Statement On Lockerbie

Visitors to this blog will have noticed that the Lockerbie incident has been extensively commented on by us, time and time again. Although our comments in the past were thought to have been as comprehensive as is humanly possible, we continue to scrutinize publicly available evidence when time permits, and reserve the right to update our research in light of hitherto unexamined evidence. Of course we are not running a criminal investigation and do not have teams of investigators who can fly all over the world interviewing people. Despite this fact we believe we have accurately identified the sewage tank on Pan Am 103 as the seat of the explosion and went on to draw conclusions from that disclosure, which seemed to be logical at the time.

Of course an investigation of this nature isn’t static and despite the fact that many years have passed since the bombing of Pan Am 103, some of the evidence is still available on the internet and can be examined by all. It should be noted, however, that this publicly available evidence has by now been incorporated into the dominant paradigm in a misleading way. An official myth has been created by the British and the Americans and all publicly available evidence is now presented to reinforce that myth. The evidence of the Toshiba radio and the Samsonite suitcase are good examples of evidence which have been incorporated into the official mythology. Of course the radio and the suitcase were incapable of incriminating Mr Megrahi until the results of the forensic examination were twisted, manipulated, and then woven into the fabric of the Lockerbie legend. What we see now is the culmination of the investigation: we are required to digest the facts as they are presented as history.

Yet despite tying the case up so neatly, the British and Americans have been unable to convince a significant percentage of their population, that what they have been presented with is the truth. Many journalists and intelligence analysts have questioned the dominant paradigm and have raised important questions. In one instance a Scottish policeman code-named the Golfer came forward and claimed important evidence was fabricated. There have been so many accusations levelled that we doubt they can all be unfounded.

One commonly re-occurring accusation is that the PFLP (General Command) executed the bombing, at the request of the Iranians, in retaliation for the loss of an Iranian passenger jet shot down a few months before Lockerbie. We pointed out the logical fallacies of this argument in a previous report and our position remains unchanged. It is interesting to note that Glen Jenvey went on to blame the Palestinians and the Iranians for the incident after confirming the sewage tank information. We went on to show why it was reasonable to believe one of his statements while rejecting another. The evidence from Jenvey quite clearly pointed to the involvement of one or more state intelligence organisations in the bombing of the jet, possibly his own organisation, the PGCC.

Mr Jenvey has now buried his head in the sand and despite issuing a childishly constructed statement on Lockerbie approx 18 month ago, appears to have withdrawn from public life completely. He has either constructed a new identify we have been unable to identify, or, more likely, has found a safe haven and has been told to shut up by those providing him with protection. The whereabouts of Mr Jenvey is not the subject of this update, however, and while it is true that the sewage tank claim led us to pursue a particular direction with our perspectives, it is now necessary for us to modify that perspective in light of evidence we have recently seen. The evidence is not new, however, and concerns the testimony of Thomas Thurman, an FBI investigator, whose impartiality and integrity have been questioned by some Lockerbie investigators over the years.

Once we discovered the location of the Lockerbie device in the sewage tank, we think we made a mistake concluding the Americans and British colluded to frame Mr Megrahi, at least as far as the evidence of the Mebo timer is concerned. We saw the British and the Americans as two sides of the same coin because the dominant paradigm appeared to be a joint construction. While law enforcement agencies and political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic always maintained this was the case, portraying their efforts as a triumph for joint co-operation, the emergence of this narrative was fraught with problems throughout the investigation, due to the fraudulent nature of the allegations being made. And although we didn’t have anything to say about Mr Thurman in our previous reports, we at least suspected Mr Thurman was part of the conspiracy, even if we didn’t mention him by name.

We now wish to apologise to Mr Thurman for casting him up in the dragnet of our conspiracy theory and would like to say that we believe him after seeing him interviewed for a History Channel documentary. Please click the following link and download all four parts of the documentary called Air Crash Investigation. You will see the links at the right of the page. Please note that we are unable to provide direct links because we are unsure about the legality of doing so. Obviously we wish we had seen the interview two or three years ago as it does change the way we think about Lockerbie. We could say that the discovery of the Mebo timer led to allegations being made against Libya but we must also say that because we believe Mr Thurman, we must now conclude that it was the British who supplied the fake evidence to the FBI. Why?

We sincerely urge the reader of this report to review Mr Thurman’s evidence and take an hour or two to get a little closer to the truth. We are well aware of the fact that it is difficult to get people to look into something which isn’t readily available with one or two clicks of the mouse but please be aware that Mr Thurman does not claim to have been given access to the Mebo timer fragment but only to a photograph. It is very easy to see that he is telling the truth when he explains how he identified the Mebo timer from the photograph of the fragment. Why was he given this photograph? Where was the timer fragment “discovered?”  Could the British have reasonably expected the Americans to identify a Mebo timer from the photograph of the fragment? If so, did the British give the photograph to Mr Thurman with the expectation that all roads would lead, in this case, to Tripoli?

A few months ago, we visited Professor Black’s Lockerbie blog and discovered that the Americans were offering the so-called Libyan freedom fighters a deal: we will give you continued support but when you come across Mr Megrahi we want you to hand him over to us. One of us became quite emotional and upset at this news because the main objective of Operation_Breaklock was to liberate Mr Megrahi. We believe the Libyan revolution sold out its revolutionary principals when it handed over Mr Megrahi to the court at Camp Zeist. We further believe the Libyan revolution sold out its revolutionary principals by paying compensation and then privatising the Tripoli water supply to finance their raproachment with the west. Therefore, our motivation for launching Operation_Breaklock was two-fold: we aimed to liberate Mr Megrahi, which should be considered a humanitarian action; and we aimed to gather intelligence, which should be considered as an operational by-product or bonus.

After we heard the news that Mr Megrahi could be re-arrested, we wrote an entry in this blog which reflected the fact that we were upset. Our blog post said, in effect, that we would try to take down some of America’s shining stars, if that was indeed the outcome. We were belligerent and we regret talking in this way. We apologise.

We wish to point out to our readers that it must have been just a coincidence that as soon as we started disseminating the Lockerbie sewage tank information, and the Golfer came forward with his allegations, Mr Megrahi was released from prison and we are no doubt being egotistical in thinking otherwise.  If Mr Megrahi is in fact re-arrested we will supply information, correspondence and other evidence in our possession to the proper authorities and not act in an inappropriate way.

Finally, we wish to point out that Mr Megrahi’s fate is in the hands of God Almighty – and because Almighty God has already blessed him by releasing him from jail, and making him live a lot longer than expected, we believe God will continue to look after him.


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