Opponents of the Nation of Islam resort to forging documents.

It is not unreasonable to say that 9/11 changed the way the world operates. Many thousands of social commentators have been saying the same thing for the last nine and a half years and the view has become the generally accepted paradigm. Of course people justify their opinions with their subjective interpretation of the facts or, in some cases, spread deliberate disinformation. And while three individuals on this side of the world have bought into the argument with a series of decisive reports, we admit we need a break from 9/11, Lockerbie, Bali, PGCC, the Russian apartment bombings of 1999 and last but not least the behaviour of certain individuals resident in the United Kingdom. After all, it has been almost ten years. To get a more balanced perspective about the aforementioned events and people, we decided, would require taking on something else entirely, at least temporarily, to enable our investigative abilities to sharpen and focus, so we can continue to get results. All this takes place firmly within the historical context of the immediate present, so current affairs have an impact on what we take on and do. A good example to illustrate this perspective is the situation that arose in relation to the Lockerbie incident which took place long before we got involved. One of us got particularly angry about the illegal detention of Mr Megrahi and decided to do something about it. We knew perfectly well the western allies didn’t care about the truth or how many people got hurt by their lies. Suddenly, they do care about ordinary Libyans, or that’s what they say.

One of the things we found out about being a Muslim in Australia is that you’re not allowed to say another Muslim is out of Islam. Even if it is subsequently established by scholars of Islam, it’s not up to us to weigh in with our possibly misguided opinions. We’re not in a position to say. We admit we do raise serious reservations in our thoughts but we do not discuss them even among ourselves. If a person is out of Islam it’s between them and God. Even in the case of Glen Jenvey reverting to Islam we defended him at first, until he had one shot of whisky too many and finally blurted out the truth in his own inimitable, pathetic way. Maybe we did have reservations but we didn’t voice them because we didn’t need to. God demands that justice be delivered immediately and those who oppose this are driven to humiliation and shame.

Readers are therefore encouraged to realise that this report on the Nation of Islam is being undertaken partly for personal reasons and partly because allegations have been levelled against current and former Nation of Islam members. One of us got interested in this area through the internet hosted speeches of Malcolm X and went somewhat further to examine the origins of the Nation of Islam and its beliefs. And while we do have serious reservations about the Islamic principal of Shirk and how it may or may not apply to the present day organisation, we do not have to address these issues here, for reasons already stated. It is also necessary to point out that our investigation has not focused on the present day organisation to any great extent but has focused almost exclusively on the origins of the organisation, the FBI campaign of harassment against the organisation and the identity of Master W.D. Fard Muhammad. We have watched internet hosted speeches by the Honourable Elijah Muhammad for the purpose of discovering facts associated with the origins of the organisation but have also found his body language particularly interesting when he speaks about Master W.D. Fard Muhammad. In the course of this investigation we have had the misfortune to have to wade through eight hundred pages of heavily redacted FBI documents which are barely readable in part, we think deliberately so. We therefore take this opportunity to appeal to American lawmakers to hold the FBI more accountable and to expect minimum standards of production quality when Freedom of Information requests are granted. We do not expect a chain-smoking detective in Chicago with a felt-tip pen to be responsible for deciding what the public may learn about the past.

Many different attempts have been made over the years to establish that Master W.D. Fard Muhammad is in reality W.D. Ford, a convicted felon born in New Zealand, and these attempts have invariably taken place in conjunction with attempts to discredit the Nation of Islam generally and make its adherents appear to be dupes. Of course these attempts need to be placed within an historical context if we are to have a good understanding of them and it is important to understand that they started in an era dominated by American xenophobia about communists and fifth columnists in a more general sense. The notorious conspiracy theorist and fascist ideologue J. Edgar Hoover was in charge of the FBI and the McCarthyist tendency ruthlessly crushed political opponents of American imperialism. Of course it could be argued that the question of W.D. Fard Muhammad’s identity arose long before the McCarthy era but this author takes the view that McCarthy’s rise to power was the culmination of a long historical process that perhaps had its origin in the American Civil War. The post WW2 period cannot be seen in a disconnected sense from the period which preceded it although several important factors changed. The US emerged from a period of rival imperialist slaughter unparalleled in the history of the world. Japan lay in ruins as did large areas of Europe and the American ruling class, unable to provide for large numbers of returning servicemen, attempted to buy time for themselves in the form of Marshall Aid.

Roosevelt’s New Deal was an empty shell of hollow promises which failed to stimulate the economy in a meaningful way. The foundation stone for the American economy was the armaments industry and the cessation of hostilities in 1945 left large numbers of Americans out of work. In this sense we can see how the American capitalist class’ need to refloat the economy led to more outbreaks of slaughter in Korea and Vietnam and goes a long way to explain the hullabaloo about ‘reds under the bed’ and the perceived threat of Stalinist and Maoist revolution. This general tendency of the American capitalist economy to open up new arenas of conflict throughout the world is by no means a solely American phenomenon and can be identified today in the NATO bombardment of Libya and the American decision to escalate in the brutal occupation of Afghanistan. Of course the transnational arms industry’s profit margins go through the roof in times of imperialist aggression as does the price of a barrel of oil, which greatly pleases the predatory oil companies such as BP, Texaco and Shell.

In the 1920’s and 30’s the American ruling class ruthlessly crushed workers uprisings against third world living conditions with hired gangs of armed criminals and thugs unleashed upon those who attempted to organise for better conditions. The so-called Great Depression of the 1930’s could therefore be seen as America’s inability the wage war on any significant front in the period and led to the impoverishment of the American working class with low wages and unemployment. When rebellions arose in the textile mills, for example, they were always brutally crushed as an example to other American workers. In Chicago and Detroit, American fascists were firmly in control, with the notorious Nazi sympathiser and virulently anti Jewish industrialist Henry Ford in control of the local economy.

America the land of the free was the Anglo-American myth developed in association with these economic and social trends and was trumpeted by apologists for the regime which built the foundations of the nation by expropriating Indian lands and importing slave labour from Africa. The land of the free was the antithesis of what America became with the Indian tribes wiped out or confined to reservations and African Americans migrating from the Southern states to escape the murderous lynch mobs led by the Ku Klux Klan and aided by local police. In fact Chicago and Detroit were the two cities most freed black slaves migrated to where they faced almost unimaginable poverty and systematic persecution from the predominantly white police. In time, however, black Americans established their own businesses and tentatively began to establish their independence. It was firmly within this context that the Nation of Islam was born – within the era of liberation from slavery. The English saw America as a new frontier where despite the rebellion in Boston and the birth of the independent nation, their race could spread out and control commerce and subjugate the world population.  A similar holocaust occurred in Australia where the English invaded and murdered as many as a million tribal people. The founding fathers of the American nation succeeded in proclaiming a republic and preventing the spread of the anachronistic British class system but that’s all they achieved and the American Constitution is clear that black people and Indians are not considered equal in the newly constructed gulag.

In the same way that the British working class began to organise when British cities grew exponentially after the collapse of the feudal system, black Americans in places such as Chicago and Detroit began to organise to improve their miserable conditions. As they were by and large excluded from employment with racist employers favouring white American workers, they found pathways to their freedom in liberationist theologies such as the Marcus Garvey movement and other messianic traditions. They were inspired by the peasant  rebellion led by Wat Tyler and also by Islam, because Islam is the natural religion of all humanity, as Muslims worship God alone, instead of worthless deities, saints, popes, stones and shrines. In the prevailing social conditions of misery and alienation, it was to be expected that the black diaspora would embrace a messianic form of Islam. And when W.D. Fard Muhammad made contact with Elijah Muhammad, their collaboration was received in the fertile soils of the black communities with an intense vigour and overwhelming fervour and zeal.

The Honourable Elijah Muhammad claimed in later interviews that Master W.D. Fard Muhammad taught him the fundamentals of a new belief system. The fundamental outline of this belief system was that nobody could pinpoint the origins of the black man because he had always existed whereas the white race, on the other hand, was created by a scientist named Jacub a mere six thousand years ago. Furthermore, the serpent in the Garden of Eden, W.D. Fard Muhammad taught, was not an actual serpent but an allegorical symbol for the devil which was the white man. The white race was a race of devils, W.D. Fard Muhammad taught, and the black man’s liberation could only be achieved in an independent homeland established in North America where the inherent nobility of the black race could rise and reign supreme. The Black Nationalist movement which adopted many forms in the coming decades could therefore be identified in an embryonic form in 1930’s and 1940’s America.

The reader may pause to question at this point why a mainstream Muslim is repeating this seemingly heretical viewpoint, especially in light of the Honourable Elijah Muhammad’s later claims that Master W.D. Fard Muhammad was in fact God incarnate on earth. Nowhere in the Qur’an is there any mention of Jacub the seemingly wicked scientist and the six thousand years time-line described by W.D. Fard Muhammad is a singularly Christian construct put together by studying Old Testament genealogies. Muslims we have spoken to claim to believe the world is billions of years old. Allah claims in the Qur’an that He created the universe and earth in six days. In Arabic, the word for day is ‘yawm’ which literally means periods. So Muslims believe the universe was created in stages and different time periods, not six literal days. Furthermore, we have learned, the Glorious Qur’an is a gift from God to all of humanity as a blessing and as guidance. The idea that large sections of the world’s population are excluded from the Divine Plan on the basis of their racial origins and apparent wickedness is a fundamental departure from true Islam which maintains that Islam will dominate the earth in the coming period and will create a united community.

As the reader will discover, this report is a significant departure from our previous published work because it deals in part with history and in part with theology. In response to concerns that Muslims may have, we will continue to write and hope and pray that the end result is acceptable. It should be noted at this point that after performing hajj and parting company with the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X adopted a mainstream Muslim view and marvelled that he had prayed with blonde haired, blue-eyed Muslims in Mecca and became a more complete individual through the experience – in fact it was his defining moment. The situation in America is significantly different today than it was in 1940 and it is the hope of this author that by exposing a particularly vicious thread of disinformation first peddled by the FBI and the Hearst publishing group and more recently by a man named Anton Batey, that American Muslims in and around the Nation of Islam will see this report as an invitation to them to enter the mainstream. Whether or not this occurs is of course outside our control and is to a great extent in the hands of Almighty Allah, the Exalted; all praise is due to Him. We wish to deal with facts in an objective, balanced way and despite the fact that this author has deteriorating eye-sight, we can spot a photographic forgery when we see one.

As we have seen in other strands of disinformation coming out of America about how Jews all took the day off when the World Trade Centre collapsed and Mossad agents lived in a post office box right next door to Mohammed Atta, a lie can have a considerable number of convoluted transformations. A good example to illustrate this perspective is the claim that Daniel Lewin on Flight 11 single-handedly hijacked the plane and that teams of Mossad agents posed as art students as part of a plan to enable the hijackers. We can look at any one of these strands or threads of so-called evidence and describe them as being separate, which is in fact wrong, because they are all part of the same thread of disinformation: namely that Jews pulled off 9/11 for geo-political reasons. A similar thread of disinformation is the reason we are writing this report: that Master W.D. Fard Muhammad and W.D. Ford, the convicted felon, is one and the same person. Whether or not the FBI said it for any particular reason or whether the Hearst newspaper group said it for even more convoluted reasons – or whether the internet persona known as Anton Batey says it for reasons altogether different from his predecessors, it is all part of the same lie whose strands and threads of disinformation are all interwoven and complex. And while the purpose of the Mossad did it lie is to slander Jews regardless of whether they support the Zionist state, the purpose of the W.D. Fard Muhammad lie is to damage the reputation of the Nation of Islam and to make its supporters look stupid for worshipping or following the teachings of Master W.D. Fard Muhammad and the Honourable Elijah Muhammad.

We do not propose to deliver an analysis of the FBI files which can be linked to here because an even simpler test will suffice. Instead we will show to the impartial reader that Mr Anton Batey is using doctored photographs to try to prove his case. Of course the question of whether Anton Batey is the man’s real name is neither here nor there. At this point we urge all readers to view his video to see how he presents his case. After readers have viewed the video we will point out where the photographs have been doctored, probably by Mr Batey himself, or one of his accomplices. The acid test of any theory is that it should be falsifiable. If our theory is correct that Mr Batey’s video is just the latest manifestation of a lie first perpetuated decades ago, we predict he will pull his video off-line in the coming hours or days. Readers of this report are encouraged not to despair at this point as we have backed it up and will republish it if necessary on any of the myriad internet video hosting sites. If Mr Batey claims copyright protection at that point we are aware of two Japanese and one Korean video hosting sites where the administrators don’t speak a word of English and won’t be able to respond to requests to take the video offline because they won’t understand what they are being asked to do. Furthermore, Mr Anton Batey attempts to damage the reputation of the Nation of Islam with false accusations and doctored evidence while our differences with the Nation of Islam are entirely ethical, theological and demonstrably honest and factual. We have decided to launch this demolition of the W.D. Fard Muhammad is W.D. Ford theory with a plain and simple message to Nation of Islam supporters. You are our brothers and sisters. We have exposed the lies about W.D. Fard Mohammed because the truth always surfaces. We are quite good at photographic analysis and the forgery isn’t immediately apparent. We invite you all to Islam and to the truth and brotherhood of Almighty Allah’s creation, where all the races are equal as this is stated in our Qur’an. We will pray with you in Mecca, Al-Quds, Detroit and Chicago.

The important area to take note of in our photographic analysis is the hands. It seems clear to us that they have not been airbrushed and something of the quality of the original photograph is apparent. The subject’s face is blemish free but the forefinger and thumb in particular give an indication of original variations.  We wondered what the first photographs actually looked like and found an interesting example in a Google search, which interestingly is also doctored. We wonder who uploaded it. Was his surname Batey? We suspect that there were many copies of this photograph circulating in America and different photographs deteriorate in different ways. We shouldn’t see the photograph as a template for all subsequent copies but should view it for what it is: one example of how a photograph can deteriorate in a unique environment.

Do you notice that the photograph is pixellated by the side of the upper lip and how the pixellation extends into Master W.D. Fard Muhammad’s nostril? Mr Anton Batey has Photoshopped a layer on top but has the pixellation ratio wrong. Actually, he probably can’t afford Photoshop because if he had used Photoshop and got the pixellation ratio right, we probably wouldn’t have noticed. He has doctored the photograph because there is nothing underneath it but it does reinforce his argument. There is no mole or blemish because the whole face has been airbrushed using traditional hovering and dodging techniques from before the days of digitalisation. Are we supposed to believe the face was airbrushed and somehow a blemish survived the process? The uniformity of colour and texture says everything; even the shadowing has been dodged in. No, we don’t have a documented chain of evidence for these photographs but we can see the forgery which uses digital pixellation at the wrong ratio and we can see it in the video he presents as evidence. As we wrote in our report, we predict he will try to pull the video. It’s not the same man; it can’t be. Even if he did have a mole or a blemish it couldn’t survive the process. Mr Anton Batey has been caught out in a big lie just like all the others. Here’s an enlargement of the forgery for those with less than perfect sight. God bless you all and give you peace. Salaams from Australia and please remember that our human struggle is the same as yours.

Firstly, Mr Anton Batey’s video where the doctored image is featured:

Exhibit one. The doctored image

photographic forgery

pixellation on upper lip deliberately added

Screenshot of similarly doctored image used by Anton Batey in his video. Exhibit two.

doctored image used by Anton Batey in his video presentation

Anton Batey's doctored image of Master W.D. Fard Muhammad

     An enlargement of the doctored image. Exhibit three.

doctored image enlarged using photoshop

Master W.D. Fard Muhammad manipulated image



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