The FBI operation around the 9/11 hijackers (coming soon)

Circumstances beyond our control have made it impossible to post regular updates to the blog recently and we would like to take this opportunity to inform our readers that we shall be returning to our investigations with renewed determination and a newly acquired dose of enthusiasm in the coming period. We hope to be able to present to the general public new, vital intelligence about the nature of the FBI investigation operating around the 9/11 hijackers back in 2001. We will be presenting evidence to demonstrate, God willing, that plans for the 9/11 operation were being hatched in the United Kingdom as early as July 2001 when key operatives operating on yahoo message boards  sent confirmation of the number of hijackers expected to take part as well as the date of the operation.  No, we are not talking about Atta’s cake with a dash and two sticks down. We are talking about the operation launched in conjunction with Indian intelligence. (CBI)

We find it disturbing, actually frightening, that people educated in the western world believe that the current air-strikes taking place against Libya are to protect the civilian population. The British and French have in recent years taken part in a criminal bombardment and siege of Iraq where many people died. To suggest that suddenly these two imperialist has-beens have discovered a social conscience is somewhat ludicrous, in our view, especially as the French recently took the unprecedented step of criminalizing Muslim dress codes in a display of contempt for God’s truth. We confidently predict that the (northern) summer will see riots on the streets of Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, London, Birmingham etc etc as these two countries continue to disintegrate.

We will also be delivering a report on the origins of the Nation Of Islam in the coming period, God willing, and will attempt to disprove the allegation that Master W.D. Fahd Muhammad and Wallace Ford are one and the same person. We are quite good at photographic analysis and the temptation to diversify, temporarily, is something we need to do. With all that said we urge our readers to study the document below this post which deals with the USS Cole attack. We have previously written obliquely about the USS Cole incident in conjunction with our reports on the Bali bombings. We pointed out, for example, that the Yemen government kept releasing those detained over the Cole incident, thereby implying that those accused by the American government were in fact innocent. When studying the report below, we suggest that readers bear in mind the feud that erupted between John O’Neil and the American Ambassador. Many American armchair pundits have reported this feud was a result of a personality clash but after reading the document we think it is safer to conclude the feud arose because of the dissemination of false information.

Thank-you for being patient and please don’t forget to bookmark. Because our opponents have nothing much to say of any merit and have resorted to sending spam comments to our blog, we found it necessary to turn off the comments section. To communicate with us readers are advised to send an email to either or Without your continued support our reports will be substandard as we rely on fresh information from members of the public to maintain a cutting edge in false flag terrorism analysis and other intrigues, especially  in the UK.  We read recently that Dominic Wightman kindly gave us a mention in his so appropriately named Westminster Journal. Yes, we had a little chuckle about that. Not all is lost when Mr Wightman can take time off from his obsession with Tim Ireland and have a dig at some of his other opponents. This sort of behavior needs to be encouraged and all my readers are hereby urged to log onto Westminster Journal to make his stats go up and cheer him up. Ahem.


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