Cross in Guantanamo. But he is holding a board of some kind which identifies him as Umar Muhammad ‘Abdallah Ba’ Amar. Had the Pakistanis and the Americans failed to correctly identify him at this point of time and, if that was the case, why did the board positively identify him as Umar Muhammad ‘Abdallah Ba’ Amar? That’s a very important question as far as we’re concerned and, we suspect, takes us to another level: namely, to ask the question: what is his real name? Is he the same person who allegedly sent money from Hamburg, Germany to Zacarias Moussaoui using the alias Ahad Sabet? Is he the same person who allegedly tried to enter the United States only to be knocked back as an overstay risk? Do two separate identities – two entirely different people – have their identities merged in the official American 9/11 narrative, to create a kind of cut-out, a composite identity created solely to support the narrative?

If the world wasn’t quite sure who Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah was, Terry McDermott, in his book Perfect Soldiers, was quick to give us the answer. He lived in Germany with the identity of a Sudanese named Omar and applied for refugee status only to be rejected, Mr McDermott informed us – citing unnamed German intelligence reports. He then returned to Germany under his real name, with an equally real Yemeni (passport # 000852243) identity and applied for refugee status again – and this time was accepted. We remember at the time reading the relevant passages, stopping, and forcing ourselves to read it again. It wasn’t the easiest thing to digest because it frankly didn’t make sense. If there was nothing wrong with his own identity, why had he taken the risk of using a false Sudanese one. Add to that there can only be so many officially sanctioned channels for individuals seeking refugee status in Hamburg and it seems impossible, on the face of it, that he wouldn’t be recognised as the same individual who previously applied with a Sudanese identity. The situation is further complicated by the information that Ramzi was always known as Omar whilst living in Hamburg, even after he returned to Germany with a Yemeni identity with the first name Ramzi. Mr McDermott, despite his unparalleled access to BKA reports, was off to a shaky start, we thought at the time. Quite frankly, we didn’t believe a word of it.

We can see from this visa application ( that the immigration officer dealing with the application has noted that the applicant was travelling back and forth to Jordan. That’s very interesting because Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah is also said to have travelled to a summit ( of Al Qaida terrorists in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the year 2000. That particular meeting provides the central narrative for the 9/11 Commission Report and recounts how American intelligence first heard about the planned meeting by wire-tapping the phone of an alleged Al Qaida hub ( in Yemen. The CIA allegedly requested Malaysian Special Branch monitor the meeting and they allegedly did so – photographing the participants poolside at the apartment and also “ducking in and out of internet cafes” in Malaysia’s splendid ( capital city.

So much emphasis has been placed on this meeting in Malaysia by the 9/11 Commissioners and associated newspaper reports that at one stage we thought the Americans would run out of paper rehashing the story of Al-Hazmi and Al-Mihdhar slipping through the American dragnet. The narrative is central to Americans’ understanding of the planning for 9/11 and the pretence that the CIA made errors of judgement and were asleep at the wheel. The participants of the meeting allegedly included Hambali, Yazid Sufaat, Nawaf Al-Hazmi, Khalid Al-Mihdhar, Tawfiq bin Attash, Khalid Sheikh Muhammed, Fauzi Hasbi (possibly a spy) and Ramzi bin Al-Shibah. Malaysian Special Branch allegedly photographed Ramzi bin Al-Shibah next to Tawfiq bin Attash and there is also said to be video evidence of his presence. Despite this, we are led to believe, both Al-Mihdhar and Ramzi bin Al-Shibah left Malaysia and participated in the attack on the USS Cole later in the year. The Prime Minister of Yemen declared that Al-Mihdhar was involved but left Yemen a few days later. American intelligence sources later ‘confirmed’ to Al-Jazeera journalist Yosri Fouda that Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah was involved.

Are we to believe that Al-Mihdhar and Ramzi bin Al-Shibah engaged in this frenzy of Jihad activity and then attempted to enter the United States using their real names? Do the 9/11 Commissioners seriously expect us to believe that if the aforementioned information is true that the CIA couldn’t co-ordinate their activities with the State Department and lay a trap for two obvious terror suspects? Again, the suggestion doesn’t make sense. We understand that the 9/11 Commissioners contend that the agency was guilty of incompetence but this suggestion doesn’t cut the mustard, in our opinion. After all, the CIA requested Malaysian Special Branch monitor the Malaysia meeting and they allegedly did so. They also forwarded a report and photographic/ video evidence to the American agency. The participants were known and so were monitored in Singapore, Bangkok and K.L. Why weren’t they stopped if the narrative is essentially correct?
At the very least, after two and possibly three of the participants of the Malaysia meeting allegedly took part in the attack on the USS Cole, why wasn’t action taken? The drowsy driver must surely have woken up by now – or was he catatonic?
The narrative isn’t sustainable and when it is scrutinised it breaks down. Common sense enters the equation; common sense informs us that if these two weren’t watch-listed they weren’t who the Americans say they are or they were deliberately allowed to proceed.

A good method of confirming this contention is to look at the small print. In the United Nations Consolidated List we see that Ramzi bin Al-Shibah’s Sudanese identity and a variety of different names, including the one the Pakistani’s identified him by and published first on this website, simply will not go away. We suspect that the reason for this is that the Americans might be able to run an FBI investigation but they can’t control an international one. What results do we get when we turn to German sources, for example? The same ambiguity with two nationalities, two birthdates. The 1973 birth date links him to Khartoum, Sudan while the 1972 birth date links him to Yemen. We’re think we are looking at an unknown individual with an identity constructed from two separate, equally real identities. The fact that Zacarias Moussaoui was convicted partly on the basis of the Ahad Sabet evidence should make Americans mobilise for political and constitutional reform.

We mentioned already that our theory makes some very interesting predictions and it is not surprising that these predictions have generally come to pass. Our theory predicts that the Americans cannot produce Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah in a court of law because he isn’t who the Americans say he is. Neither can they produce audio of him at the military tribunal in Guantanamo, despite the fact that the audio of KSM and ‘Ammar Al-Baluchi, and an all star cast of other alleged 9/11 conspirators, has been placed in the public domain. It should be pointed out that there is audio of Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah in the public domain already, speaking at a Hamburg wedding, and so the audio at the Guantanamo gulag would obviously be expected to match. Does the suggestion that they could not match explain why there is no Guantanamo audio of Ramzi? Does this also explain why the audio of the interview in Karachi was distorted? Thus far the Americans have derailed the prosecution of two alleged co-conspirators in Germany and, again in our opinion, a miscarriage of justice occurred in the Zacarias Moussaoui trial, because of the authorities’ refusal to allow Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah to testify. The instance that took place at the military tribunal was particularly illuminating from our point of view as tribunal members noted that Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah was delusional and refused to attend the hearing. Has Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah’s condition been diagnosed, we wonder. Is it a symptom of his condition that he is claiming to be someone else?
We became aware that the American military junta and its Wall Street backers recently withdrew charges Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah would have faced had he fronted a civilian court. We think he now faces further prolonged detention until his eventual appearance at a tribunal hearing (audio redacted) or his death. This isn’t justice, one way or the other. After all the misery that has been caused in Afghanistan and Iraq, and New York, for that matter, the Americans should be held accountable and should bring any evidence into the public domain. Judge Leonie Brinkema presided over a terror trial and her name was not kept secret as is the case with the tribunal members in the gulag of Guantanamo Bay. Also the evidence should be made public, not just for the sake of people who criticise the Americans like us – but for the benefit of American society. The behaviour of prosecutors and the judge in the Zacarias Moussaoui trial was unacceptable, in our opinion, because large portions of the evidence were subsequently redacted. And yet that particular side-show took place in the glare of public scrutiny, with reporters present at various times, and proceedings reported upon regularly. What hope can there be for a more transparent process, where the Star Chamber inquisitors have their names redacted and have their fingers poised over an electronic button which cuts the audio feed?

Of course we could be wrong about this and we won’t mind admitting it, unlike some American writers who claimed OBL died at Tora Bora and who now claim that his recent demise is faked. We haven’t dug ourselves into a hopelessly entrenched position by asking these legitimate questions. As we pointed out earlier, the raid at Karachi may have taken place to bring Ramzi into the open and he may have been netted in a separate raid. But that possibility does not explain the question of his identity. Nor does it explain Zacarias Moussaoui’s insistence that Ramzi was not Ahad Sabet. Even when Moussaoui realised his goose was cooked he continued to make the point, which is very strange in the circumstances, if indeed it is true.

Mr Kupferberg refers to a pre-fabricated set-up – a set-up he imagines involves members of the press. A more realistic picture emerges when we consider “Top Secret: the road to September 11th” in a much wider context and focus on the claims made about the documentary by Yosri Fouda himself. Mr Fouda claims to have exposed the true nature of the plot as a coup for Al Jazeera and for himself personally but when we study the entire song and dance routine, the claim falls flat on its face. Upon his return to the Al-Jazeera offices after playing the role of the 9/11 caped crusader, details of Mr Fouda’s interview were examined by the Emir of Qatar, who subsequently gave information to the CIA. In an interview with, the author of the One Percent Doctrine, Ron Suskind, another privileged insider with ties to various unnamed intelligence officials, makes the following claims:

“Bin al Shibh, no. I’m not talking about the bin al Shibh stuff or the KSM stuff. Ultimately, we ended up getting the key breaks on those guys, KSM and bin al Shibh, from the Emir of Qatar, who informed us as to their whereabouts a few months before we captured bin al Shibh. That was the key break in getting those guys. KSM slipped away; in June of 2002, the Emir of Qatar passed along information to the CIA as to something that an Al Jazeera reporter had discovered as to the safe-house where KSM and bin al Shibh were hiding in Karachi slums. He passed that on to the CIA, and that was the key break. Whether Zubaydah provided some supporting information is not clear, but the key to capturing those guys was the help of the Emir.”

Assuming Mr Fouda’s interview took place in Karachi, which is by no means certain, we hereby express our doubts that Mr Fouda knew where he was in the city, as elaborate security measures were put in place to prevent him doing so. Mr Fouda recounts that he was driven around blindfolded to disorient him and, unless he was wearing a tracking device, it is difficult to see where security broke down. Mr Fouda may have heard evidence that there was a mosque nearby – or a hospital, for instance, and this information may have been forwarded to the Americans by the Emir of Qatar. We can now see from information in the public domain that the interview itself – or perhaps reports of the interview, played a largely undetermined role in creating the Legend of 9/11. But can we go on to claim that parts of the legend were deliberately obscured? Is it safe to make the assumption that KSM’s reported links to Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaida leadership in Afghanistan, for example, were created by Al Jazeera and the Emir of Qatar, in conjunction with a pro-western intelligence service, if not the CIA?

We have an indication that this may be the case from two related sources: in the transcript of KSM’s tribunal hearing in the Guantanamo gulag, KSM denies telling Mr Fouda that he was head of Al-Qaida’s military committee, contradicting the Al Jazeera journalist who made the explicit claim. Mr Fouda also makes the highly interesting claim that he agreed not to divulge KSM and Ramzi’s real operational names as a condition to getting the interview. We would like to focus on this particular statement for a moment, to see if we can uncover some facts.

As members of the public who are supposed to buy all this caped crusader stuff, we thought we already knew KSM’s operational names:

Khalid Sheikh Mohommad alias Mohommad the Pakistani alias MP (ISI jargon)

During the past decade, law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies have identified Khalid to use (sic) at least 50 aliases. They are Walid Muhammad Salih Ba Attas; Khalid Shaikh; Khalid Al-Shaikh; Mohammad Khaled; Khalid; Salim Ali; Ali Salem; Muhammed Khalid Al-Mana; M Almana; Ashraf Refaat Nabith Henin; Ashraf Refaat Nabih Henin; Nabih Hanin; Fahd Bin Abdallah Bin Khaled; Muhammad Muhannadi; Ashraf Ahmed; Ashraf; Ahmed Refaat; Khalid Abdul Wadood; Khalid the Kuwaiti; Babu Hamza; Mukhtar; Al-Mukh;Muhammad Ali Al Balushi; Mukhtar Al-Baluchi; Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Ghamdi; Khalid Mohammad Mohammad; Khalid Shaikh Mohammad; Khalid Mohammad; Khalid Al-Shiekh; Khalid Abdul Wadood; and Khalid Saeed Muhammad. Although Khalid appears older, Khalid frequently uses two birthdays – April 14, 1965 and March 1, 1964. In addition to using forged and adapted passports, Khalid uses several fraudulently obtained passports – African (Sudanese), Middle Eastern (Saudi) and Asian (Pakistani). For instance, his Saudi Arabian passport is no C174152 with expiration date April 23, 2005 lists his date and place of birth as September 24, 1968 and Saudi Arabia respectively. Similarly, he received Pakistani passport numbers 488555, issued at the Pakistani Embassy in Kuwait and 113107, issued at the Pakistani Embassy in Abu Dhabi on July 21, 1994, the latter with an expiration date of September 18, 1997. In 1995, the FBI retrieved a photograph of Khalid from Yousef’s Toshiba laptop, the first indication that he was an important terrorist. Even before the FBI and the CIA knew the link between Khalid and bin Laden or Khalid and Al Qaeda, Khalid has been a wanted terrorist. Nonetheless, by using multiple identities, Khalid has evaded law enforcement authorities worldwide and operated on every continent including in Latin America. For instance, operating under the Egyptian name Ashraf Refaat Nabih Henin, Khalid obtained a Brazilian visa no 194-95 (C0077250) issued in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Source, Rohan Gunaratna, Al Qaeda’s Trajectory in 2003.)

We also thought we knew Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah’s operational name: Abu Ubaidah and his other aliases.  So it is interesting to ponder which additional operating names Mr Fouda agreed to keep quiet about. Were they names, we wonder, which tie KSM or Ramzi – or both – to the Pakistani ISI by any chance? And if not, why did KSM and his collaborators allegedly distribute video on behalf of the National Movement For The Restoration Of Pakistani Sovereignty, whose demands included the delivery of F16 planes that Pakistan paid for and never received? Isn’t that a strange demand for an Al Qaida ‘terrorist’ to make? Source, Pearl murder video. (author refuses to provide link). Can the reader now see the fingerprints of an intelligence operation upon the events we are dealing with? And whose fingerprints are they? Who are the obvious suspects once the implausible suspects have been eliminated from the investigation?

We also wish to point out that in the aftermath of the raid in Karachi which allegedly netted Ramzi, there were persistent reports that KSM was killed in the shootout and that his wife and two young children were taken into custody. Please remember that we extracted the screenshots of Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah holding the board from a video called The New Al-Qaida, a BBC production available at There is also additional footage in the same section we haven’t previously extracted frames from, and interestingly there are additional frames of KSM at the time of his arrest. While these photographs of KSM are obviously in the public domain, they are not widely known about and have not been published until now to the best of our knowledge. In our view, they strongly suggest that ‘KSM’ and ‘Ramzi’ were detained at the same time and that the photos of KSM with his clothes in disarray were not taken at the place of his arrest. We have come to this conclusion for the following reasons: firstly, the film has unique, bluish tint which is unlikely to have been used in both Karachi and Rawalpindi. The same batch of film showing both accused terrorists strongly implies that the film was used to photograph the accused at around about the same time. Numerous reports have circulated, moreover, that the wall behind ‘KSM’ – the wall with the peeling paint on it, is not to be found at the address in Rawalpindi where ‘KSM’ was arrested. This could be explained if the photographs were taken in the Pakistani police or army barracks where they were taken after their arrests sometime in September, 2002. Furthermore, ‘KSM’ is identified in the film not by holding a board but by caption. We think this is unlikely to have occurred at the place of his arrest but at a subsequent detention centre, after the accused had been identified by Pakistani authorities.

khalid sheikh muhammed positively identified

is this the same batch of film?

All of our reports except the humorous ones carry a direct message which goes way beyond the facts. We pointed out, time and time again, that the American government and its gullible population cannot be trusted to deliver the truth on 9/11 and the ongoing ‘War on Terror’ partly because of government secrecy and partly because American investigators employ sloppy methods and refuse to go out to interview people. Even the so-called shining stars of the 9/11 truth movement, such as Paul Thompson, really do nothing more than compile newspaper reports and then make often incorrect assumptions based on them. A good example to illustrate this perspective are the repeated assertions that General Ahmed instructed Saeed Sheikh to transfer $100,000 to Muhammed Atta while the latter was allegedly in Florida. Those who wished to gain a modicum of respectability and therefore distanced themselves from the thermite in the dust crowd, repeated this propaganda claim by Indian Intelligence ad infinitum, so that eventually the story acquired a life of its own – but the information eventually led nowhere, as it was a dead-end no-brainer to start with. Because of the way Americans investigate, all any author had to do was use Google to find the original story in the Indian press, copy and paste the url – and hey, presto, the story became embedded in the 9/11 narrative. There are many, many similar examples we could use to demonstrate this fact. Whereas the American investigator is in a good position geographically to conduct an investigation, they always waste their opportunities with a combination of a priori assumptions and unwillingness to take any risks. Let us demonstrate to our readers what we mean by this.

There are a large number of Americans who have valuable information. We can think of a number of them without mentioning their names. Usually they had high-level clearance in the Bush administration but now most of them have retired or moved on. There are also a large number of people in the current administration who possess important information that could be used to help derail the American putsch into the Muslim world. Has anyone in America even thought about asking these people about the real story? Has an informal approach been made to even 1% of them? Last night on the television news it was reported that an additional 5 Americans were killed in Afghanistan, four in one incident and another in a separate one. That, we might add, is in addition to one Australian soldier killed and another hospitalised with life threatening injuries. For previously loyal intelligence officials, and some serving military personnel, these casualties are their weak spot. A large number of them could be persuaded to talk in the right circumstances, especially after rapport building and trust has been established. And while it is possible to do this by making phone calls, writing letters or emails, the American investigator is in a far better position than we are because they can sit down face to face.

It can be argued, of course, that Americans are not unique in this respect. In this particular report we have looked at events in Karachi, which is in Pakistan, and not the USA. Has anyone even contemplated going along to the apartment and asking questions? Is this really asking too much for a population who instinctively know that they are being lied to? Is it too much to ask that an independent investigation be undertaken, instead of letting the intelligence services and the controlled press define the moment? Stokely Carmichael once described the ruling class in America as ‘masters of definition,’ as they control language and the media to reinforce their rule. Thus, one particular group are defined as terrorists while the favoured group are described as freedom fighters. The myth of democracy is used to reinforce this perspective although the opposite is the case. One particular armed group can be portrayed as diligent citizens who are upholding their constitutional right to bear arms, while another group, such as the residents at Waco, Texas, are accused of stockpiling weapons in a sinister and conspiratorial way. Why do Americans allow the ruling class to define language in the way they have done? This author firmly believes that the best way of taking this privilege away from them is to establish local committees of inquiry – whatever the subject – and to steadfastly maintain the independence of those inquiries with no government interference or involvement.

This methodology has been effective in two examples that immediately spring to mind here in Australia. In the first of our two examples, a people’s investigation was effective in exposing the ASIO bombing in Sydney, back in the 1970’s. Asio, a branch of the Australian secret services, exploded a device near the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting – and then blamed Amanda Marga, an Australian religious sect, for the crime. An Australian Trotskyist group conducted the investigation and the end result was that the then Australian Attorney General was persuaded – some would say forced – to personally lead the raid on the ASIO offices with a search warrant in his hands. Another example that springs to mind is the investigation of some deaths in custody – murders committed by generally white, redneck police officers – against members of Australia’s indigenous community. The case we wish to illustrate: John Pat. Where did all the calls for a Royal Commission into his death lead? Did we tell you at the time that a Royal Commission would only result in a cover-up? Were we proven right? And where did the independent investigation lead? Can you remember?

We mention all this in passing because the same mistakes are being made again. Americans who doubt their government is telling the truth are again being led in the direction of calling for a new inquiry. They have effectively no chance, one way or another. Assuming that the government eventually accepted the demand, the terms of reference would be restrictive; members of the defence forces and intelligence services would be exempted from giving evidence as the ruling class in America have no interest in allowing the truth to emerge. In terms of general chatter within the wider intelligence community, there is a significant faction who has formed the opinion that Saddam Hussein ordered the American embassy bombings in Africa, to cite just one example. We haven’t got access to all the information they have but we know what they’ve been saying because they’ve told us. What could we make of the decision to attack Afghanistan and Sudan with cruise missiles with that little nugget of information up our sleeves? What does that say about Hilary Clinton and her sometimes husband and their commitment to upholding the truth?

We maintain that aside from the damage done to individuals’ lives, with Star Chamber Inquisitors at the Guantanamo gulag still running the show with their fake military credentials and their overwhelming sense of priorities, that the entire ‘War On Terror’ is essentially based upon a lie. It is interesting to note that Azzam Publications, the website mentioned earlier in our analysis of the Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah episode, were the last major source of information that Osama Bin Laden did not organise or have involvement in the September 11th attacks. In fact the majority of so-called Islamic websites including Azzam, The Unjust Media and a host of others, all maintained his innocence and preferred to believe him and the Taliban when they issued their denials. What has changed in the meanwhile? Has the growth of the police state and the drive to maintain the permanent war economy had anything to do with the fact that these websites were forced to close? We call for an independent investigation and we call on our supporters to establish a meaningful website, properly constructed and not on a free server, with multi-lingual writers who are committed to the truth – and we call on members of the public to support that effort collectively. Our aim should be to expose the War On Terror and confine western military forces to their barracks, at least as a first step.

“Think not of those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead. Nay, they are alive with their Lord, and they are being provided for. They rejoice in what Allah has bestowed upon them from His bounty and rejoice for the sake of those who have not yet joined them, but are left behind (not yet martyred) that on them no fear shall come, nor shall they grieve. They rejoice in a grace and a bounty from Allah, and that Allah will not waste the reward of the believers.” [Quran 3:169-171]

additional links and photos soon to be added.

When was Ramzi Bin al-Shibh (al-Shibah) arrested and why does it matter?

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The war on terror instigated by America and its allies has now entered a new phase. The apparent death of Osama bin Laden and the ongoing dislocation of Muslim life in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East epitomises this new phase because, by all measures, the neo-colonialist agenda is now counter-productive for America and its allies because it fires the insurgency to the point where these regions will become ungovernable and will lead to the collapse of the regimes. We have seen in recent times that it is relatively difficult to maintain viable capitalist nation states in places such as Ireland, Greece and North Africa. The aerial bombardment of Afghanistan and areas of Pakistan may serve the purpose of fueling American arms manufacturers’ profit margins and thereby delay the total collapse of the American economy – but this aggression has opened wounds that cannot be healed within the framework of a capitalist, nation-state. Therefore the introduction of God’s Laws and values in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere, has been hastened by imperialist aggression and now seems to the population of these countries as the only viable option. Islamic Law has attained a new dynamic in the last ten years and presents itself as a liberation theology to the Muslim masses, whereas the nationalist and socialist doctrines have been exposed as failed ideas. This is an almost 360⁰ turnaround from the situation when the last Muslim Caliphate collapsed and Islam has been transformed into a revolutionary force for change in the world. In fact, revolutionary Islam, forged in the crucible of American and Zionist terror campaigns, is now the only revolutionary force for change in the world and the Muslim insurgents in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, for that matter, form the new vanguard of the global revolutionary movement.

As our contribution to these revolutionary forces who will surely triumph in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and the Middle-East – and ultimately throughout the world – we will present a report in the next few days (insh’allah) which truthfully exposes the tangled web of American lies about the origins of the present conflict. We have previously pointed out to our readers that the conflict between Islam and the failed capitalist states goes back centuries and is in part theological. Although we find an analysis of the conflict within a broader historical context tempting and a challenge, we find it necessary to limit our analysis to events of the last ten years, at least for the time being. We wish to stress at this point that Islam forbids the charging of interest on loans and therefore the introduction of Islamic law in any part of the world is a tremendous advance for any society. If such a prohibition was introduced in large areas of the world, the effect would be immediate, dynamic and advantageous for humanity. The introduction of Islamic law throughout the world would immediately cripple the usurious, capitalist world economy and would unleash mankind’s creative potential to tackle such daunting challenges such as global warming, ending war and delivering justice to the oppressed. Furthermore, we believe that the introduction of Islamic law would see the demise of the nation state, at least throughout the Muslim world, with all the Muslim Ummah united in a single society. Thus, the artificial, colonialist divisions created by the British, Americans, French and Dutch, would be swept away and a new, united Muslim super-state would shine like a beacon of progress in a sea of disbelief and sin.

We could go on and list some of the other advantages of God’s Laws over secular, man-made law and point out that God’s Laws also prohibit the consumption of alcohol and gambling. Therefore, if alcohol production became illegal and gambling dens such as the obscenity here in Melbourne known as Crown Casino were forced to close down, billions of dollars would immediately flow into the local economies and stimulate the depressed in areas such as Broadmeadows, Frankston and Dandenong. Muslims would immediately benefit even in countries where they are a minority and the streets would be safer because drunkenness would be a thing of the past. It is well-known that organised crime syndicates use casinos and gambling dens to launder their filthy profits, and so shutting down the source of sin in one particular area has a flow-on effect to the next area as society is progressively cleansed. We realise this cleansing tsunami of Islam and truth is going to transform Planet Earth in the coming period and wish to advise any non-Muslim readers to transform their lives and immediately revert to Islam. Before Islam can transform the world, it must transform you.

Islam is, in fact, the religion of science and truth and this is the major reason why evil people are hostile to it. Many apologists for decadence and sin will point out, for example, that Islam oppresses women. We don’t need to analyse all of the spurious allegations that are used to try to convince people that this is a valid argument – but only need to point out that Islam forbids pornography, the graphic exploitation of sexuality in advertising and also prostitution. Islamic law in a more general sense alleviates poverty and so all the oppression women face in the world of sin and debauchery is challenged by Islam because God is with the oppressed and has made laws to liberate humanity. As Muslims, we call for the liberation of western women from a life-time of servitude and sexual exploitation. We also aim our message of reverting to Islam to many millions of western women who are prisoners in their own homes, fed on a diet of television lies about weapons of mass destruction and Osama Bin Laden, and who are forced to send their children to schools where the primary aim of the teachers is brainwashing children to believe in the fake freedoms of the west. Women in western societies face prohibitive child-care costs which keep them prisoners in their homes almost indefinitely: a million self-contained Guantanamo Bay detention centres in every town and city in the country.

The future of Planet Earth belongs to the children and Islam alone is capable of meeting their needs. Islam will protect the children of Planet Earth in the following ways: firstly, education. Education in the western world is biased towards secular, man-made concepts such as the promotion of so-called democracy where Europeans and North Americans consume the overwhelming majority of the world’s resources while children in places such as India and Pakistan and South America have absolutely nothing at all. Some time ago in Haiti, the country was devastated by an earthquake that left the country in ruins and the surrounding capitalist countries have done nothing to help the people since then. Islam will transform the face of Planet Earth to prevent such tragedies occurring in future. By abolishing the charging of interest on loans, which is against God’s Laws, the people of Haiti – and Pakistan, for that matter – would have sufficient funds to reconstruct their devastated countries. Additionally, in an Islamic future, we would see massive airlifts of supplies and medicines to areas hit by natural catastrophes and a vast flotilla of ships bringing relief. In an Islamic future, this relief would follow anytime a natural catastrophe occurred. If the people affected by these disasters were non-Muslims in Haiti, for example, or Jewish people in occupied Palestine, as another example, the supplies would still be delivered. The capitalist vampires of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank could not stop these supplies being delivered in ten thousand years as the people delivering the supplies would be following God’s Laws to help the weak and oppressed. To ignore the plight of a people who are in dire need is a negation of Islam, as Muslims are obliged to give 10% of their wealth to the poor. To illustrate the point that Muslims can always be counted on to help in times of need, we point out that beggars here in Melbourne always gravitate to the Muslim suburbs when they are in need of assistance and if they go and beg near Coburg Market, for example, they get fifty or sixty dollars in half an hour or so to help them on their way.

Furthermore, in terms of education, a child needs to be properly educated and to get the basics right so they can get grow into good, righteous people. In the coming Islamic future, it will be necessary to teach children the reality that there is One God in the Universe who created everything. It is actually an unscientific belief to suggest that the Universe was created from an uncontrolled expansion that allegedly occurred after the Big Bang, as scientists have been unable to explain where all the large-scale structure came from, without resorting to pseudo-religious beliefs themselves by suggesting that somehow dark matter and dark energy or superstrings enabled to large-scale structure to coalesce. Similarly, in another area of science, Muslims have adopted the right response in rejecting Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection, which states that evolution occurs through chance miscopying of the genetic code, and which predicts that this chance miscopying should be seen in the fossil record. Instead, what we see in the fossil record is sudden changes at the Cambrian boundary, for example, or the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the sudden rise of mammals. By teaching children the proper equation that God created the Universe, we will be safeguarding the future of the children by giving them the right start in life which will be followed by a prosperous future because usury, sexual exploitation, alcohol and gambling will all be abolished and consigned to the garbage bin of history. By safeguarding children’s rights on Planet Earth we point out that no longer will they be forced to sing objectionable hymns at nine-o-clock in the morning, such as God Save the Queen or Rule Brittania and then be forced to learn revisionist history such as Captain Cook discovered Australia and Israel is a democratic country. Children in Australia should also face a future where they are not called upon to fight imperialist wars for the ruling class’ allies, the shameful, disgraced Americans – who killed millions in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. They should be free to travel overseas when they are old enough without having to look over their shoulders all the time because monsters such as John Howard and Richard Butler waged a Zionist led blockade of Iraq which killed a million plus Iraqi infants. This is only a personal thought but it seems a good idea on the face of it to educate a small group of Australian students in all aspects of international criminal law and war crimes legislation to enable monsters such as John Howard, Alexander Downer, Paul Keating and Richard Butler to be tried here in Australia for the nefarious crimes they committed, such as lying the country into war with Iraq, invading Afghanistan and acting as agents for a foreign power which is expressly forbidden under the Australian Constitution. In fact, we would like to send this futuristic team of Australian lawyers after some members of various state police forces, who have committed terrible crimes against the Aboriginal population and have always got away with it. To our Muslim brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, please be aware that we are aware that criminal members of the Australian Defence Forces have been murdering Afghan civilians in cold blood and we are investigating the incident where the five little children were murdered. Unless we agitate now for a future based on truth and justice, we won’t be able to hold our heads high again and we will have become just as bad, rotten and murderous as the lying disbelievers.

Muslims in the middle ages were the first genuine scientists, who more or less invented mathematics, and perfected the science of astronomy by liberating it from the mythological Greek influence. Therefore children of the world should not be afraid of a Muslim education in any sphere or activity. In fact a Muslim education is a tremendous advantage to have in life, not only because Muslim beliefs and science are in perfect accordance but because Muslims realise that young people need to be protected from Satan. Here in Australia we have noticed that drug-crazed fiends and devils are active in the community, promoting what is called death-metal music – or black metal music – depending on which brand of Satanism is being heard. Most of these fiends and acid-tripped out devils take their inspiration from a black metal band called Bathory who practice the same form of Satanism as Alistair Crowley. Crowds of young people regularly visit night-clubs and licensed premises, who peddle their own source of sin in the form of alcohol and the drug ecstasy, which is also sold at these events. God help these devil fiends when the Muslim revolution sweeps through their neck of the woods. Perhaps it would be a good way to mobilise the people here in Australia to join up with Christian groups and close down these events. Of course the danger inherent in such a program would be that the Christians might support the closure of devil concerts but then still maintain their right to sin in other ways such as drinking alcohol and practising polytheism. It might be a better idea for Muslims alone to act and close down the source of sin by burning their guitars and drums in front of them and then taking their black crucifixes and goat horns and destroying them as well. Planet Earth belongs to us, not them.

In the coming days we will work on our report about 9/11, insh’allah. We will be focusing on the allegation that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah (Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh) conspired to carry out the attacks. The Americans recently decided to withdraw the charges against these two alleged 9/11 conspirators and all hope of an open trial with evidence, witnesses, etc etc have now been lost. We will be analysing why this is the case; why the Americans decided to abandon their plans for a trial in New York. Everything we know (almost) about 9/11 has been disseminated by the Americans and all statements by any of the accused before the military trials in Guantanamo has been presumptively classified. Please bear in mind that the Americans have consistently lied about the involvement of KSM and Al-Shibah in the plot and have also gone out of their way to prevent these two accused from giving evidence in the ludicrous Hamburg terror trials and the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui. When Al-Shibah faced the military tribunal in Guantanamo, he refused to come out of his cell at first but was then persuaded to attend the hearing by his fellow co-accused. A redacted audio recording was made available by the military where the listener can hear accused conspirator Khalid Sheikh Muhammed take part in his defence. Similar recordings were made available for downloading for the tribunal cases against Ammar Al-Baluchi, Tawfiq bin Attash, Abu Zubaida (may God help him) and Hambali. There is no transcript for Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah and no audio. Why? Please bookmark this site and drop by Friday and we’ll try to get it done.

Opponents of the Nation of Islam resort to forging documents.

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It is not unreasonable to say that 9/11 changed the way the world operates. Many thousands of social commentators have been saying the same thing for the last nine and a half years and the view has become the generally accepted paradigm. Of course people justify their opinions with their subjective interpretation of the facts or, in some cases, spread deliberate disinformation. And while three individuals on this side of the world have bought into the argument with a series of decisive reports, we admit we need a break from 9/11, Lockerbie, Bali, PGCC, the Russian apartment bombings of 1999 and last but not least the behaviour of certain individuals resident in the United Kingdom. After all, it has been almost ten years. To get a more balanced perspective about the aforementioned events and people, we decided, would require taking on something else entirely, at least temporarily, to enable our investigative abilities to sharpen and focus, so we can continue to get results. All this takes place firmly within the historical context of the immediate present, so current affairs have an impact on what we take on and do. A good example to illustrate this perspective is the situation that arose in relation to the Lockerbie incident which took place long before we got involved. One of us got particularly angry about the illegal detention of Mr Megrahi and decided to do something about it. We knew perfectly well the western allies didn’t care about the truth or how many people got hurt by their lies. Suddenly, they do care about ordinary Libyans, or that’s what they say.

One of the things we found out about being a Muslim in Australia is that you’re not allowed to say another Muslim is out of Islam. Even if it is subsequently established by scholars of Islam, it’s not up to us to weigh in with our possibly misguided opinions. We’re not in a position to say. We admit we do raise serious reservations in our thoughts but we do not discuss them even among ourselves. If a person is out of Islam it’s between them and God. Even in the case of Glen Jenvey reverting to Islam we defended him at first, until he had one shot of whisky too many and finally blurted out the truth in his own inimitable, pathetic way. Maybe we did have reservations but we didn’t voice them because we didn’t need to. God demands that justice be delivered immediately and those who oppose this are driven to humiliation and shame.

Readers are therefore encouraged to realise that this report on the Nation of Islam is being undertaken partly for personal reasons and partly because allegations have been levelled against current and former Nation of Islam members. One of us got interested in this area through the internet hosted speeches of Malcolm X and went somewhat further to examine the origins of the Nation of Islam and its beliefs. And while we do have serious reservations about the Islamic principal of Shirk and how it may or may not apply to the present day organisation, we do not have to address these issues here, for reasons already stated. It is also necessary to point out that our investigation has not focused on the present day organisation to any great extent but has focused almost exclusively on the origins of the organisation, the FBI campaign of harassment against the organisation and the identity of Master W.D. Fard Muhammad. We have watched internet hosted speeches by the Honourable Elijah Muhammad for the purpose of discovering facts associated with the origins of the organisation but have also found his body language particularly interesting when he speaks about Master W.D. Fard Muhammad. In the course of this investigation we have had the misfortune to have to wade through eight hundred pages of heavily redacted FBI documents which are barely readable in part, we think deliberately so. We therefore take this opportunity to appeal to American lawmakers to hold the FBI more accountable and to expect minimum standards of production quality when Freedom of Information requests are granted. We do not expect a chain-smoking detective in Chicago with a felt-tip pen to be responsible for deciding what the public may learn about the past.

Many different attempts have been made over the years to establish that Master W.D. Fard Muhammad is in reality W.D. Ford, a convicted felon born in New Zealand, and these attempts have invariably taken place in conjunction with attempts to discredit the Nation of Islam generally and make its adherents appear to be dupes. Of course these attempts need to be placed within an historical context if we are to have a good understanding of them and it is important to understand that they started in an era dominated by American xenophobia about communists and fifth columnists in a more general sense. The notorious conspiracy theorist and fascist ideologue J. Edgar Hoover was in charge of the FBI and the McCarthyist tendency ruthlessly crushed political opponents of American imperialism. Of course it could be argued that the question of W.D. Fard Muhammad’s identity arose long before the McCarthy era but this author takes the view that McCarthy’s rise to power was the culmination of a long historical process that perhaps had its origin in the American Civil War. The post WW2 period cannot be seen in a disconnected sense from the period which preceded it although several important factors changed. The US emerged from a period of rival imperialist slaughter unparalleled in the history of the world. Japan lay in ruins as did large areas of Europe and the American ruling class, unable to provide for large numbers of returning servicemen, attempted to buy time for themselves in the form of Marshall Aid.

Roosevelt’s New Deal was an empty shell of hollow promises which failed to stimulate the economy in a meaningful way. The foundation stone for the American economy was the armaments industry and the cessation of hostilities in 1945 left large numbers of Americans out of work. In this sense we can see how the American capitalist class’ need to refloat the economy led to more outbreaks of slaughter in Korea and Vietnam and goes a long way to explain the hullabaloo about ‘reds under the bed’ and the perceived threat of Stalinist and Maoist revolution. This general tendency of the American capitalist economy to open up new arenas of conflict throughout the world is by no means a solely American phenomenon and can be identified today in the NATO bombardment of Libya and the American decision to escalate in the brutal occupation of Afghanistan. Of course the transnational arms industry’s profit margins go through the roof in times of imperialist aggression as does the price of a barrel of oil, which greatly pleases the predatory oil companies such as BP, Texaco and Shell.

In the 1920’s and 30’s the American ruling class ruthlessly crushed workers uprisings against third world living conditions with hired gangs of armed criminals and thugs unleashed upon those who attempted to organise for better conditions. The so-called Great Depression of the 1930’s could therefore be seen as America’s inability the wage war on any significant front in the period and led to the impoverishment of the American working class with low wages and unemployment. When rebellions arose in the textile mills, for example, they were always brutally crushed as an example to other American workers. In Chicago and Detroit, American fascists were firmly in control, with the notorious Nazi sympathiser and virulently anti Jewish industrialist Henry Ford in control of the local economy.

America the land of the free was the Anglo-American myth developed in association with these economic and social trends and was trumpeted by apologists for the regime which built the foundations of the nation by expropriating Indian lands and importing slave labour from Africa. The land of the free was the antithesis of what America became with the Indian tribes wiped out or confined to reservations and African Americans migrating from the Southern states to escape the murderous lynch mobs led by the Ku Klux Klan and aided by local police. In fact Chicago and Detroit were the two cities most freed black slaves migrated to where they faced almost unimaginable poverty and systematic persecution from the predominantly white police. In time, however, black Americans established their own businesses and tentatively began to establish their independence. It was firmly within this context that the Nation of Islam was born – within the era of liberation from slavery. The English saw America as a new frontier where despite the rebellion in Boston and the birth of the independent nation, their race could spread out and control commerce and subjugate the world population.  A similar holocaust occurred in Australia where the English invaded and murdered as many as a million tribal people. The founding fathers of the American nation succeeded in proclaiming a republic and preventing the spread of the anachronistic British class system but that’s all they achieved and the American Constitution is clear that black people and Indians are not considered equal in the newly constructed gulag.

In the same way that the British working class began to organise when British cities grew exponentially after the collapse of the feudal system, black Americans in places such as Chicago and Detroit began to organise to improve their miserable conditions. As they were by and large excluded from employment with racist employers favouring white American workers, they found pathways to their freedom in liberationist theologies such as the Marcus Garvey movement and other messianic traditions. They were inspired by the peasant  rebellion led by Wat Tyler and also by Islam, because Islam is the natural religion of all humanity, as Muslims worship God alone, instead of worthless deities, saints, popes, stones and shrines. In the prevailing social conditions of misery and alienation, it was to be expected that the black diaspora would embrace a messianic form of Islam. And when W.D. Fard Muhammad made contact with Elijah Muhammad, their collaboration was received in the fertile soils of the black communities with an intense vigour and overwhelming fervour and zeal.

The Honourable Elijah Muhammad claimed in later interviews that Master W.D. Fard Muhammad taught him the fundamentals of a new belief system. The fundamental outline of this belief system was that nobody could pinpoint the origins of the black man because he had always existed whereas the white race, on the other hand, was created by a scientist named Jacub a mere six thousand years ago. Furthermore, the serpent in the Garden of Eden, W.D. Fard Muhammad taught, was not an actual serpent but an allegorical symbol for the devil which was the white man. The white race was a race of devils, W.D. Fard Muhammad taught, and the black man’s liberation could only be achieved in an independent homeland established in North America where the inherent nobility of the black race could rise and reign supreme. The Black Nationalist movement which adopted many forms in the coming decades could therefore be identified in an embryonic form in 1930’s and 1940’s America.

The reader may pause to question at this point why a mainstream Muslim is repeating this seemingly heretical viewpoint, especially in light of the Honourable Elijah Muhammad’s later claims that Master W.D. Fard Muhammad was in fact God incarnate on earth. Nowhere in the Qur’an is there any mention of Jacub the seemingly wicked scientist and the six thousand years time-line described by W.D. Fard Muhammad is a singularly Christian construct put together by studying Old Testament genealogies. Muslims we have spoken to claim to believe the world is billions of years old. Allah claims in the Qur’an that He created the universe and earth in six days. In Arabic, the word for day is ‘yawm’ which literally means periods. So Muslims believe the universe was created in stages and different time periods, not six literal days. Furthermore, we have learned, the Glorious Qur’an is a gift from God to all of humanity as a blessing and as guidance. The idea that large sections of the world’s population are excluded from the Divine Plan on the basis of their racial origins and apparent wickedness is a fundamental departure from true Islam which maintains that Islam will dominate the earth in the coming period and will create a united community.

As the reader will discover, this report is a significant departure from our previous published work because it deals in part with history and in part with theology. In response to concerns that Muslims may have, we will continue to write and hope and pray that the end result is acceptable. It should be noted at this point that after performing hajj and parting company with the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X adopted a mainstream Muslim view and marvelled that he had prayed with blonde haired, blue-eyed Muslims in Mecca and became a more complete individual through the experience – in fact it was his defining moment. The situation in America is significantly different today than it was in 1940 and it is the hope of this author that by exposing a particularly vicious thread of disinformation first peddled by the FBI and the Hearst publishing group and more recently by a man named Anton Batey, that American Muslims in and around the Nation of Islam will see this report as an invitation to them to enter the mainstream. Whether or not this occurs is of course outside our control and is to a great extent in the hands of Almighty Allah, the Exalted; all praise is due to Him. We wish to deal with facts in an objective, balanced way and despite the fact that this author has deteriorating eye-sight, we can spot a photographic forgery when we see one.

As we have seen in other strands of disinformation coming out of America about how Jews all took the day off when the World Trade Centre collapsed and Mossad agents lived in a post office box right next door to Mohammed Atta, a lie can have a considerable number of convoluted transformations. A good example to illustrate this perspective is the claim that Daniel Lewin on Flight 11 single-handedly hijacked the plane and that teams of Mossad agents posed as art students as part of a plan to enable the hijackers. We can look at any one of these strands or threads of so-called evidence and describe them as being separate, which is in fact wrong, because they are all part of the same thread of disinformation: namely that Jews pulled off 9/11 for geo-political reasons. A similar thread of disinformation is the reason we are writing this report: that Master W.D. Fard Muhammad and W.D. Ford, the convicted felon, is one and the same person. Whether or not the FBI said it for any particular reason or whether the Hearst newspaper group said it for even more convoluted reasons – or whether the internet persona known as Anton Batey says it for reasons altogether different from his predecessors, it is all part of the same lie whose strands and threads of disinformation are all interwoven and complex. And while the purpose of the Mossad did it lie is to slander Jews regardless of whether they support the Zionist state, the purpose of the W.D. Fard Muhammad lie is to damage the reputation of the Nation of Islam and to make its supporters look stupid for worshipping or following the teachings of Master W.D. Fard Muhammad and the Honourable Elijah Muhammad.

We do not propose to deliver an analysis of the FBI files which can be linked to here because an even simpler test will suffice. Instead we will show to the impartial reader that Mr Anton Batey is using doctored photographs to try to prove his case. Of course the question of whether Anton Batey is the man’s real name is neither here nor there. At this point we urge all readers to view his video to see how he presents his case. After readers have viewed the video we will point out where the photographs have been doctored, probably by Mr Batey himself, or one of his accomplices. The acid test of any theory is that it should be falsifiable. If our theory is correct that Mr Batey’s video is just the latest manifestation of a lie first perpetuated decades ago, we predict he will pull his video off-line in the coming hours or days. Readers of this report are encouraged not to despair at this point as we have backed it up and will republish it if necessary on any of the myriad internet video hosting sites. If Mr Batey claims copyright protection at that point we are aware of two Japanese and one Korean video hosting sites where the administrators don’t speak a word of English and won’t be able to respond to requests to take the video offline because they won’t understand what they are being asked to do. Furthermore, Mr Anton Batey attempts to damage the reputation of the Nation of Islam with false accusations and doctored evidence while our differences with the Nation of Islam are entirely ethical, theological and demonstrably honest and factual. We have decided to launch this demolition of the W.D. Fard Muhammad is W.D. Ford theory with a plain and simple message to Nation of Islam supporters. You are our brothers and sisters. We have exposed the lies about W.D. Fard Mohammed because the truth always surfaces. We are quite good at photographic analysis and the forgery isn’t immediately apparent. We invite you all to Islam and to the truth and brotherhood of Almighty Allah’s creation, where all the races are equal as this is stated in our Qur’an. We will pray with you in Mecca, Al-Quds, Detroit and Chicago.

The important area to take note of in our photographic analysis is the hands. It seems clear to us that they have not been airbrushed and something of the quality of the original photograph is apparent. The subject’s face is blemish free but the forefinger and thumb in particular give an indication of original variations.  We wondered what the first photographs actually looked like and found an interesting example in a Google search, which interestingly is also doctored. We wonder who uploaded it. Was his surname Batey? We suspect that there were many copies of this photograph circulating in America and different photographs deteriorate in different ways. We shouldn’t see the photograph as a template for all subsequent copies but should view it for what it is: one example of how a photograph can deteriorate in a unique environment.

Do you notice that the photograph is pixellated by the side of the upper lip and how the pixellation extends into Master W.D. Fard Muhammad’s nostril? Mr Anton Batey has Photoshopped a layer on top but has the pixellation ratio wrong. Actually, he probably can’t afford Photoshop because if he had used Photoshop and got the pixellation ratio right, we probably wouldn’t have noticed. He has doctored the photograph because there is nothing underneath it but it does reinforce his argument. There is no mole or blemish because the whole face has been airbrushed using traditional hovering and dodging techniques from before the days of digitalisation. Are we supposed to believe the face was airbrushed and somehow a blemish survived the process? The uniformity of colour and texture says everything; even the shadowing has been dodged in. No, we don’t have a documented chain of evidence for these photographs but we can see the forgery which uses digital pixellation at the wrong ratio and we can see it in the video he presents as evidence. As we wrote in our report, we predict he will try to pull the video. It’s not the same man; it can’t be. Even if he did have a mole or a blemish it couldn’t survive the process. Mr Anton Batey has been caught out in a big lie just like all the others. Here’s an enlargement of the forgery for those with less than perfect sight. God bless you all and give you peace. Salaams from Australia and please remember that our human struggle is the same as yours.

Firstly, Mr Anton Batey’s video where the doctored image is featured:

Exhibit one. The doctored image

photographic forgery

pixellation on upper lip deliberately added

Screenshot of similarly doctored image used by Anton Batey in his video. Exhibit two.

doctored image used by Anton Batey in his video presentation

Anton Batey's doctored image of Master W.D. Fard Muhammad

     An enlargement of the doctored image. Exhibit three.

doctored image enlarged using photoshop

Master W.D. Fard Muhammad manipulated image


The FBI operation around the 9/11 hijackers (coming soon)

Posted in fake terror with tags on April 19, 2011 by operationbreaklock

Circumstances beyond our control have made it impossible to post regular updates to the blog recently and we would like to take this opportunity to inform our readers that we shall be returning to our investigations with renewed determination and a newly acquired dose of enthusiasm in the coming period. We hope to be able to present to the general public new, vital intelligence about the nature of the FBI investigation operating around the 9/11 hijackers back in 2001. We will be presenting evidence to demonstrate, God willing, that plans for the 9/11 operation were being hatched in the United Kingdom as early as July 2001 when key operatives operating on yahoo message boards  sent confirmation of the number of hijackers expected to take part as well as the date of the operation.  No, we are not talking about Atta’s cake with a dash and two sticks down. We are talking about the operation launched in conjunction with Indian intelligence. (CBI)

We find it disturbing, actually frightening, that people educated in the western world believe that the current air-strikes taking place against Libya are to protect the civilian population. The British and French have in recent years taken part in a criminal bombardment and siege of Iraq where many people died. To suggest that suddenly these two imperialist has-beens have discovered a social conscience is somewhat ludicrous, in our view, especially as the French recently took the unprecedented step of criminalizing Muslim dress codes in a display of contempt for God’s truth. We confidently predict that the (northern) summer will see riots on the streets of Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, London, Birmingham etc etc as these two countries continue to disintegrate.

We will also be delivering a report on the origins of the Nation Of Islam in the coming period, God willing, and will attempt to disprove the allegation that Master W.D. Fahd Muhammad and Wallace Ford are one and the same person. We are quite good at photographic analysis and the temptation to diversify, temporarily, is something we need to do. With all that said we urge our readers to study the document below this post which deals with the USS Cole attack. We have previously written obliquely about the USS Cole incident in conjunction with our reports on the Bali bombings. We pointed out, for example, that the Yemen government kept releasing those detained over the Cole incident, thereby implying that those accused by the American government were in fact innocent. When studying the report below, we suggest that readers bear in mind the feud that erupted between John O’Neil and the American Ambassador. Many American armchair pundits have reported this feud was a result of a personality clash but after reading the document we think it is safer to conclude the feud arose because of the dissemination of false information.

Thank-you for being patient and please don’t forget to bookmark. Because our opponents have nothing much to say of any merit and have resorted to sending spam comments to our blog, we found it necessary to turn off the comments section. To communicate with us readers are advised to send an email to either or Without your continued support our reports will be substandard as we rely on fresh information from members of the public to maintain a cutting edge in false flag terrorism analysis and other intrigues, especially  in the UK.  We read recently that Dominic Wightman kindly gave us a mention in his so appropriately named Westminster Journal. Yes, we had a little chuckle about that. Not all is lost when Mr Wightman can take time off from his obsession with Tim Ireland and have a dig at some of his other opponents. This sort of behavior needs to be encouraged and all my readers are hereby urged to log onto Westminster Journal to make his stats go up and cheer him up. Ahem.