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Statement On Lockerbie

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Visitors to this blog will have noticed that the Lockerbie incident has been extensively commented on by us, time and time again. Although our comments in the past were thought to have been as comprehensive as is humanly possible, we continue to scrutinize publicly available evidence when time permits, and reserve the right to update our research in light of hitherto unexamined evidence. Of course we are not running a criminal investigation and do not have teams of investigators who can fly all over the world interviewing people. Despite this fact we believe we have accurately identified the sewage tank on Pan Am 103 as the seat of the explosion and went on to draw conclusions from that disclosure, which seemed to be logical at the time.

Of course an investigation of this nature isn’t static and despite the fact that many years have passed since the bombing of Pan Am 103, some of the evidence is still available on the internet and can be examined by all. It should be noted, however, that this publicly available evidence has by now been incorporated into the dominant paradigm in a misleading way. An official myth has been created by the British and the Americans and all publicly available evidence is now presented to reinforce that myth. The evidence of the Toshiba radio and the Samsonite suitcase are good examples of evidence which have been incorporated into the official mythology. Of course the radio and the suitcase were incapable of incriminating Mr Megrahi until the results of the forensic examination were twisted, manipulated, and then woven into the fabric of the Lockerbie legend. What we see now is the culmination of the investigation: we are required to digest the facts as they are presented as history.

Yet despite tying the case up so neatly, the British and Americans have been unable to convince a significant percentage of their population, that what they have been presented with is the truth. Many journalists and intelligence analysts have questioned the dominant paradigm and have raised important questions. In one instance a Scottish policeman code-named the Golfer came forward and claimed important evidence was fabricated. There have been so many accusations levelled that we doubt they can all be unfounded.

One commonly re-occurring accusation is that the PFLP (General Command) executed the bombing, at the request of the Iranians, in retaliation for the loss of an Iranian passenger jet shot down a few months before Lockerbie. We pointed out the logical fallacies of this argument in a previous report and our position remains unchanged. It is interesting to note that Glen Jenvey went on to blame the Palestinians and the Iranians for the incident after confirming the sewage tank information. We went on to show why it was reasonable to believe one of his statements while rejecting another. The evidence from Jenvey quite clearly pointed to the involvement of one or more state intelligence organisations in the bombing of the jet, possibly his own organisation, the PGCC.

Mr Jenvey has now buried his head in the sand and despite issuing a childishly constructed statement on Lockerbie approx 18 month ago, appears to have withdrawn from public life completely. He has either constructed a new identify we have been unable to identify, or, more likely, has found a safe haven and has been told to shut up by those providing him with protection. The whereabouts of Mr Jenvey is not the subject of this update, however, and while it is true that the sewage tank claim led us to pursue a particular direction with our perspectives, it is now necessary for us to modify that perspective in light of evidence we have recently seen. The evidence is not new, however, and concerns the testimony of Thomas Thurman, an FBI investigator, whose impartiality and integrity have been questioned by some Lockerbie investigators over the years.

Once we discovered the location of the Lockerbie device in the sewage tank, we think we made a mistake concluding the Americans and British colluded to frame Mr Megrahi, at least as far as the evidence of the Mebo timer is concerned. We saw the British and the Americans as two sides of the same coin because the dominant paradigm appeared to be a joint construction. While law enforcement agencies and political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic always maintained this was the case, portraying their efforts as a triumph for joint co-operation, the emergence of this narrative was fraught with problems throughout the investigation, due to the fraudulent nature of the allegations being made. And although we didn’t have anything to say about Mr Thurman in our previous reports, we at least suspected Mr Thurman was part of the conspiracy, even if we didn’t mention him by name.

We now wish to apologise to Mr Thurman for casting him up in the dragnet of our conspiracy theory and would like to say that we believe him after seeing him interviewed for a History Channel documentary. Please click the following link and download all four parts of the documentary called Air Crash Investigation. You will see the links at the right of the page. Please note that we are unable to provide direct links because we are unsure about the legality of doing so. Obviously we wish we had seen the interview two or three years ago as it does change the way we think about Lockerbie. We could say that the discovery of the Mebo timer led to allegations being made against Libya but we must also say that because we believe Mr Thurman, we must now conclude that it was the British who supplied the fake evidence to the FBI. Why?

We sincerely urge the reader of this report to review Mr Thurman’s evidence and take an hour or two to get a little closer to the truth. We are well aware of the fact that it is difficult to get people to look into something which isn’t readily available with one or two clicks of the mouse but please be aware that Mr Thurman does not claim to have been given access to the Mebo timer fragment but only to a photograph. It is very easy to see that he is telling the truth when he explains how he identified the Mebo timer from the photograph of the fragment. Why was he given this photograph? Where was the timer fragment “discovered?”  Could the British have reasonably expected the Americans to identify a Mebo timer from the photograph of the fragment? If so, did the British give the photograph to Mr Thurman with the expectation that all roads would lead, in this case, to Tripoli?

A few months ago, we visited Professor Black’s Lockerbie blog and discovered that the Americans were offering the so-called Libyan freedom fighters a deal: we will give you continued support but when you come across Mr Megrahi we want you to hand him over to us. One of us became quite emotional and upset at this news because the main objective of Operation_Breaklock was to liberate Mr Megrahi. We believe the Libyan revolution sold out its revolutionary principals when it handed over Mr Megrahi to the court at Camp Zeist. We further believe the Libyan revolution sold out its revolutionary principals by paying compensation and then privatising the Tripoli water supply to finance their raproachment with the west. Therefore, our motivation for launching Operation_Breaklock was two-fold: we aimed to liberate Mr Megrahi, which should be considered a humanitarian action; and we aimed to gather intelligence, which should be considered as an operational by-product or bonus.

After we heard the news that Mr Megrahi could be re-arrested, we wrote an entry in this blog which reflected the fact that we were upset. Our blog post said, in effect, that we would try to take down some of America’s shining stars, if that was indeed the outcome. We were belligerent and we regret talking in this way. We apologise.

We wish to point out to our readers that it must have been just a coincidence that as soon as we started disseminating the Lockerbie sewage tank information, and the Golfer came forward with his allegations, Mr Megrahi was released from prison and we are no doubt being egotistical in thinking otherwise.  If Mr Megrahi is in fact re-arrested we will supply information, correspondence and other evidence in our possession to the proper authorities and not act in an inappropriate way.

Finally, we wish to point out that Mr Megrahi’s fate is in the hands of God Almighty – and because Almighty God has already blessed him by releasing him from jail, and making him live a lot longer than expected, we believe God will continue to look after him.


Lockerbie: One of the worst crimes ever.

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The perpetrators of the worst crime ever have many serious rivals for that title to contend with. Among them are the massacre of American Indians at Wounded Knee; the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the destruction of Dresden; the embargo imposed upon Iraq after Operation Desert Storm which signified the beginning of the Fifth Crusade; the genocidal British putsch into Australia after 1788 and the Spanish Inquisition. The various crimes of the Nazis and their fascist allies could also be considered to be among the worst crimes ever. The mass murder of the Aztecs also deserves a special mention.

What makes Lockerbie so special, so vile a crime that it can be considered to be among the worst crimes ever? We hope to demonstrate that the answer to that question is provided by the details of the crime itself. When Pan Am 103 crashed into the Scottish town of Lockerbie in December 1988, most if not all of the passengers and crew were dead as the plane had suffered an explosive decompression after a bomb exploded and crippled the plane near the Scottish border. It is therefore possible to imagine a scenario where the plane’s passengers died agonizing deaths over an extended period of time. As they died they surely could not have imagined that the tragedy would soon become far, far worse. Because unknown to the terrified passengers the crippled jet would soon slam into the town of Lockerbie itself and innocent Scottish families would be killed in the so-called security of their own homes. It is difficult to think of a more cold-bloodied, ruthlessly calculated crime – but the murders and criminality had only just begun. A number of spies and whistle-blowers caught up in the subsequent blame-game were also set up and persecuted in the ensuing period. Later, much later, when two innocent Libyans were accused of the crime, one of them, Abdel Basset Al-Megrahi was convicted and spent years and years in prison before being released because he has terminal cancer. An economic blockade imposed upon Libya was tightened after Lockerbie and many deaths were caused in Libya’s hospitals and its previously expanding industrial sector because of lack of medical supplies and spare parts.

It is also necessary to point out that many victims’ families suffered needlessly and are still unable to bring closure to the loss of their loved-ones because they have been lied to for more than twenty years. Some victims’ families are so crushed and overwhelmed by the Lockerbie bombing and the subsequent cover-up they are now broken men and women, unable to move forward and in some cases too old to pick up and move on. If they had been told the truth in 1989, although the truth was difficult, they could have recovered by now. Instead they have been fed a steady diet of self-evident British and American lies for twenty years. Being lied to for only a short period of time by people we are supposed to be able to trust is very difficult to bear – but to be lied to for more than twenty years must be overwhelming. And whereas it could be argued that Americans have become accustomed to being lied to by their elected representatives as in the case of the Warren Commission, Watergate and Iran/Contra, the British have come to expect more of their politicians and government lies have been harder to manufacture. This is partly to do with the nature of the British state itself which is occasionally capable of producing honest politicians who have an uncanny ability to sniff out government lies from miles and miles away.

An early indication that the truth would become the greatest victim of the Lockerbie bombing was the arrival at the crash site of teams of American investigators in cream coloured overalls. It is very difficult to explain how the Americans arrived so quickly if they were not pre-positioned and in a general state of readiness. In some reports they immediately began searching for a briefcase carried onboard by Major Charles Mckee, an American with ties to hostage-negotiators in Lebanon – and in other reports they were searching for a CIA authorized heroin consignment. Whatever they were looking for they certainly had unprecedented access to the crime scene. A senior Scottish policeman code-named ‘The Golfer‘ to protect his identity, later testified that the Americans planted evidence, removed evidence and refused to follow instructions. His evidence was dismissed as unreliable.

In time a case began to emerge and a Palestinian splinter group were investigated for carrying out the bombing in retaliation for the shooting down of an Iranian passenger jet carrying pilgrims to Mecca. When German authorities launched ‘Operation Autumn Leaves‘ in that country, they discovered four Toshiba Bombeat radio cassettes converted into bombs. A fifth unit manufactured by the same group was missing. That unit, allegedly, was the the Lockerbie bomb. A major obstacle to initiating action against the Palestinian group, it has been argued by Ian Ferguson in his book ‘Lockerbie: cover up of convenience,’ was geopolitical. Mr Ferguson suggests somewhat unconvincingly that American overtures to Syria prior to the first Gulf War led to evidence implicating the Palestinian group being ignored. Had the evidence implicating the Palestinian group, the Syrians and therefore the Iranians been solid in the first place, this writer suggests, the Americans and British would have jumped at the opportunity to lay blame for Lockerbie in that direction. Had the evidence been solid, this writer further suggests, failure to initiate action would have angered honest FBI, British and German investigators who might then have leaked damaging information to the press, opposition politicians or a foreign intelligence service. Thus, we conclude that the evidence linking the Palestinian group to Lockerbie is flaky at best. We frankly don’t believe that four Toshiba Bombeats were discovered in ‘Operation Autumn Leaves’ and that a fifth identical device was used to bring down Pan Am 103. If that information was true – once the initial four units were found – the Lockerbie bombing would have been canceled due to a major security breach. We further conclude that the American, British and German governments must think we are stupid and gullible if they expect us to believe that the Lockerbie bombers proceeded with the smoking gun of where their device was manufactured hanging over their heads.

Surely the American administration were unconcerned about the sensibilities of the Palestinian group, the Iranian regime and the Syrian junta. If the Americans wished to forge alliances, why had they shot down an Iranian passenger jet in the first place? That, we suggest, is something Mr Ferguson and others peddling the myth of Iranian involvement cannot answer. For those still clinging to the myth of Iranian involvement, we urge them to read the second half of this report where we will clearly demonstrate that at least one western intelligence operative had access to information which could only be available to the participants of the operation itself.

Perhaps the Americans had serious thoughts about framing the Iranians and then had second thoughts because they knew they couldn’t get away with it. We also think that the suggestion the Americans needed the Syrians onside in ‘Operation Desert Storm’ is far from accurate. The Syrian Ba’athists, like their Iraqi counterparts, were isolated and formed part of a rejectionist front to peace with Israel. From an American/Zionist perspective it would make far more sense to leave them in that position when American forces rolled into Kuwait. The implied threat would be that this is what happens to those who oppose H.W. Bush’s New World Order.

We also don’t think that the Americans cared very much about western hostages in Lebanon, either. If Major Charles Mckee was on his way back to America to report to his commanding officer on a breakthrough in negotiations to free them, one possible motive for the Lockerbie bombing could be that elements within the American government who opposed any concessions to the hostage-takers carried out Lockerbie to silence Mckee. With the Iranian passenger jet incident still dominating US/Iranian relations it seems likely pro Zionist elements wanted to see relations deteriorate even further. Did Mckee’s mission threaten to thwart the plans of those who intended to provoke Iran? If the hostages were freed and Lockerbie never happened, it is likely a political climate would have existed where an improvement could occur. With the Lockerbie bombing and the allegations of Iranian involvement coming so soon after, it seems we can see whose agenda was the order of the day.

Thus, we feel confident, we have dismissed suggestions an alliance of Palestinian operatives carried out Lockerbie at the behest of the Iranians. A further point which reinforces this perspective is that the evidence against Iran – apart from the Toshiba Bombeats – is an alleged transfer of funds from Iran to the Palestinian group. The sum of ten million dollars has been mentioned and “conclusive” evidence the transfer took place came, we believe, from Israel. Again, we don’t believe a word of it. We don’t think the Iranians would be that stupid to transfer such a sum in a way which could subsequently be detected. The fact that the transfer was “discovered,” on the contrary, leads us to conclude that Iran had nothing to do with Lockerbie and was being framed. To further strengthen this perspective we point out that Iran could have smuggled a bomb on board an American passenger jet for a fraction of the cost by using their own operatives – thereby keeping the compartment smaller and more secret. By allegedly contracting the destruction of Pan Am 103 to a Palestinian group widely suspected of being infiltrated by western agents, the Iranians would surely be leaving behind a trail of evidence leading to the discovery of their involvement. If the Iranians had indeed wanted to bring down an American jet in retaliation for the destruction of their own airliner, it would make far more sense for them to do it themselves as it is well known that operatives whose family members are resident within the country are prefered by agencies conducting covert operations as the operative’s loyalty and obedience are guaranteed.

Is it possible to imagine a scenario where elements within the Iranian regime conducted an unauthorised operation and therefore had no access to military resources?  To answer that question in the negative it should be pointed out that the “discovery” of the transfer implicated the highest levels of the Iranian leadership. Contracting out the operation and then having the transfer “discovered” can’t be described as “plausible deniability” by any definition of the term. Indeed, it seems, the transfer was meant to be discovered for reasons which should now be apparent.

Based on the aforementioned information it is not premature to describe Lockerbie as a false flag operation. It appears the original nation to be framed was Iran but I am unable to fully explain why the goalposts were later shifted to blame the Libyans. As I don’t have access to state resources and only receive classified information when I’m lucky on the internet of course there is going to be a knowledge gap there. It is however possible to take an educated guess about why the goalposts shifted. And for the sake of continuity that’s what we’ll proceed to do.

The Lockerbie bombing was one of the worst crimes ever, as previously stated. And it should also be clear to the reader that the evidence of the Toshiba Bombeat and the alleged ten million dollar transfer had proven insufficient to launch a case against Iran. Although the information made public about ‘Operation Autumn Leaves’ suggested a fifth Toshiba Bombeat was missing, combined police resources were unable to link the device to the Iranians or anybody else. The “discovery” of the ten million dollar transfer could be seen as an attempt to shore up the case against the Iranians – but the case remained weak. No court in the world could launch proceedings against Iran on that basis, as the British and Americans were acutely aware. Despite these facts, pressure was mounting on the British and Americans for action on the case. It seemed the British in particular were facing mounting pressure to produce results when revelations about scores of Americans in cream coloured overalls searching for a drug consignment or a missing briefcase emerged. Public unease about the case began to make way for conspiracy theories and rumours circulated that the Americans had themselves bombed the plane to silence Mckee and therefore set the stage for a new provocation against Iran.

The assault on truth led by the British and Americans intensified significantly when a new raft of evidence was presented which implicated Libya in the bombing of Pan Am 103. For reasons which should be apparent by now the evidence of the ten million dollar transfer was quietly dropped and therefore the case against Iran more or less ran out of steam. To fill the void, however, a small fragment of a Mebo timing device was discovered by a man walking his dog. This piece of evidence proved pivotal in the investigation and would ultimately lead to criminal charges being laid against two Libyan nationals. It must be stressed here that the discovery was fortuitous in two separate ways: it filled the void in the findings of the investigation which until then had been unable to make a solid case against Iran and it opened the door for the investigation to focus its sights elsewhere. The British could present the evidence as a breakthrough and the result of a long and diligent investigation which ultimately paid off. The Americans could look on approvingly at their British counterparts and praise the investigation for not jumping to hasty conclusions.

To get to this position, however, covering up the true nature of the crime had proven extremely difficult. At least one Scottish policeman, as mentioned earlier, refused to go along with the charade. A Scottish member of Parliament, Tam Dalyell, began asking extremely pertinent questions (Please see footnotes) and elements within the UK press, notably the Manchester Guardian and The Independent, expressed doubts about the government case. On the face of it, this new raft of evidence seemed conclusive in making a case against the Libyans but the more the evidence was placed under the microscope of analytical scrutiny, the desperation the British and Americans must have felt when their attempts to frame Iran fell apart was plain for all to see.

The Mebo timer fragment, for example, was no bigger than a fingernail but why the man walking his dog stopped and picked up the fragment, among all the other millions of pieces of junk strewn throughout the Scottish countryside, has never been explained. The man’s identity is shrouded in mystery and he has variously been described as a hiker, an off-duty policeman or two lovers engaged in a tryst. Whereas the Warren Commission created a ‘magic bullet theory‘ to paper over glaring inconsistencies in the Kennedy assassination, Lockerbie prosecutors created a ‘magic Mebo timer fragment’ to ultimately frame the Libyans.

Much has been written about the ‘magic Mebo timer fragment’ over the years. So much bad feeling and acrimony has been generated, in fact, that it is difficult to think of a single piece of evidence which has generated  a similar furore. It appears the fragment was never tested for explosive residue and Mebo’s owner, Mr Bollier, now claims the fragment came from a non-functional prototype and that a break-in took place at his factory. The British like to give the name ‘Royal’ to some of their institutions to make them sound more impressive than they actually are. Hence the postal service becomes ‘The Royal Mail’ which sounds very impressive indeed. The Royal Armament Forensic Laboratory at Fort Halstead in Kent is one of those institutions. Alan Feraday is the retired head of the unit and those convicted of the Hyde Park bombing on Feraday’s evidence had their convictions subsequently overturned. In 1983 during the trial of John Berry, four expert witnesses ridiculed Feraday’s evidence and the judge commented that Feraday should not be allowed to present himself as an expert witness in future. When conducting an examination of the Mebo timer fragment,  Feraday teamed up with Dr Thomas Hayes, whose evidence convicted the Maguire Seven, in one of the most famous post world war two miscarriages of justice. From the British and American perspective these two men would prove ideal for the job.

It isn’t necessary to go into all the details of the Mebo timer fragment scandal here. Suffice to say the evidence was manipulated in a way to link the fragment to a consignment supplied to Libya. More evidence of Libyan involvement was needed, however – a hell of a lot more evidence. And that evidence would be forthcoming courtesy of Tony Gauci, a Maltese shopkeeper, who allegedly sold some clothes to one of the two accused Libyans. Mr Gauci’s evidence was even more flaky than the Mebo timer fragment evidence, if that is at all possible – and there have been accusations the witness was paid two million dollars by the American government to give evidence in the case. Mr Gauci, we are asked to believe, suffers from selective amnesia. He can remember selling the clothes to one of the two accused Libyans, he assured the court at Camp Zeist, on a night when it was raining and a Champions League football game was shown on Maltese television. The trouble for this version of events was that no such night existed within the given time-frame, unless it rained in the Maltese capital and the Maltese Bureau of Meteorology somehow didn’t notice. Additionally, crucially, Mr Gauci, when asked to describe the man who he sold the clothes to, described a man significantly older and taller than the accused innocent Libyan. Any reputable court in the world could not have concluded that Mr Gauci sold clothes to the  innocent Libyan but all the inconsistencies amounted to little for three Scottish judges who once again sold out Scottish independence by slavishly following instructions from their British bosses.

Once the timer fragment had been identified as part of a consignment supplied to Libya and items of clothing had been linked to one of two accused Libyan nationals, the prosecution was left with the task of explaining how the bomb got on board Pan Am 103. The Crown alleged that a piece of unaccompanied luggage was loaded at Malta on a feeder flight to Frankfurt, Germany, where it was transfered aboard Pan Am 103. There wasn’t any evidence this happened, however, certainly no record of an item of unaccompanied baggage being loaded at Malta and very sketchy incomplete evidence a brown Samsonite suitcase (document will download) was loaded at Frankfurt. Despite all these facts three Scottish judges condemned an innocent man to twenty five years in prison for a crime he never committed. It was a travesty of justice, an insult to the aspirations of the Scots to break away from British corruption and an insult to the loved ones of those initially murdered. More than that it was a brewing scandal. Even Scottish prosecutors were aghast when a guilty verdict was reached. Lockerbie prosecutors created their own worst nightmare – the scandal that refuses to die a natural death and enter the realm of countless other miscarriages of justice.


Six months after the bombing Police Constable Boylan was told by a colleague that Joseph Patrick Curry, Captain, US Army Special Forces, carried on board the bomb which destroyed Pan Am 103. There will doubtless be those who will accuse us of cherry picking our information to fit our theory that Pan Am 103 was destroyed by those who wished to see Iranian/American relations deteriorate even further. Of course we reject that allegation. Captain Curry was an ideal candidate to carry the bomb. Whether or not he did so is beyond the scope of this report.

While researching the September 11th attacks which gave the United States and its Crusader allies a pretext to unleash its modern arsenal against the Muslim world, we began monitoring the websites run by a group named PGCC or the Police, Government Co-operation Committee. These websites were run by a man named Glen Jenvey and also by a man who identified himself as Jonathan Galt. The websites displayed an overtly pro-Russian, pro-Israeli and pro-Indian bias and an equally obvious hostility towards Palestinian self-determination. Also apparent was an anti-Pakistan bias which included an almost deafening chorus of criticism (2) against the Pakistan Secret Service.

We were very interested in monitoring the websites because we felt, almost instinctively, that we were onto something. We had reasons to believe that the 9/11 attacks were a false-flag operation for reasons which will be explained at a later date. We were also aware that other 9/11 researchers had turned their rather depleted attention spans towards other, more exotic explanations for the towers collapsing and felt that our resources would be wasted if we pursued a similar line. We focused our attention on the campaign of fear and infidel hatred being waged against Abu Hamza Al-Masri which was being orchestrated by Mr Jenvey and his supporters, with the apparent backing of the Indian CBI and elements within the Russian FSB. Mr Jenvey and Mr Galt identified P.C. Sharma of the Indian CBI as their boss at one point so our contention that Indian interests were being promoted on these websites isn’t mere guesswork on our behalf. The FSB connection was harder to pinpoint, however, and we are still unable to fully explain it despite Mr Jenvey’s contention that he worked for them “a bit.”

We need to explore these links because any investigation of the Lockerbie bombing has to be placed within an historical context. The trouble we had was that we were without any valid contemporary sources and although the Lockerbie incident weighed heavily on our minds in 1988 because we were naively pro-Libyan, our investigation only picked up and gained any momentum after Abdel Basset Al-Megrahi’s illegal conviction at Camp Zeist. Therefore, what we hope to achieve in writing this report, apart from pointing out the patently obvious, is to place the information we came across within an historical context. We hope we have demonstrated to any fair-minded reader that only by placing the Lockerbie incident itself into a correct historical perspective has the Iranian myth been finally killed off. We  believe that one of the fundamental strengths of this report is that nowhere on the internet or other media has the Iranian myth been so comprehensively demolished and we doubt the allegations will ever see the light of day again. We expect what we are actually seeing today in reality, in that the British government is maintaining what can only be described as a stunned silence while desperately implementing secrecy measures which will ensure their lies and criminality will be kept hidden for many years.

Unfortunately, for them, Almighty God, by His Divine Grace deemed otherwise. God is ultimately Compassionate and our investigation has received many blessings. Even in these difficult times, when Abdel Basset Al-Megrahi is reportedly dying, we still receive many blessings in other ways. We would like to pause at this point and introduce the following video so that no time can be lost in our urgent appeal for Muslims to please pray for Abdel Basset Al-Megrahi’s well-being. We also pray for the safety and well-being of his family and friends and we offer a special prayer for his doctors and ask Almighty God to guide them. We are acutely aware that Mr Al-Megrahi was released on the supposition that he had three months to live. The fact that he has lived for six months since his release is a source of great rejoicing for us all.                                                  

What we discovered by monitoring the PGCC websites could best be described as a gold-mine of information. We first discovered, for example, that any suggestion the 1999 Russian apartment bombings were carried out by elements within the FSB met with a very hostile response. A low-ranking FSB officer, whom the PGCC described as little more than an office clerk, had defected to London and had given information to UK security services that Mr Putin’s rise to power gained its initial momentum from the bombings and that Russian security services were in fact behind the terror as a means to usher in a new era of dictatorial state control. The allegation was vigorously denied on the PGCC website in what can only be described as strong, colourful language. The article denounced the Russian defector as a “clown without a circus”  and invited MI5 to keep the defector as he had “insulted the dead.” On another PGCC website a rather cleverly designed animated gif image declared that the FSB/KGB  wanted their mail back which was a reference to a seizure of diplomatic mail by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s government. Mr Jenvey later wrote that he enjoyed visiting Moscow’s military attache at a hotel in the Kensington area of London and described himself as a “briefcase runner” who liked to drink scotch, presumably to relax after long journeys on London’s notorious underground railway system. Russia in the period described had become embroiled in the conflict in Chechnya and had inflicted massive damage on that country’s infrastructure and mercilessly killed huge numbers of civilians. Mr Jenvey then posed as a journalist and independent film-maker, where on a Yahoo message board he denounced the Russian military action and asked contributors if they had film footage of Chechen fighters they could give him because he was making a documentary he hoped to have aired on British tv. We think that any film that was donated to Mr Jenvey’s project was handed over to Russian military analysts who would then attempt to identify the fighters involved and carry out reprisals. We mention the above examples as a way of underscoring our contention that PGCC operatives were providing intelligence and support to Mr Putin’s supporters. As a way of further strengthening this perspective we point out that Mr Jenvey and Mr Galt sometimes become prolific on Pravda’s discussion forums. Mr Jenvey was recently prolific using the user-name George Chetty.

The main argument put forward on the PGCC websites was that Britain had become a base for so-called Islamic extremists who were using the supposedly lax immigration and refugee laws to enter the country and plot attacks against their enemies. The two main “villains” who were singled out and targeted were Abu Hamza Al-Masri and Omar Bakri Muhammed. These two Muslims were the subject of a campaign of harassment by Mr Jenvey and his backers and were seen by PGCC as the antithesis of everything they claimed to stand for: free speech, pro-Israel, pro-Mr Putin and pro-India. The operation against Abu Hamza involved Mr Jenvey allegedly infiltrating Abu Hamza’s inner circle and obtaining a number of audio tapes which were then passed on to police. Mr Jenvey and his supporters described this action as a “sophisticated sting” although we believe the operation began far sooner than has been acknowledged and was a smoke-screen to execute the 9/11 attacks. We can see why the Russians and Indians would support such a campaign against so-called Islamic extremists, however, as the insurgencies in Chechnya and Kashmir were widely supported within the British Muslim community: Moscow and New Delhi were keen to isolate the fighters and deprive them of moral and political support.

PGCC operatives appear to have been unable to find any real evidence against Abu Hamza despite repeated assertions to the contrary. Some of the various allegations leveled against the firebrand cleric included the assertion that he helped orchestrate the kidnapping of western tourists in Yemen in 1999 and an equally unfounded allegation that he was responsible for the USS Cole attack. We recognize the fact that American sources had already blamed Osama Bin Laden for the Cole attack and realize that even if allegations of Abu Hamza’s involvement were indeed based on solid evidence, the likelihood would be that the Americans would be content to blame Osama and leave it at that. The allegations against Abu Hamza in relation to the Yemen hostage taking incident seemed quite specific, however, in that he was alleged to have provided the kidnappers with a satellite mobile phone. These examples serve to illustrate the paucity of evidence against Abu Hamza which infuriated Mr Jenvey and Mr Galt to the point of abstraction and led Mr Galt to phone the Russian embassy in London to ask their opinion about why his arrest had not been forthcoming. Mr Jeremy Reynolds engaged in what can only be described as a writing frenzy at this point and stressed that Galt and Jenvey’s evidence was being ignored by MI5 thereby placing western interests in peril.

Mr John Loftus’ remarks about Abu Hamza recruiting for MI6 in Kosovo provide only one possible explanation for this situation, however. It has been suggested elsewhere that the British government more or less condoned so-called Islamic extremists carrying out attacks against foreign interests as long as they didn’t launch attacks in the UK. We find it plausible, although unproven, on a case by case basis, that this was in fact the case. Where British geo-political interests overlapped with that of a group of  insurgents, as they did in the former Yugoslavia, for example, the British certainly would not refrain from using terrorist surrogates out of any humanitarian concerns. In the Yemen hostage plot, however, a third, far more likely explanation would be that allegations of criminal behaviour simply didn’t cut any ice. A more general picture of continuous Indian and Russian pressure being exerted on the British government can be discerned, however: if one allegation doesn’t stack up introduce another, then another. The desired outcome for the Indians and Russians would be to increase the pressure on the British government to act against their preferred targets: the Chechens and the LET.

Mr Jenvey and Mr Galt did eventually get their facts right and, with the assistance of their colleague in the US, Mr Reynolds, scored a coup by providing evidence against James Ujaama, an American from Seattle. who was being questioned by the FBI about his relationship with Abu Hamza and the so-called Bly, Oregon terror training camp. Although this specific case will be dealt with in far more detail at a later date, as this information is only being used to provide an historical context for Mr Jenvey’s later Lockerbie revelations, we will provide only a brief summary of the case and the later significant development where Mr Jenvey was denied a cash payment for his information under the “Rewards For Justice Program.”

Mr Jenvey, Galt and Reynolds like to portray James Ujaama as a major terrorist kingpin, although here, as elsewhere, they have their facts wrong. What is clear is that James Ujaama was a radical of sorts who at one stage ran the website It was also alleged that Mr Ujaama ran the website by PGCC operatives. While it is far from clear that Mr Ujaama had sole control over the SOS website – and there is an interesting alternative viewpoint about that – it is clear that Mr Ujaama had some input into the SOS website’s development. Unfortunately for Mr Ujaama but fortunately for the PGCC and FBI, Mr Ujaama denied knowing Abu Hamza altogether, which was a fatal mistake on Mr Ujaama’s behalf since PGCC had video footage of him speaking on the same platform as the much maligned Iman.

The video evidence clearly contradicted Mr Ujaama’s statements. And although all PGCC operatives needed to do was inform the American embassy of their possession of the video, as the Americans would then probably have sent a courier to collect it, Galt, Reynolds and Jenvey made a great deal of fuss about how they skillfully uploaded the video on a certain day at a certain time, thereby taking Mr Ujaama by surprise and contradicting his evidence in the most dramatic way imaginable. Whether or not this touch of melodrama is an example of PGCC operatives reinforcing their self-portrayed image as cunning spies is neither here nor there. The end result was that American authorities had video evidence of Mr Ujaama and that was enough to eventually convict the young, highly intelligent American.

With the Americans now in the loop, convincing the British government to arrest so-called Islamic extremists could be seen as being made easier. This may, in fact, have been the whole purpose of the operation against James Ujaama – to further isolate elements within the UK government who upheld Abu Hamza’s right to free speech and to bring about a campaign to clamp-down on this most fundamental of human rights. The fact is that opposition to the policies of the UK and US governments has been widespread since the dawn of the industrial revolution and has included a powerful anti-war movement and a communist movement which openly called for workers to seize power. Despite these historical developments the most powerful elements within British society always maintained the right to free speech. To make an exception when Abu Hamza openly taunted the “United Snakes of America” was seen as an attempt to wind back the right to freely criticize and agitate.

PGCC’s Russian and Indian bosses were always going to face an uphill struggle in this regard. Horror and disgust at the Russian destruction of Chechen society was widespread in the UK while the conflict in Kashmir was widely seen as being created by the British in the first place and perpetuated by the Indian state itself. Despite and perhaps because of these sentiments, convincing the UK government to criminalize support for armed struggle quite obviously needed the Americans who share a history of repression with their Russian and Indian counterparts. We would like to emphasize at this point that we obviously cannot exonerate the British state from its colonial excesses which in many ways surpass those of the Indians, Americans and Russians. We are merely pointing out that the level of state repression in the McCarthyist era, for example, would probably have heralded the advent of a British socialist revolution.

Despite the seriousness of the allegations against James Ujaama,  he only received a two year sentence. The US government offered Mr Ujaama a plea agreement, which he initially accepted, whereby Mr Ujaama would give evidence against Abu Hamza. Mr Jenvey sensed a whiff of success and applied for a reward, as previously mentioned, under the “Rewards for Justice” program. To his astonishment – and as a considerable blow to his pride, his application was rejected.

We are unable to say why the Americans refused to pay up but Mr Jenvey took it as a personal snub. Mr Reynolds wrote a lengthy opinion piece attacking the decision but there was no going back. We are also unable to say with any degree of certainty what processes led to Mr Jenvey releasing obviously classified information on his websites but we suspect he saw it as a form of pay-back to the Americans. During the following period Mr Jenvey disclosed that the same batch of C4 had been used in the USS Cole and Bali attacks, he highlighted a remarkable claim about Tawfiq bin Attash, the alleged 9/11 plotter and sent the 9/11 Commission into a spiral of damage control. He published Abu Hamza’s home address thereby placing the life of a UK government recruiter in danger and, remarkably from our point of view,  claimed (screenshot) the Lockerbie bomb was in the sewage tanks of Pan Am 103 and not in the brown Samsonite suitcase.

Mr Jenvey’s career from this point appears to have taken a nose-dive. We saw him advertising his services at one point for the princely sum of fifty pounds per hour – surely an insignificant sum for an accomplished “briefcase runner” and spy. We were informed by Mr Jenvey that he had been forced to obtain employment in a hospital and other reports in our possession describe him at various times as an unemployed actor and truck driver. The association with Neil Doyle came to an end when Mr Jenvey revealed he received no money from the book “Terror Tracker” and we presume the Russian and Indian funding fizzled out when their intel bosses realized their aims had only partly been accomplished. Towards the end of 2003, however, a significant event took place which propelled this writer into a direct dialogue with Mr Jenvey. We cannot say our goals were achieved but in 2005 and 2006 we did believe our actions had a significant impact. The significant event we refer to was the attempted assassination of President Musharaf. Mr Jenvey created a document on his website which we saw as something of a ‘Rosetta Stone’ in our quest to understand the geopolitical forces carrying out global terrorism. Mr Jenvey’s document was titled ISI Warning and it spelled out in chilling and frightening terms the lengths PGCC would go to to carry out their military operations. Screenshots  

The reader will remember that a constant flood of criticism from PGCC towards the Pakistan ISI was a constant thread running throughout their argument that Pakistan was a police-state and unlike India which was free. With Mr Jenvey’s ‘ISI Warning,’ however, we could immediately understand why these statements were being made so frequently. To begin with, Mr Jenvey introduced himself by his real name: Jenvey Zia and also revealed that he was the adopted son of the murdered ex-Pakistani president, General Zia Ul-Haq. Mr Jenvey then underscored his feelings about the attempted assassination of Mr Musharaf in a most dramatic way. He said that his adopted father would deplore the assassination attempt if he were still alive – he hyperlinked to a biography of his late adopted father and then made what can only be described as military orders for “Al-Qaida clerics to be shot dead across Pakistan” to an unknown person named Ziadi, allegedly a person connected with “Pakistan drug gangs.” Mr Jenvey then blustered some more about how the UK police were not giving him protection and suggested somewhat tongue in cheek that they saw him as being of a similar volatile personality as Colonel Gadaffi’s son. He then went on to recall an event where the British police confiscated twenty machine guns from his Wiltshire residence, confirming our view that he was running a paramilitary operation from this unlikely location. Finally and most chillingly,  Mr Jenvey made outrageous threats against the people of Iran by declaring that if Iran was found to be responsible for the assassination attempt Mr Jenvey would bomb their mosques “on Friday at pray.” We had to stop what we were doing, sit back, gasp…and take it all in. We had never seen an html document anything like it before. Our immediate thoughts were: so that’s who controls the drug-gangs – a faction of the military loyal to General Zia, Jenvey himself – or at least ‘Ziadi.’

Of course we should have immediately shown the document to the authorities, if not the Australian authorities then the Iranian authorities against whom Jenvey was making terror threats. The mere thought that someone in Wiltshire could contemplate bombing Iranian mosques because of some alleged involvement in the assassination attempt appalled us in a way we have not been before. We began to realize that night that our decision to investigate 9/11 from a PGCC perspective had been a brilliant, albeit at times tedious decision. We were getting results, real results, while the rest of the 9/11 investigative community were living in fantasy land with one or two possible exceptions.

We could see, almost immediately, that having the ability to control criminal gangs in a country like Pakistan enabled those wielding that power to exercise a greater degree of control than could be obtained by almost any other means. A police Commander follows orders, for example – and as a general rule abides by the law. To control an armed group of drug-traffickers, however, all that would be needed would be a threat – an implied threat – that unless you act as we want you to act your drug operation will be closed down. In return, a compliant drug lord would be willing to sacrifice an agent here or an operative there in exchange for being allowed to continue a criminal venture. And of course it must be emphasized at this point that there are no “Al-Qaida” clerics anywhere in the world. There may be radical clerics and there may be radical clerics who admire Osama bin Laden but the order by Jenvey to Ziadi that Al Qaida clerics be shot dead simply doesn’t stack up. We also suggest that Pakistan’s judiciary would take an extremely dim view of such a set of instructions and would see them as an attempt to undermine national sovereignty. From a British perspective, where laws are in place to prevent unhinged – probably drunk – individuals from issuing terror threats, Mr Jenvey’s goose would be well and truly cooked. (While researching this report and using to search for hyperlinks, we discovered to our surprise a document which is also relevant in the context. We haven’t seen this document before but link to it here.)

When we awoke the next morning, Australian eastern standard time, Mr Jenvey’s website  no longer carried the terror instructions issued in Wiltshire. The whole site was down for ‘violation of terms of service’ so our guess is that the service provider was alerted. Mr Jenvey vanished down the into the black-hole of cyber-space and, we suspect, attempted to keep his head down lest his drunken indiscretion came to public attention. A colleague did attempt to contact him or rather – to force him out of his shell with a series of provocative comments on another of Mr Jenvey’s websites It was to no avail. Mr Jenvey had well and truly gone to ground and must have been fearful MI5 would come to visit. From our perspective, we wish to apologize to the Iranian Government and the Pakistan Government for not alerting them to the threat. It was a wrong decision and we hereby admit it. Our logic at the time was that if the government raided his house and found twenty machine guns and it didn’t make front-page news then whatever he’s doing must be sanctioned by the British Government. Anyway, it was wrong not to inform the two respective governments and we have no real excuse for acting inappropriately. What if Jenvey actually carries out those threats and causes explosions at Iranian Mosques we kept asking ourselves? We could have stopped it and taken him out of action. We were wrong, wrong, wrong. There are no excuses for our lack of back-bone and principals.

Instead we got arrogant and thought we had Jenvey over a barrel. We knew that he knew exactly how many visitors his site received that night because the stats collected via a counter. We suspected, although we didn’t know, that as soon as Mr Jenvey sobered up he’d rush to his computer to check his stats, unless of course the service provider shut him down first. Of course it must be mentioned that IP addresses are included in all of Mr Jenvey’s stats as we once contemplated using the same service he used and researched the online statistics that would be made available. We waited. We didn’t say a word except the aforementioned provocative comments. We were watching the progress – or lack of it – in any attempt to have Mr Megrahi released from illegal detention and biding our time.

It was November 2005 when we finally sent an email to Mr Jenvey. He set up a new website and the association with Galt appeared to have come to an end. We wrote to him nicely from our address at and the title of the email was ISI Warning. We asked Mr Jenvey how he knew the Lockerbie bomb was in the sewage tanks and emphasized that all we were interested in was getting Mr Megrahi out of jail. We thought his information was vital for the following reasons: knowledge about where the device was located implied a working knowledge of the operational cell which carried out the attack. It was easy, for example, for numerous commentators to lay blame for the event at the feet of the Iranians – but to have knowledge of where the device was located suggested Mr Jenvey had access to information which would normally be exclusively in the hands of the operatives themselves. Operations such as Lockerbie are carried out with strict compartments: the operational cell would be strictly quarantined from those giving the orders and possibly from others providing logistical support. Thus, we felt, that the highly specific claim that the bomb was in the sewage tank came from the operational cell which carried out the attack – or from sources whose proximity to the operational cell was so close that they had access to this information. There is an alternative explanation for this information, however, in that a forensic analysis of the wreckage could have determined this information and Mr Jenvey chanced upon it in connection with his other “spying” duties. Perhaps he overheard a conversation from investigators, for example, or was informed about it from a foreign intelligence source as part of his work with other matters. We tend to dismiss these suggestions as it would take a mighty effort for a forensic analysis to determine the bomb was in the sewage tanks and then convince investigators to announce a contrary finding. Then again, with Lockerbie, this is exactly what appears to have happened if we follow the nefarious twists and turns of the official explanation. We find it more convincing to follow the first suggestion that the information came directly from the operational cell. For this reason we concluded tentatively that Mr Jenvey’s information about the bomb in the sewage tank came out because he knew the people who put it there and hadn’t chanced upon the information by accident.

Of course we were on shaky ground by believing this information in the first place. No doubt various commentators would accuse us of being gullible in the extreme in believing something completely at variance with all the information put into the public arena by various German, American and British investigators. Our reply to this accusation is that we don’t take Jenvey’s statements on the net at face value and if – after reading this report – we are accused of making up a cock and bull story about the bomb being in the sewage tanks then our reply to this accusation is that we are only delivering a report. Mr Jenvey’s reaction to our initial email only strengthened our resolve to pursue this our path, however. He questioned how we knew that the bomb was in the sewage tanks despite the fact that the information came from one of his websites and then promised to co-operate with us once he had checked out our “bona fides.”

We weren’t sure where this left us initially. We were confused that the information we downloaded was now being turned around to ask us questions. Had Mr Jenvey forgotten writing it – or, we then considered, were there others in the PGCC group who had passwords to the site?  Were Jenvey’s websites exclusively his private websites, in other words – or did the information posted come from various individuals who may not always be aware of what was being said? Anyway, we responded to him again – not with a hyperlink but with a copy and paste of the information – and we again sensed, almost instinctively, that we made a grave error in revealing our source – despite the fact that it was his source. We had a feeling right from the beginning  that we had let him off the hook.

But not quite –  as we intend to show. We received another reply outlining the case against Iran – old, tired information we knew didn’t cut any ice. Mr Jenvey’s initial tension and surprise at our inquiry switched to firmer ground when he could reiterate the allegations against the Iranian Republic. In other words, from the outset, we knew we blew it by revealing our sources. Still, one unfortunate question remained and we posed that question to Mr Jenvey in the most straightforward way imaginable. We informed Mr Jenvey in our initial email that we knew the bomb was in the sewage tanks. His immediate reply was: “How did you know that?” So we turned the question around and asked him the same question: “What we’re trying to find out here isn’t whether you think the Iranians or the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine carried out the attack – but how you knew the bomb was in the sewage tanks.” And the reply was very interesting.

Of course we weren’t skilled in this type of negotiation – but one thing which could be said in our favour was that we did know our subject. We had monitored Jenvey’s, Galts and Reynolds quasi satirical pieces, rants and essays for almost four years. And so when we got a response which included the information that the American CIA had hired Jenvey and sent him on an “undercover” mission to Iran – which included him visiting a book-fair –  we were astonished to find out that we hadn’t known this information before. The information about the bomb being in the sewage tanks was discovered while he “was watching Iranian television,” he told us. He had been spying for the Americans and just by chance managed to switch the remote control over when this vital piece of information was broadcast. Of course we didn’t believe a word of it. “Everyone in Southern Iran knows Libya was not responsible,” we learned from Jenvey. Moreover, within two days of our receiving this correspondence, had its front page rewritten to include the dramatic tale of how he was recruited by the CIA, sent to Iran and visited the Iranian book-fair. It was the first anyone had ever heard of it and obviously we thought it was us who had prompted the revelations about his career as a CIA spy. We suspected it was all made up to obscure the true source of his information.

Of course we had no idea what the true story was – but we had received confirmation of the sewage tank claim, albeit in a roundabout way – and our inquiries had initiated a rather clumsy cover-up. “Don’t worry,” Jenvey assured us. “I’m writing a book with Jeremy Reynolds called ‘War of the Web’ with two whole devoted to the Lockerbie incident.” The truth will come out, we tried to reassure ourselves. And we waited and waited for the book’s launch which had been announced on It was quite reasonable to conclude we wouldn’t get any further questioning Mr Jenvey and so we abandoned the tactic for a while. And it is important to reiterate that our only priority was getting Mr Megrahi out of jail – as we had no pretensions about being the only independent investigators in the world who could single-handedly unravel the Lockerbie cover-up.

And so we waited – and, as we did so, we noticed that events gained an independent momentum of their own. Mr Megrahi’s new appeal was granted and there were important calls for his immediate release. It seemed that even those who had participated in the initial cover-up and show-trial in Holland were now expressing doubts about the conviction. By monitoring various websites that seemed a good barometer of what was in the pipeline we concluded that an almost unstoppable campaign for Mr Megrahi’s freedom was in fact well underway. Did this campaign move the Scottish “justice” system? Well, yes – it did. But then we feel that powerful forces intervened and slammed the brakes on. Pre-appeal hearings began to be canceled and rescheduled months away. We feel the American and British governments still had a huge amount to lose if the truth came out. We got frustrated. We wrote once more to Mr Jenvey and threatened to publish his ISI warning and indicated our displeasure at the intolerable delay in the publication of his book. Now, in retrospect, we feel quite certain he was got at and forced to remain silent. His international audience for his terror tracker escapades must have known something was amiss. The appeal, for what it was worth, contained virtually no new information whatsoever and focused almost solely on the unreliability of Tony Gauci’s evidence and some rather belated disclosures about the Mebo Timer and the apparent fact that it was never tested for explosive residue. In other words, all the evidence which had been previously accepted by the court was now being re-examined. Why? Was the appeal just another smokescreen? We don’t have any doubt that Mr Megrahi would have accepted his release on almost any grounds – and we don’t blame him for that. We feel, however, that ‘The Golfer’s’ revelations severely rattled the Scottish “justice” system and if we were on the right track as well then only time will tell. I wish to thank my main assistant in these endeavors, a volatile young woman of Maltese descent who has a fuse so short you need to run like hell if she gets stirred up to the point of abstraction – and who has a wicked right hook. We wish to conclude by saying we wish Mr Megrahi and his family and friends all the best for the future. A report on Professor Black’s site released in the last few days indicated that Mr Megrahi may in fact live for years and years and this caused us immense pleasure indeed. Further information about the Lockerbie cover-up, especially new information, should be sent to Robert Fisk at the Independent Newspaper in the UK. Apparently he has no email address and if you should wish to contact him you must do so by post. I’m not quite sure how Mr Fisk would handle any classified information so if any of our readers have classified information they can post it on Wikileaks where the Swedish Constitution protects freedom of speech. Alternatively, you may contact the author of this report via: or

The book, for what it was worth, was never published. Jenvey’s “friend” Lionhart has seen it apparently. The thought of writing to Mr Reynolds and asking him about the two chapters on Lockerbie doesn’t appeal somehow. This document is finished but may have mistakes corrected over time.

More analysis of a network

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When a group of agents join together to fight so-called Islamic extremists they often enjoy the fruits of their labours for a short period of time and then enter into a period of decline. Because fighting any sincere Muslim implies a certain amount of moral degeneracy, this degeneracy tends to spread out within the group and affect the overall quality of the operation of the anti-Muslim cell. When the United States of America and its allies launched their war on Muslims in 2001, they of course maintained their initiative through the use of military force. They enjoyed success in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. They destroyed whole communities. And their Intelligence driven initiatives – awash with funds – made several advances.

But of all the charges levelled against them, the Muslims were only guilty of one: they were guilty of knowing there is only One God and knowing that Allah (swt) created the universe single-handedly, that God has no sons, daughters or wives and that Muhammed (pbuh) was his Last Messenger, the Seal of the Prophets.

Of course truth was on the side of the Muslims.

It is therefore not surprising that whenever problems occur within an anti-Muslim cell, when an analysis is undertaken by management, a cover-up will ensue. Any honest analysis should conclude that the anti-Muslim cell is rotten to the core – but that could never be admitted. It is sometimes very educational to observe how anti-Muslim cells function in times of crisis. It’s interesting to see what kind of analysis takes place and what conclusions are drawn. If we can see that an analysis of their problems avoids placing blame for tension and violence at their own feet, we are entitled to conclude that dishonesty has prevailed. What is needed now is to focus on one particular example of problems occuring in an anti-Muslim cell. That way we won’t be talking about the idea in the abstract. We should focus on one example and as a particular set of circumstances are discovered, we should be able to reach sound conclusions about the problem. In our analysis we won’t be blaming personality clashes, mental illness, disputes over funds, for any underlying problems, as the infidels are doing. We’ll be looking at the lack of moral fibre and ethics spread right throughout the infidels and focusing on that.

It is fair to say at this point that any analysis of the problem has to be examined truthfully by this writer. If I were to launch an investigation and then only confirm preconceived ideas that would be a tragedy. It would also be disinformation and the antithesis of our main ideal, which is truth. If we can’t keep telling the truth, maintaining the truth and proclaiming it simply because it is the truth, then we promise to be quiet. We won’t say a word because of our shame.

One particular problem which has occurred within an anti-Muslim cell recently is the problem of Glen Jenvey getting caught planting fake stories in the UK press about terror plots. Mr Jenvey could be said to have made a complete ass of himself in the last year or so as he first fell out with at least one but probably two or more of his bosses and then had a public tantrum which led to some sort of breakdown. Mr Jenvey’s problems didn’t end there and he belatedly apologised for planting fake terror stories in the Sun newspaper. He was due to appear on an internet radio broadcast but failed to turn up and was said to be in hiding – fearing for his life. He then faked his reversion to Islam presumably to buy himself some time. When he felt confident enough to admit to the truth he confessed that he drank beer and ate bacon sandwiches. More importantly, he conceded that his reversion to Islam was a farce and then went on to further describe his behaviour as an experiment. At the time of writing there have been reports that Mr Jenvey has been arrested for inciting racial hatred. That, if true, would be an irony as Mr Jenvey is a non-white Asian whose real name is Jenvey Zia.

What can be said with some certainty is that Mr Jenvey has a lot of enemies. It should be pointed out Mr Jenvey made a lot of enemies in 2002 and 2003, for example, and continues to do so today. It is fair to conclude that Mr Jenvey always puts himself in situations where he makes lots of enemies and that is part of his psychological profile. After his recently faked reversion to Islam he failed to apologise to offended Muslims and exhibited psychotic behaviour which included a total lack of awareness that his actions were seen by Muslims as totally abhorent. But Mr Jenvey wasn’t content to insult Muslim religious beliefs and leave it at that. As if 1.5 billion people wasn’t a big enough number of people to upset he also attacked Jews so ruthlessly and with such invective and hatred we are convinced it was not part of the hoax. We therefore conclude that Mr Jenvey has indeed become even more psychotic than usual and turned against a significant number of his former associates and whole races.

The initial crisis was prompted by the discovery that Mr Jenvey planted a fake story on the discussion forum calling for a campaign of harassment and intimidation against members of the United Kingdom Jewish population. It is manifestly unfair to target any Jewish person who is not living in Israel as this places Jewish people in an impossible position. If the Jewish person is resident in Israel they are often described as Nazis, baby killers and terrorists. Perhaps a Jewish person might not use this same language to describe Jews who live in the Zionist state but it is clear that a large number of Jews do not live in Israel because they do not agree with the goals and ideals of the Jewish state. Many Jews who live outside Israel see the proliferation of corruption within the Zionist state apparatus as being symptomatic of a deeper malaise, for example. They are not surprised at the rise of criminal gangs associated with the drug trade and oppose Israeli military tactics in Lebanon and the West Bank. These Jews are a source of inspiration for other Jews and also for the rest of us. Their political position needs to be strengthened through dialogue and encouragement and the idea they should be targeted for who they are is abhorent. Thus we can see that Mr Jenvey’s targeting of UK Jews is the work of a warped and twisted mind. Going on to give the story to the Sun newspaper is totally reprehensible and we would also think criminal. In fact, the absence of criminal charges is both noticable and surprising. The absence of criminal charges leads us in the direction of believing that Mr Jenvey’s actions were state sanctioned.

One needs only look at Mr Jenvey’s known associates to further strengthen this belief. A list of Mr Jenvey’s known associates reads like a who’s who of the international anti Muslim coalition: Ilham Frandsen, Michael Starkey, Dominic Wightman, Richard Watson, Jeremy Reynolds, Neil Doyle, Patrick Mercer, Howard Altman (Tampa Trib), Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, P.C. Sharma (retired), Bill Warner (insane pi), Jonathan Galt , Mrs Galt, Jim Ownbey, Salehal Moussa, Jon David Messner, Lt. Col. Abul Rahim Khan, Aaron Weisburb, Tim Greene, Merrick Rose, The Cheerleaders, Paul Ray. Please note this list has been revised since the publication of the previous one. Please also note there is a current investigation in progress which aims to reveal the identities of Jonathan and Mrs Galt. A note should be made at this point that the name Ilham Frandsen comes from a single source whose motives for disclosing this name may or may not be dubious. It should further be pointed out that not all of the above listed individuals work together on an ongoing basis at the present time. Mr Doyle and Mr Jenvey, for example, appear to have parted company after publication of the book Terror Tracker. Salehal Moussa and Jon David Messner appear to have dropped off the radar completely and there have been reports that Messner passed away. Because of the nature of his work in hijacking so-called Islamic radicals’ websites, it is likely Mr Messner had good reason for believing that reports of his death may have thrown off any enemies who were chasing him. In the shadowy, morally degenerate world of the anti Muslim coalition, a faked death and a new identity can be seen as a breath of fresh air.

To further strengthen our case that planting fake stories in the UK press is the modus operandi of the anti Muslim coalition, we should look for other instances where this type of behaviour has occurred. And fortunately other examples do exist which go some way to proving our contention. Please refer to the post I made recently where Met Police emails were published which refer to a fake terror plot allegedly hatched by Dominic Wightman. In the period when Mr Jenvey was faking being a Muslim, he stated that the secret brief which the British Home Secretary used to continue to imprison Abu Qatada contained false information which indicated Abu Qatada was planning to break the terms and conditions of his release. We are entitled to conclude from the context of his statement that he knew information had been planted by himself or known associates. At this point we would like to appeal for information about the evidence used to convict Abu Hamza Al-Masry with whom Jenvey developed an obsession. Please forward any information to Muddasar Arani, a highly capable individual who represents Sheikh Abu Hamza. While it is true that I’d like to know any information which throws doubt over his conviction, the proper course of action would be to contact his lawyer. A further example of planting allegedly fake stories was recently uncovered where so-called Islamic extremists were said to have targeted the singer Madonna. If as we suspect this is only the tip of the iceberg, we can see why focusing on Mr Jenvey’s mental state and describing him as a bumbling fantasist has been the order of the day. It is a smokescreen to hide the fact that what Mr Jenvey did was and is considered normal operating procedure. By smearing Hizb-ut-Tahrir in the BBC Newsnight programme with the use of private security consultants, the BBC and henceforth the government can maintain plausible deniability if the information provided by these private individuals subsequently turns out to be fake. Of course if Hizb-ut-Tahrir are the threat that Mr Wightman and Mr Jenvey claim they are, we wonder why MI5 didn’t report directly to the Home Office and the organisation could be proscribed. Of course the Home Office might require the provision of evidence which isn’t the case when Mr Wightman and Mr Jenvey can make unsubstantiated allegations on the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme. There has also been some evidence that an anti Muslim cell member suggested to Omar Bakri Mohammed that Dublin Airport might be a good place to attack as it was used as a staging post for American troops. We immediately suspected the clowns without a circus of the anti-Muslim cell operating around Mr Jenvey and Mr Wightman as it is Shannon airport which US troops use and not Dublin airport. If the threat had been developed by individuals intent on attacking American troops on their way to Iraq, we think those individuals would be keen to attack the right target and not get their knickers in a twist.

Of course it is only one step away for under-cover operatives to suggest to so-called Islamic extremists an idea for a particular terror plot – and then to go on to provide them with cash and resources. I’m quite sure Mr Omar Bakri isn’t as stupid to accept such an offer but we can imagine the following scenario. Operative: “Yes, it’s certainly the case that American troops are being ferried to Iraq via Dublin airport and we should attack them there.” Mr Omar Bakri Muhammed: “Hit the target, hit it hard….Blah, blah, blah… the answer lies within your own question.” If £50,000 arrives in the operative’s account via a Western Union money transfer in the coming weeks, that’s all the evidence the police need to swoop. And if, as sometimes happens, an attack does take place, that’s the fuel needed to keep the anti Muslim crusade going and perpetuate the spending needed to underscore the infidel nations’ fake war on terror. We correctly identify the war on terror as the morally bankrupt infidel nations’ attempt to inflate military and intelligence spending in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. We know an attractive alternative for the diverted funds would be to invest in infrastructure, schools and health services. And for those who wish to point out that western civilisation needs the resources to defend itself because of 9/11, please don’t speak too soon as we haven’t even got to that subject yet. Because all the while independant so-called American investigators focused on alleged bombs in the buildings and missiles hitting the Pentagon with dancing Israelis laughing in the background, the real investigation has been going on here, on this very same computer, and the results will be published on this blog unless it gets closed down. Please remember that free speech is implied but not written into the Australian constitution and any internet service should not see the Australian constitution free speech provisions as something they can choose to ignore. It’s also quite clear by now that all forms of terror are opposed equally by us and in making the points we make we adhere to the truth. Truth isn’t subjective, it’s objective. Although we can define objective truth in a subjective manner, that can’t add or subtract from the objective characteristics of our world. All the words in the world wont change the fact that a group of anti-Muslim private consultants have been duping the public with fake terror stories. The facts exist without this commentary and can be independantly verified by anyone who knows how to use an internet search engine.

We also appeal to the United Kingdom police for a forensic examination of the twenty machine guns confiscated from Mr Jenvey’s secret UK home. We think it is reasonable to ask what reasons Mr Jenvey provided to the police for amassing such a sizeable arsenal. It seems quite clear that twenty machine guns are not needed for self-defence when a nine ml Glock or Beretta would serve the same purpose. We would also like to reinforce our opinion that holding twenty machine guns in a suburban Wilthshire residence places local residents in grave danger. It seems strange that a realistic defence of Jewish rights should come from a Muslim. In conclusion I would like to point out that ethics have a universal quality and are not confined to one particular group or another. Discovering true ethical conduct or re-discovering true ethical conduct is something which renews the internal dynamic of any society.

Useful links: and Silobreaker.

The network

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Glen Jenvey has been known by many names in the past but has only one proper name. His name is Jenvey Zia and he is the adopted son of General Zia Ul-Haq. Some of his known associates are Ilham Frandsen?, Michael Starkey, Dominic Wightman, Richard Watson, Jeremy Reynolds, Neil Doyle, Patrick Mercer, Howard Altman (Tampa Trib), Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, P.C. Sharma (retired), Bill Warner (insane pi), Jonathan Galt , Mrs Galt (tentatively identified as Rita Katz), Jim Ownby, Salehal Mousa, The Cheerleaders.

Because of these and other connections he is allowed by his social misfit zionist allies to carry on exactly as he wants. For example, police once confiscated twenty machine guns from his Wiltshire home. If anyone else had twenty machine guns in a suburban residence they would be charged with  terrorist offences and endangering public safety. Not our Mr Jenvey, however. In the immediate aftermath of the 2003 assassination attempt against Pakistan President General Musharaf, Mr Jenvey used his adopted father’s ISI connections to order assassinations over the internet. (From the UK). He also threatened to commit terrorist offences against Iranian civilians praying on Friday if Iran was found to have anything to do with the failed attack on General Musharaf.

The reason he quite literally gets away with murder is because of the protection afforded to him by Britain’s security agencies. He has high-level access to politicians, diplomats and elements within the BBC.  Although nominally freelance, he is a defacto agent of State power in Britain, which with Britain’s invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq has taken on an increasingly belligerant, terroristic character. Mr Jenvey does not live in Highland Way, Whiteparish as is sometimes claimed. That address is an empty block to lure his enemies who attempt to track him down.

Mr Jenvey has inside knowledge of some of the west’s false flag terrorism, most notably Lockerbie and 9/11. It is suspected that Mr Jenvey’s PGCC organisation had a hand in the Lockerbie incident. He had advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and may have triggered the incident with a series of coded SOS messages which began in July 2001.  More details will follow. Information on the criminal, terrorist nature of the his network should be passed to local law enforcement and also your local Muslim community leaders who might be advised to try and pressure the police to act against these Zionist social misfits. The general public should not be allowed to be at risk because of Glen Jenvey’s activities in suburban Wiltshire. It certainly looks like planting false stories is the modus operandi of the UK government sanctioned network and not a one-off exception as claimed by Mr Jenvey’s ex-colleagues.

Legitimate questions

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Asking a legitimate question doesn’t guarantee a legitimate answer. Families bereaved due to acts of terrorism are often treated appallingly when they ask for a detailed explanation of how their loved ones died. If the bereaved family is content to accept government assurances that their loved ones were killed by Al Qaida or its affiliates, and that that organisation is led by Osama bn Laden, who is still alive, hiding out somewhere – but still plotting – then the government will be pleased to exploit that family’s tragedy as the incident is woven into the mythological fabric of a particular nation state. There can be televised funerals, lots of flag-waving, tears, grief – but please, no awkward questions. Don’t ask any, you know, security related questions – especially national security related questions. We must protect our sources, and not reveal how we gathered any intelligence, the government will claim. When all else fails and the questions are becoming too pertinent then sensetive intelligence sharing agreements with the U.S. will be given as the reason why a particular piece of information cannot be disclosed to the bereaved family.

Bereaved family members need to be allowed to go through the various stages of grief with as much care and consideration as humanly possible. That is because if they do not get past the initial anger at their loss, they will never progress to the final stage of the grieving process which is closure. If, for example, a bereaved family member’s anger at the murder of their loved one ends up consuming them, then the terrorists will have claimed another victim. One essential way to help bereaved family members deal with their loss is to tell them the truth at all times and if they want detailed answers then give them.

If the bereaved family member is not given the truth then they can be emotionally crippled by their loss – or are forced against their will to campaign for the truth as is the case of Jim Swire in the Lockerbie case.

Of course bereaved family members are not the only people to suffer because of acts of terrorism. Also directly affected are those injured in the attack and their families and friends. It is not necessary to point out to readers of this report that injuries to innocent bystanders are often horrendous. It should be pointed out, however, that many victims of terrorism end up losing their legs. This happened in the blasts of 7/7 and also the Bali attack of 2002. Losing one or even both legs would surely be a devastating loss for anyone, and if they were not given truthful answers to any questions they pose then the psychological trauma they are suffering will get worse. Injured people and their families also need to go through a grieving process of their own and recover as best they can. But the physical recovery process and the emotional recovery process are in fact two separate processes and at the same time a single process. Providing truthful information to all the various victims of terrorism is, therefore, an essential moral duty. There can be no exceptions, whatever belief system you hold.

With the above in mind, it is also necessary to avoid developing senseless conspiracy theories which may anger victims of terrorism and slow down their road to recovery. If the facts are quite clear, that a particular group carried out an attack for a particular reason, then suggesting otherwise only causes further grief. Imagine how bereaved family members would feel when confronted with some of the conspiracy theories prevelant in America. They might hear, for example, that their loved ones didn’t really die aboard Flights 11, 175, 77 or 93 but were all murdered later by government agents. They might hear, as another example, that the Twin Towers were demolished by explosives planted by the U.S. government. If they don’t have a science background and are not able to easily refute any particular conspiracy theory then they become enraged, unable to move forward in the direction that closure will bring.

Australian tourists visiting the resort island of Bali are sometimes accused of not respecting local culture, parading around the beaches semi-naked, getting drunk and riding rented motorcycles in a dangerous manner. To say that Indonesia’s Muslims are the only ones upset at this behaviour is not really accurate as many Balinese don’t like the behaviour either. Balinese people are not predominantly Muslim but practise their own version of Hindhuism which incorporates some indigenous animist traditions. The Balinese economy has nonetheless grown significantly since the advent of commercial passenger flights. An increase in visitors allowed the Balinese hospitality industry to grow significantly and previously unsealed roads were sealed. Not all the effects of tourism were beneficial, however, and it is sometimes suggested that Balinese traditional dancers, for example, have lost their tradional role within Balinese society as they now perform mostly for the tourists. As a way of summing up this perspective, it should be noted that in the second part of the last century, Bali became exposed to the rest of the world in a way that had not occurred previously. A tradional economy became a capitalist economy. The violence that rocked Indonesia in the 1960’s also had a significant impact on the development of Balinese society.

Within the above context it should be agreed that some visitors did behave inappropriately but some behaved very well. The well-behaved tourists were officially welcomed at the airport by Indonesian government employees and the Balinese themselves made a conscious effort to be welcoming, friendly and courteous. Australians who ventured overseas for the first time and found themselves at Denpassar airport also discovered for the first time in their lives that they didn’t belong to the dominant culture anymore; they had to fit in with their European or American counterparts and with the people who owned the island. For a young person who has never left one of the major Australian cities, this can be the first step on the path to a better personal understanding of the world.

Nevertheless, in late 2002, a group of terrorists identified by the Australian government as Islamic fundamentalists, attacked Bali and caused the deaths of nearly 200 mostly young Australians. The Australian government adopted the rather peculiar position of disagreeing with a joint Indonesian/FBI forensic investigation which found traces of C4 plastic explosive residue at the site of the attack. Indonesian police spokesman Brigadier-General Saleh Saaf said: “We have together with experts from the FBI processed the data jointly and we are now really certain that C4 explosive was used”. It is important to note at this point that the data was jointly processed, which could mean that experts from the FBI and Indonesian police both participated in tests – but which could also mean that tests conducted by the FBI were confirmed by Indonesian tests or vica versa. Readers are advised to study the BBC report to get a better understanding of the investigation.

One sigificant suggestion in the report is that the discovery of C4 at the site “ prompted speculation that if Islamic militants carried out the bombing, they may have had some help from elements in the Indonesian military which have been involved with resurgent radical Islamic groups since the fall of General Suharto in 1998.” Because C4 is primarily a military grade explosive which is a lot harder to get hold of than agricultural fertiliser or even TNT, the use of C4 would tend to suggest the attackers had access to military resources, which is difficult to reconcile with the attack being carried out solely by homegrown radicals. The Prime Minister of Australia at the time, John Howard, appeared on national television and said that the Australian Federal Government and the Australian Federal police were unable to conclude that C4 explosive residue had been found and disagreed with any suggestion that C4 residue had been found. The trouble for this argument was, however, that the conclusion that C4 been found was confirmed by two of the world’s most experienced police forces as a result of a joint investigation. Was the Australian Prime Minister suggesting that the joint FBI/Indonesian investigation had conducted unscientific tests or that the results were tainted? Was he suggesting that the FBI/Indonesians were for some reason incapable of conducting scientific forensic tests? Was the Australian Prime Minister rejecting the conclusion that C4 explosive residue had been found at the blast site for less than honest reasons; perhaps because even to speculate that the attackers had access to military resources was unacceptable from a political point of view?

An alternative hypothesis emerges at this point. Perhaps the suggestion that C4 explosive residue had been found was a lie in the first place, conconcted by the FBI and elements within the Indonesian police force to exert pressure on elements within the Indonesian armed forces who were openly supporting Islamic radicals, especially in Arce, via an Archinese operative known as Abu Jihad. Indonesian Security Forces, widely criticised in Australia for their role in the Dili graveyard massacre and their alleged participation in communal strife in the Mallaccas on the side of the Muslims, could be seen in this light as being the recipients of a payback. Perhaps the allegation wasn’t meant to stick, with a single unequivical Australian objection to the results of the forensic tests. Perhaps – but I don’t think so for two specific reasons.

In 2003 or 2004 an SBS Dateline programme aired on Australian television with some fanfare prior to the programme’s scheduled airing which hyped the suggestion that the Australian Government were not at all happy with SBS about the programme’s content and had unsuccessfully tried to ban the programme through the courts on the grounds that it disclosed, you know, national security secrets. Now anyone who can remember Abdurrahman ad-Dakhil Wahid, the half-blind Indonesian President, could only describe him as an enigmatic, animated character. But in a quite remarkable segment of the programme, which unfortunately I was unable to record, the President of the Indonesian Republic suggested that perhaps the plans of Amrozi, Iman Samudra and Ali Gufron had been discovered by the Indonesian military who then conspired to make sure the attack caused maximimum carnage, making sure C4 was used to increase the bomb’s damage. In his own words the Indonesian President suggested this possibility and then the next moment said that he, of course, was suggesting no such thing. In Abdurrahman ad-Dakhil Wahid’s unique style he was, in fact, making a suggestion – and then stating that that would be the farthest thing from his mind. It was a clever ploy but it was not one which could be seen as having only one interpretation. He was, in effect, putting elements of the Indonesian Security Forces on notice that they were under scrutiny. At this stage it is only fair to say that the jury was out about whether C4 had been used in the device which caused so much carnage on the island of Bali.

By now the many visitors to this blog will be aware of the story of Omar Hamza Jenvey, the ex Indian intel, FSB stooge who recently reverted to Islam, the true religion of God. Because Islam recognises Christians and Jews as true people of the book, we are making this information available to you, in the hope that you will indeed revert to Islam, which is the only way to save yourselves. We hope that you will recognise these words as being a sincere attempt to tell you the truth, and what you make of it is decided by Almighty Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. Omar Hamza Jenvey was in fact still an FSB/Indian intel operative at the time the Bali bombings. He spent his life conspiring against the true believers and attempting to frame them. Despite his despicable actions, Allah has blessed him with a thousand blessings. Allah has accepted his sins and allowed him to enter into the fold of Islam, which always endeavours to spread the truth, no matter what the consequences are. But as a consequence of accepting Islam, Allah has decreed that formerly dishonest operatives who accept Islam must be truthful in their future encounters. They must obviate their past sins by being truthful in the future, praying five times a day, giving money to charity, going to Mecca and maintaining a fast in Ramaddan. In my opinion and not that of Islamic scholars they should also be prepared to extend the Muslim hand-shake to any other Muslim and be friendly and courteous, not forgetting to extend the mandatory Salaam Aleikum.

It is tempting to ask Mr Omar Hamza Jenvey what really happened in Bali. Because I’ve found information which requires urgent action. The bereaved relatives will not be able to have a hope in hell of getting their lives together with these questions hovering their heads. Please tell them the truth and let their grieving process for the relatives reach its ultimate goal which is closure.

I often get replies to these posts when I get my head together, stay honest and get on with the truth. Sometimes these posts contain, you know, national security information. What is important to realise is that as far as Australians are concerned, we have freedom of speech implied but not written into the Australian constitution. We obviously need help from Omar Hamza Jenvey and others to help bereaved family members overcome their grief. The following two links are of vital interest for anyone attempting to uncover the truth about the Bali bombings and the terrible carnage they caused. Sometimes replying in the normal manner via either or is not appropriate, either. In that case please encrypt a blank txt message and send it to the aforementioned email addresses at your pleasure. Also the key

This link opens a page of one of Glen Jenvey’s sites. Glen Jenvey was the name Omar Hamza Jenvey went by before he reverted to Islam. It seems that in his work as an agent of the Crusaders Mr Jenvey came across information which suggested that not only had C4 been used in the Bali bombing but the C4 came from the same batch as the C4 used in the USS Cole attack. Whether Mr Jenvey overheard this or was privy to any more detailed information is neither here nor there. What we are appealing for here is information which must be accepted with an open mind. We are confident we will receive information on this issue because giving us information is the right thing to do. Please don’t allow the victims of the Bali bombing to suffer a similar pack of lies as given to grieving families in the Lockerbie case.

Was Glen Jenvey so obsessed with Abu Hamza that he was prepared to blame him for almost anything? Please don’t forget that Mr Jenvey has in the past claimed that Abu Hamza was the architect of 9/11 and not OBL. Let’s not forget Mr John Loftus’ claim that Abu Hamza recruited radicals to fight in Kosovo for MI6. We know about the C4 used in the USS Cole attack but was C4 used in Bali as well and if so was it the same batch. Where does the batch trace back to? Questions, questions. Legitimate questions. Please help provide the answers.

Met Police emails

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—–Original Message—–
From: [];
Sent: 02/04/2007 14:04:47
To: Michael Starkey [];
Subject: RE: REPLY: Grandmother Bomb

The difficulty is that Dominic is unaware that Tim is forwarding his communications on to Glen, this makes it impossible for police to speak to Dominic without revealing the fact we have been made aware of his earlier communications.

Tim’s concerns appear well founded and I would advise that he decline the request from Dominic along the lines he has indicated to Glen , adding that he feels any disruption should be only be carried out by the appropriate authorities who would be aware of the bigger picture including taking into account the need to avoid breaches of human rights and maintaining the safety of innocent members of the public.

I would also save these e-mail requests in case Dominic decides to take action by himself.


[Rose Merrick] [FONT=’Tahoma’,’sans-serif’]—–Original Message—– [/font]
[FONT=’Tahoma’,’sans-serif’]From: Michael Starkey [] [/font]
[FONT=’Tahoma’,’sans-serif’]Sent: 02 April 2007 12:36 [/font]
[FONT=’Tahoma’,’sans-serif’]To: Rose Merrick – SO13 [/font]
[FONT=’Tahoma’,’sans-serif’]Subject: FW: REPLY: Grandmother Bomb [/font]
Glen received this forwarded message below. We are concerned at Dominic’s irrational behaviour especially with his link to Patrick Mercer. It is a clear case of deception to plant a false story aimed at undermining the Home Office and the Police. His imagination seems to be woking overtime to create terror plots where none exists.
Domiminc is unaware that Tim Green is forwarding his messages from Jordan to Glen. Glen warned Tim about Dominic two weeks ago. If a story like this was to be placed in the western media, the backlash on the elderly Islamic community could be horrendous with targeted racial attacks on elderly people.


[FONT=’Tahoma’,’sans-serif’]—–Original Message—– [/font]
[FONT=’Tahoma’,’sans-serif’]From: [] [/font]
[FONT=’Tahoma’,’sans-serif’]Sent: 02 April 2007 11:52 [/font]
[FONT=’Tahoma’,’sans-serif’]To: [/font]
[FONT=’Tahoma’,’sans-serif’]Subject: REPLY: Grandmother Bomb [/font]
All this came from Dominic this morning.
Do you know anything about it?
I’m very reluctant to post something like this, it could set off a panic in these countries if it got publicized in some unfortunate way.

Mon, 02 Apr 2007 10:23:34 +0100
“Tim Greene”
TimIf Ali has a spare minute……I appreciate these days are not the most fun….. could he translate the follwoing into arabic and stick on an arabic jihadi noticeboard? We’re trying to disrupt a plot here in Britain…. Grandmother Bomb In Europe older women use baskets on wheels to collect their shopping from supermarkets. These women are very innocent and no-one would suspect them of carrying a bomb. When a small bomb is placed in their wheeled-basket before they enter a supermarket they will not be aware until after they have been to the check out counter and start filling the wheeled-basket with shopping items. The Grandmother will pass in areas of the supermarket (for example queues at delicatessen sections) full of people. This is a good time to remotely explode the bomb using a cellphone or other remote device. The countries of Britain, France, Denmark, Italy and Germany are good targets for this Grandmother bomb. In the United States the Grandmother shops by car so is less likely to possess a wheeled-basket

Some thoughts on the Abu Islam scandal and surrounding issues.

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It has been interesting sitting around after going south this morning because I have been thinking carefully about Mr Wightman, the Cheerleaders and the Abu Islam scandal. Because the various participants in this acrimonious affair have publicly declared their positions in detail, I’ve been able to identify some contradictions in their various accounts. These apparent contradictions are herein noted.

Why is Sajid leaving The Cheerleader’s Facebook/MySpace page claimed that Sajid was leaving because of the them. For the forum administrator of Ummah to depart because of them suggests that at least part of the conflict is obscured from public scrutiny – and that the campaign of threats and intimidation is not limited to this writer and Tim Ireland. Obviously the surface activity is only a fraction of everything going on and what we’re looking at are only ripples on the surface of a much larger river. If  for a moment we can assume that the Cheerleader’s claim is true, our goal must be to find out why these individuals are being intimidated.

Why was Charlie Wadia authorised to notify Richard Bartholomew that they were going to kill a named (but censored by Bartholomew) Islamic extremist and “everyone around him?” Bartholomew claimed on his blog that he informed the police – but can anyone verify Bartholomew’s assertion? And why did Charlie Wadia notify Bartholomew they were going to kill someone anyway, when doing so only increases the chances of being caught. Let’s not forget that Bartholomew once wrote an article sympathetic to Jeremy Reynolds, Glen Jenvey’s erstwhile partner – who thinks compulsury indoctrination of Christianity to the homeless is justified – and who spends his life plotting and conspiring against Islam, the true religion of God. So even before the Abu Islam affair blew up in the Crusader’s faces, the major players had clearly established their reputations as arch-reactionaries, has-beens, social-misfits – and the driving force of this bandwagon of losers and dupes appeared to be the British State itself. Can I get access to the Newsnight team and get them to make favourable documentaries about me? Can I get the Newsnight Team to portray me as a hero, a latter day James Bond 007, who single-handedly saves the world from the dastardly plans of the evil Doctor No? Ooops, I seem to remember that Doctor No got nobbled by our superhero at the end of the movie. So we’ll just have to find another evil adversery to fit the bill. How about Islamic extremists? Yeah, that will do…

Bartholomew also engaged in an I.P. sharing arrangement with Bloggerheads, and MPACK.  The full implications of this I.P. sharing ring are not clear at the moment but I hope to learn more in the not too distant future. appears to be hosted on Vbulletin and Sajid, the moderator of the Ummah forum, once explained that he has admin rights to the server. Let me explain at this point that Sajid has notified members that he is leaving although he hasn’t specified a reason. The Cheerleader Facebook/MySpace page announced that Sajid was leaving because of them. So is it possible to take an educated guess at what is happening? The known facts have an inextricable tendency to lead to further disclosure, so what is not immediately apparent should be seen as a fact yet to be revealed. We can see the overall picture, however: Online provocation by the intelligence services of the crusader nations is their modus operandi. Sometimes these acts of provocation include providing cash and resources to criminal elements. A cell is, therefore, enabled. I think we are witnessing a false-flag operation actually taking place.

It is this overall picture which the likes of Ireland, Bartholomew and Mr Wightman are desperate to obscure. Jenvey got caught red-handed and has since concocted a story that he did it to make Jews feel as insecure as Palestinians must feel. Although it is hard to admit that I agree with anything the Cheerleaders say, I simply cannot argue against them when they state quite clearly that the Abu Islam affair had nothing to do with making Jews feel insecure. He got caught doing what all his ex-colleagues are doing all the time. The affair was only exposed when he slipped up and was nailed by the r.tims revelations. Instead of admitting that the provocations are happening all the time – which would be pretty hard for the British Government to admit since it was sanctioning them, Jenvey was marginalised, described as nuts, and is portrayed by Ireland as a fantasist – instead of being part of a network sanctioned by the U.K. government. In other words shout, make threats, diversions, scandals – and hopefully (from the infidels point of view) the general public won’t find out the truth.

The evidence of criminality is piling up against the infidels: Lockerbie, 9/11, 7/7, Bali, the Dublin airport provocation, the granny bomber scandal. Recognise the hands of the  infidels in all these operations? Recognise the same hands? They will surely continue their plots against the true believers. But because they hatch their plots in desperation at their losses in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, their plots and provocations are easy to expose. These infidel intelligence operatives keep making enormous stuff-ups and can’t get their story straight after more than a year: they don’t get exposed by people like me but never fail to expose themselves because of their inferior intellects. They are agents of disbelief and colonialism. They are agents without ethics, without Divine Guidance. Their plots will always fail.

BAKRI: Hit the target, hit it very hard, and that issue must be understood. The situation there is quite difficult and therefore the answer is within your own question. (Dublin Airport).

Which operative asked Bakri Muhammed about Dublin airport? We find the provocation so serious we wonder why charges have not been laid. Actually, I do realise why the government cannot charge itself with making terrorist threats and provocations – I was just adding a touch of long overdue sarcasm to this fascinating exposè.

The truth has a way of always catching up with the infidels. In fact, they are pursued by the truth from the cradle to the grave and spend their whole days running away from it. Glen Jenvey converted to Islam and that is clearly a precedent. All the rest of his rag-tag army of social-misfits would be well-advised to do the same because that is the only way they can hope to save themselves.

On another note we might examine Mr Wightman’s claim that he has little to do with the Cheerleaders. If someone makes a public statement denying something which they claim isn’t true then it’s usually interesting to examine their motives. Why deny it in the first place, thereby giving the allegation legs. Why not ignore the allegation or just sue? Mr Wightman is a good example of someone whose repeated denials arouse more interest than the original allegation. Why all the fuss?

Omar Hamza Jenvey has alleged that Mr Wightman attempted to plant on an unspecified Islamic website information which suggested that so-called Islamic extremists were plotting a particularly nasty attack. An email was allegedly sent from one of Mr Wightman’s accounts which asked for the outline of a plot to be translated into Arabic. This evil plot, allegedly hatched within the sinister depths of Mr Whiteman’s mind, suggested old ladies could be used in terrorist attacks because they pull shopping trolleys, which could be used to transport explosives without arousing suspicion.

Omar Hamza Jenvey claimed that he and Michael Starkey reported Mr Wightman to the police for this attempted provocation. Omar Hamza Jenvey has posted online correspondence where Merrick Rose of the Metropolitain Police, claims they are unable to act against Mr Wightman because that would reveal to Mr Wightman that his emails were being monitored. I would have thought that was the whole purpose of monitoring: namely to prevent criminals from conspiring to commit criminal acts. The Metropolitain Police in this case took the view that they didn’t want their monitoring uncovered, even if they had to allow criminal activity to continue, which is a quite strange position for any police force in the world to take, as they are in fact policemen who are duty bound to uphold the law. What is the point of monitoring if when criminal activity is discovered (Mr Wightman’s or someone else using his email account) nothing is done about it? Merrick Rose’s response, reproduced on the Pravda forums by George Chetty is illuminating. The thread was subsequently deleted by Chetty, who appears to have had cold feet after turning against his infidel terrorist masters in such a virulant way. I was lucky to recover the majority of the thread (though not all of it) from Google’s cached version of the page. I suspect that Chetty had been deleting the posts one by one and the cached version only reflected his first two or three deletions. Perhaps the Federal Government of Australia might agree to put Australia into the same time zone as the United Kingdom at least temporarily when all these spying scandals blow up. At least then I might get to the information before it is deleted.