Operation Snake Charmer

Dealing with the Bali bombings has been particularly difficult for us as investigators because we couldn’t expect an outcome – someone released from jail, for example – or even a decision on behalf of the ruling class to examine the new evidence. We knew that the people associated with the event had essentially run for cover – and anything short of physically chasing after them simply wouldn’t work. This was frustrating for us because the only realistic outcome that could be achieved was that our stats went up and we received some vital intelligence. We knew we weren’t going to get an admission of responsibility because the culprits would never be charged. We did lay a trail, however, and examined the quite remarkable coincidence that the same batch of C4 was used to cause explosions in Yemen and Bali. We wonder where else this C4 was used and find it interesting that first reports emerging from London in the wake of the 7/7 bombings also spoke of this particularly ubiquitous military grade explosive. Let us pause for a moment and consider the political repercussions of that.

In the United States, the so-called 9/11 truth movement has been active over the years trying to uncover what happened. Of course it goes without saying that some 9/11 Truthers are a lot brighter than others and have the ability to physically investigate by conducting interviews, visiting the area around the Pentagon or talking to people in Florida, for example. They therefore have a distinct advantage over other investigators and it is important to realise that the results have sometimes been impressive. American investigators who employ proper investigative techniques have successfully determined the North Side approach of Flight 77 to the Pentagon, again as an example, thereby demonstrating that the operational methodology of having boots on the ground is the only way to do the job. Having said that we might begin to speak of the tyranny of distance and rue the fact that we are firmly based in Australia although, on balance, we feel much safer operating in Australia as the authorities don’t have the same capabilities to track us, despite multiple attempts to do so, especially when we investigated Lockerbie and started to dig deeper into the morass of Bali related lies. Perhaps we should begin, then, to consider political expediency as an operational necessity. Many 9/11 Truthers operate in very similar conditions although some of them are conscious of the fact and others are not.

To demonstrate to our readers where this argument is heading, please consider what would happen if elements within the 9/11 Truth Movement did succeed in establishing conclusively that the United States government was involved in the attacks. Is it unreasonable to conclude that the United States would undergo a political transformation and a parallel revolution and that the Democrats and Republicans would be swept from power? What new political force could emerge in the aftermath of such disclosures and would that political movement uphold the Constitution of the United States? We doubt it, for reasons we will outline, and confidently predict the United States and other so-called western democracies, particularly Britain, France, Germany and Australia, will morph into totalitarian dictatorships as further damaging disclosures emerge. 9/11 Truthers, and other investigators for that matter, need to realise, therefore, that the system they are questioning is on the brink of collapse as it has become impossible for those in power to maintain so many lies simultaneously. While we do not claim that disclosures by investigators have plunged the system into crisis, we recognise that the system was already in crisis and the disclosures have only made things worse. The architecture of the investigations we conducted about Dulles, Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah and Bali, could therefore be identified as confrontational and we freely admit we were attacking the system. We weren’t going to benefit and there was nothing to be gained by going on the attack except to deepen the crisis. There was nobody sitting in jail who could possibly benefit with the exception of Zacarias Moussaoui, and we realised, from the outset, there was nothing we could do about that.

Conducting an investigation in an unbiased, objective way is one thing but launching an intelligence operation is a different kettle of fish. When we presented the reports on Dulles or Bali that’s all there really was to it. We just looked into events, found what we found and then went on the attack. Although the reports were persuasive we know we didn’t have any real proof as such. We were looking at logical inconsistencies, examining disinformation and there was no real involvement by us as investigators in actually shaping the facts. In other words, we didn’t write the narrative. It was someone else’s story. The situation could not be compared with our report on Lockerbie where we did write some of the facts. We launched an operation that was eventually successful, Operation_Breaklock. We weren’t on the attack for the sake of it as was the case later on. We had one goal, in fact, due to political expediency. This single goal was getting Abdel Bassit Al-Megrahi out of jail.

Long before we wrote a report on the subject, we were active, needling Jenvey. That was just before the appeal was granted. We made a bit of noise but kept it to a minimum, because of political expediency and strictly limited objectives. Then about six weeks before the appeal was granted we made a strategic decision to disclose the information about the bomb in the Lockerbie sewage tank in a very limited way. We did this in the form of emails to 7 or 8 addresses, not by creating a website because we didn’t want to lose control of the information which we considered a weapon, a useful weapon, to get the man out of jail. We also suspected that MI5 would quite readily dump Jenvey because they were sick and tired of him and his antics and the fact that he wouldn’t shut up, something which has been confirmed to us in the ensuing period. What we didn’t say then but what we are saying now is that we had confirmation of the sewage tank claim and we would like to take this opportunity to discuss this with our opponents.

Defend the Libyan Revolution


In recent days the United States and some of its European allies have started bombing Libya because they need to deplete their stocks of cruise missiles to maintain their permanent war economies and because they want to divide the country prior to occupying it and seizing its oil reserves. We call on the US led coalition to immediately halt all military action otherwise we promise, not threaten, to launch Operation Snake Charmer. Where did we get that confirmation of the sewage tank claim from – and is the information enough to bring down a government or two? Please bear in mind that although the Lockerbie bombing took place under conservative administrations in Britain and America, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were in some ways equally as culpable although we have been told that Mr Blair was kept in the dark for much of his time in office. Whether this is true or is another piece of disinformation is really anybody’s guess but the claim has been made by a source we trust implicitly and so we are reporting it in the interests of being fair. Certainly, from what we have been told, President Obama could not hope to achieve any benefit from full disclosure as a number of his key allies have a lot to lose as lying to Congress and in sub-committees is considered to be a serious crime.

Libya emerged from the control of the feudal Monarchy and the Italian occupation with a unique system of government, the Libyan Jamahiriya.

The Jamahiriya is built on three distinct foundations:

Firstly, that authority should be in the hands of the people so that the people will be able to govern themselves by themselves.

Secondly, that the people should possess their own wealth so that they will be able to satisfy their basic needs and to create a socially just society and,

Thirdly, that the people should possess arms to defend the revolution, its achievements and its principles.

While we do have a number of differences with Muammar Gadhaffi, we do admire the revolution and celebrate its achievements. We think that the decision by Gadhaffi to over-rule the People’s Congresses on the question of women in the military was wrong and think that Gadhaffi should be listening to the revolution and not the other way around. The political situation in Libya worsened because the revolution stalled for many years due to a number of factors such as sanctions, political isolation and the enslavement of the Arab masses in Egypt by supporters of America and Israel. While all the above mentioned factors are important, and because Libya was framed for Lockerbie, we promise to destroy American and British political careers with the information in our possession if the attacks against Libya do not cease. We did not need to do this before as our goal was to release Mr Megrahi and, to be honest – brutally honest – we didn’t care much about the truth.

We have tried to write this in a non-threatening, non confrontational way to avoid inflaming further tension. The Americans and their British allies can choose to avoid this warning and carry on with their seemingly endless aerial bombardments of Middle Eastern populations if they so wish. If they do so beyond a seven day deadline we will do our utmost to bring down some of their so-called shining stars. This seven day deadline starts Tuesday 22nd March at midday, Australian Eastern standard time. Operation Snake Charmer operatives would prefer to let the situation rest at this point but if the Americans and British wish to escalate they have only themselves to blame.

Finally, we call for the establishment of no-fly-zones over Libya – but not to protect the Libyan people from the Libyan Air-Force – but to protect the Libyan population from this new Crusader front opened by the Americans and British, with their French poodle – Sarkozy – whose mandate to govern was issued in Tel Aviv. Were it not for the seriousness of the situation where lives are being lost even as you read this, we would find it comical that the alliance of imperialist lackeys is being led by the French and the ever stoical control freak also known as the Australian Foreign Minister.


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