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When was Ramzi Bin al-Shibh (al-Shibah) arrested and why does it matter?

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The war on terror instigated by America and its allies has now entered a new phase. The apparent death of Osama bin Laden and the ongoing dislocation of Muslim life in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East epitomises this new phase because, by all measures, the neo-colonialist agenda is now counter-productive for America and its allies because it fires the insurgency to the point where these regions will become ungovernable and will lead to the collapse of the regimes. We have seen in recent times that it is relatively difficult to maintain viable capitalist nation states in places such as Ireland, Greece and North Africa. The aerial bombardment of Afghanistan and areas of Pakistan may serve the purpose of fueling American arms manufacturers’ profit margins and thereby delay the total collapse of the American economy – but this aggression has opened wounds that cannot be healed within the framework of a capitalist, nation-state. Therefore the introduction of God’s Laws and values in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere, has been hastened by imperialist aggression and now seems to the population of these countries as the only viable option. Islamic Law has attained a new dynamic in the last ten years and presents itself as a liberation theology to the Muslim masses, whereas the nationalist and socialist doctrines have been exposed as failed ideas. This is an almost 360⁰ turnaround from the situation when the last Muslim Caliphate collapsed and Islam has been transformed into a revolutionary force for change in the world. In fact, revolutionary Islam, forged in the crucible of American and Zionist terror campaigns, is now the only revolutionary force for change in the world and the Muslim insurgents in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, for that matter, form the new vanguard of the global revolutionary movement.

As our contribution to these revolutionary forces who will surely triumph in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and the Middle-East – and ultimately throughout the world – we will present a report in the next few days (insh’allah) which truthfully exposes the tangled web of American lies about the origins of the present conflict. We have previously pointed out to our readers that the conflict between Islam and the failed capitalist states goes back centuries and is in part theological. Although we find an analysis of the conflict within a broader historical context tempting and a challenge, we find it necessary to limit our analysis to events of the last ten years, at least for the time being. We wish to stress at this point that Islam forbids the charging of interest on loans and therefore the introduction of Islamic law in any part of the world is a tremendous advance for any society. If such a prohibition was introduced in large areas of the world, the effect would be immediate, dynamic and advantageous for humanity. The introduction of Islamic law throughout the world would immediately cripple the usurious, capitalist world economy and would unleash mankind’s creative potential to tackle such daunting challenges such as global warming, ending war and delivering justice to the oppressed. Furthermore, we believe that the introduction of Islamic law would see the demise of the nation state, at least throughout the Muslim world, with all the Muslim Ummah united in a single society. Thus, the artificial, colonialist divisions created by the British, Americans, French and Dutch, would be swept away and a new, united Muslim super-state would shine like a beacon of progress in a sea of disbelief and sin.

We could go on and list some of the other advantages of God’s Laws over secular, man-made law and point out that God’s Laws also prohibit the consumption of alcohol and gambling. Therefore, if alcohol production became illegal and gambling dens such as the obscenity here in Melbourne known as Crown Casino were forced to close down, billions of dollars would immediately flow into the local economies and stimulate the depressed in areas such as Broadmeadows, Frankston and Dandenong. Muslims would immediately benefit even in countries where they are a minority and the streets would be safer because drunkenness would be a thing of the past. It is well-known that organised crime syndicates use casinos and gambling dens to launder their filthy profits, and so shutting down the source of sin in one particular area has a flow-on effect to the next area as society is progressively cleansed. We realise this cleansing tsunami of Islam and truth is going to transform Planet Earth in the coming period and wish to advise any non-Muslim readers to transform their lives and immediately revert to Islam. Before Islam can transform the world, it must transform you.

Islam is, in fact, the religion of science and truth and this is the major reason why evil people are hostile to it. Many apologists for decadence and sin will point out, for example, that Islam oppresses women. We don’t need to analyse all of the spurious allegations that are used to try to convince people that this is a valid argument – but only need to point out that Islam forbids pornography, the graphic exploitation of sexuality in advertising and also prostitution. Islamic law in a more general sense alleviates poverty and so all the oppression women face in the world of sin and debauchery is challenged by Islam because God is with the oppressed and has made laws to liberate humanity. As Muslims, we call for the liberation of western women from a life-time of servitude and sexual exploitation. We also aim our message of reverting to Islam to many millions of western women who are prisoners in their own homes, fed on a diet of television lies about weapons of mass destruction and Osama Bin Laden, and who are forced to send their children to schools where the primary aim of the teachers is brainwashing children to believe in the fake freedoms of the west. Women in western societies face prohibitive child-care costs which keep them prisoners in their homes almost indefinitely: a million self-contained Guantanamo Bay detention centres in every town and city in the country.

The future of Planet Earth belongs to the children and Islam alone is capable of meeting their needs. Islam will protect the children of Planet Earth in the following ways: firstly, education. Education in the western world is biased towards secular, man-made concepts such as the promotion of so-called democracy where Europeans and North Americans consume the overwhelming majority of the world’s resources while children in places such as India and Pakistan and South America have absolutely nothing at all. Some time ago in Haiti, the country was devastated by an earthquake that left the country in ruins and the surrounding capitalist countries have done nothing to help the people since then. Islam will transform the face of Planet Earth to prevent such tragedies occurring in future. By abolishing the charging of interest on loans, which is against God’s Laws, the people of Haiti – and Pakistan, for that matter – would have sufficient funds to reconstruct their devastated countries. Additionally, in an Islamic future, we would see massive airlifts of supplies and medicines to areas hit by natural catastrophes and a vast flotilla of ships bringing relief. In an Islamic future, this relief would follow anytime a natural catastrophe occurred. If the people affected by these disasters were non-Muslims in Haiti, for example, or Jewish people in occupied Palestine, as another example, the supplies would still be delivered. The capitalist vampires of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank could not stop these supplies being delivered in ten thousand years as the people delivering the supplies would be following God’s Laws to help the weak and oppressed. To ignore the plight of a people who are in dire need is a negation of Islam, as Muslims are obliged to give 10% of their wealth to the poor. To illustrate the point that Muslims can always be counted on to help in times of need, we point out that beggars here in Melbourne always gravitate to the Muslim suburbs when they are in need of assistance and if they go and beg near Coburg Market, for example, they get fifty or sixty dollars in half an hour or so to help them on their way.

Furthermore, in terms of education, a child needs to be properly educated and to get the basics right so they can get grow into good, righteous people. In the coming Islamic future, it will be necessary to teach children the reality that there is One God in the Universe who created everything. It is actually an unscientific belief to suggest that the Universe was created from an uncontrolled expansion that allegedly occurred after the Big Bang, as scientists have been unable to explain where all the large-scale structure came from, without resorting to pseudo-religious beliefs themselves by suggesting that somehow dark matter and dark energy or superstrings enabled to large-scale structure to coalesce. Similarly, in another area of science, Muslims have adopted the right response in rejecting Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection, which states that evolution occurs through chance miscopying of the genetic code, and which predicts that this chance miscopying should be seen in the fossil record. Instead, what we see in the fossil record is sudden changes at the Cambrian boundary, for example, or the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the sudden rise of mammals. By teaching children the proper equation that God created the Universe, we will be safeguarding the future of the children by giving them the right start in life which will be followed by a prosperous future because usury, sexual exploitation, alcohol and gambling will all be abolished and consigned to the garbage bin of history. By safeguarding children’s rights on Planet Earth we point out that no longer will they be forced to sing objectionable hymns at nine-o-clock in the morning, such as God Save the Queen or Rule Brittania and then be forced to learn revisionist history such as Captain Cook discovered Australia and Israel is a democratic country. Children in Australia should also face a future where they are not called upon to fight imperialist wars for the ruling class’ allies, the shameful, disgraced Americans – who killed millions in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. They should be free to travel overseas when they are old enough without having to look over their shoulders all the time because monsters such as John Howard and Richard Butler waged a Zionist led blockade of Iraq which killed a million plus Iraqi infants. This is only a personal thought but it seems a good idea on the face of it to educate a small group of Australian students in all aspects of international criminal law and war crimes legislation to enable monsters such as John Howard, Alexander Downer, Paul Keating and Richard Butler to be tried here in Australia for the nefarious crimes they committed, such as lying the country into war with Iraq, invading Afghanistan and acting as agents for a foreign power which is expressly forbidden under the Australian Constitution. In fact, we would like to send this futuristic team of Australian lawyers after some members of various state police forces, who have committed terrible crimes against the Aboriginal population and have always got away with it. To our Muslim brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, please be aware that we are aware that criminal members of the Australian Defence Forces have been murdering Afghan civilians in cold blood and we are investigating the incident where the five little children were murdered. Unless we agitate now for a future based on truth and justice, we won’t be able to hold our heads high again and we will have become just as bad, rotten and murderous as the lying disbelievers.

Muslims in the middle ages were the first genuine scientists, who more or less invented mathematics, and perfected the science of astronomy by liberating it from the mythological Greek influence. Therefore children of the world should not be afraid of a Muslim education in any sphere or activity. In fact a Muslim education is a tremendous advantage to have in life, not only because Muslim beliefs and science are in perfect accordance but because Muslims realise that young people need to be protected from Satan. Here in Australia we have noticed that drug-crazed fiends and devils are active in the community, promoting what is called death-metal music – or black metal music – depending on which brand of Satanism is being heard. Most of these fiends and acid-tripped out devils take their inspiration from a black metal band called Bathory who practice the same form of Satanism as Alistair Crowley. Crowds of young people regularly visit night-clubs and licensed premises, who peddle their own source of sin in the form of alcohol and the drug ecstasy, which is also sold at these events. God help these devil fiends when the Muslim revolution sweeps through their neck of the woods. Perhaps it would be a good way to mobilise the people here in Australia to join up with Christian groups and close down these events. Of course the danger inherent in such a program would be that the Christians might support the closure of devil concerts but then still maintain their right to sin in other ways such as drinking alcohol and practising polytheism. It might be a better idea for Muslims alone to act and close down the source of sin by burning their guitars and drums in front of them and then taking their black crucifixes and goat horns and destroying them as well. Planet Earth belongs to us, not them.

In the coming days we will work on our report about 9/11, insh’allah. We will be focusing on the allegation that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah (Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh) conspired to carry out the attacks. The Americans recently decided to withdraw the charges against these two alleged 9/11 conspirators and all hope of an open trial with evidence, witnesses, etc etc have now been lost. We will be analysing why this is the case; why the Americans decided to abandon their plans for a trial in New York. Everything we know (almost) about 9/11 has been disseminated by the Americans and all statements by any of the accused before the military trials in Guantanamo has been presumptively classified. Please bear in mind that the Americans have consistently lied about the involvement of KSM and Al-Shibah in the plot and have also gone out of their way to prevent these two accused from giving evidence in the ludicrous Hamburg terror trials and the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui. When Al-Shibah faced the military tribunal in Guantanamo, he refused to come out of his cell at first but was then persuaded to attend the hearing by his fellow co-accused. A redacted audio recording was made available by the military where the listener can hear accused conspirator Khalid Sheikh Muhammed take part in his defence. Similar recordings were made available for downloading for the tribunal cases against Ammar Al-Baluchi, Tawfiq bin Attash, Abu Zubaida (may God help him) and Hambali. There is no transcript for Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah and no audio. Why? Please bookmark this site and drop by Friday and we’ll try to get it done.