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Bali: Disinformation from the micro-nuke crowd.

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More information has been pointed out to Operation Breaklock investigators and although some of this information has been in the public domain for some time, we were unaware of it. We think that now we are in possession of additional facts, some of which are undisputed, we can significantly advance our research into the terror attacks in Bali in 2002. Although some of this information comes from Muslim sources and will no doubt be dismissed by many because of its origin – to do so would in our opinion be a grave mistake. We aim to place the Bali explosion firmly within an historical context, thereby giving our analysis a finer cutting edge. We will examine whether Australia’s role in East Timor’s independence push played any part in the decision to target predominantly Australian tourists on the island of Bali and whether Abdur Rahman Wahid’s assertion that the Bali bomb plot was hijacked by the military or the police is deserving of further scrutiny. Please bear in mind that we are hanging a large part of our developing theory on the intel derived information that the C4 used in the second Bali device came from the same batch as that used in the USS Cole attack. If we are wrong on this point we do believe that significant inroads can still be made in an overall analysis although our report would be fundamentally flawed. We have reason to believe, however, that only Muslims are capable of finding the truth in these cases – as Muslims are sole custodians of the truth in so many aspects of life. Whereas western societies brought nothing but shame and defeat upon humanity with endless wars, fascism, racism and a dysfunctional social system, Muslims alone have the ability to deal with the truth because Almighty Allah assists them. Allah The Exalted aids the true believers and calls on the world population to break free from false beliefs and revert to Islam. Thus, Allah sent forth a Glorious Koran to all of humanity as guidance – not just for Muslims – but for everybody else as well.

We can quite clearly see a pattern emerge after the Moscow apartment bombings of 1999: an attack against civilians takes place and a false trail of evidence leads back to Muslims to create an epoch of conflict between the two sides. Perhaps it is possible to push back this 1999 date to the beginning of the 1990s when false allegations about weapons of mass destruction were levelled against the regime of Saddam Hussein. Crude attempts to frame Osama Bin Laden for the Khobar Towers bombing and the African Embassy bombings could then be included in the time-frame. Some people argue, on the other hand, that the disbelievers’ implacable hatred of Islam goes back centuries to perhaps the First or Second Crusades. We take the view, however, that the false flag terrorist acts started in earnest in the late 1990s when the armaments industry’s collapse was imminent after the demise of the Soviet Union. Because the American economy became so dependent on large-scale conflict and the arms race, new enemies needed to be created to avoid economic collapse. The turning point for the Americans came, of course, when the attacks against the Twin Towers and Pentagon took place. Sweeping powers of arrest were introduced and monolithic fascist structures, such as the Department of Homeland Security, were established. Most importantly, the cruise missile contracts started flowing again. What major powers such as the United States and Britain needed most, however, were regional allies in the Muslim and non-Muslim world. To operate successfully and to enable the United States to seize strategic oil interests around the Caspian Sea and Iraq, Dick Cheney’s command structure needed to extend far beyond his bunker to include the rest of the world. The rest of the world, of course, included Indonesia and Australia and despite ongoing problems in the Indonesian Republic where the nationalist movement appeared to be losing its stranglehold on society, Australia could as per usual be counted on as a tried and trusted ally.

Much has been made of the activities of a group in South East Asia called Jemaah Islamiyah which, we think for reasons we will outline, is a fiction created by Singapore intelligence. It is somewhat amusing and at the same time illuminating that the organization allegedly operating in Malaysia, Indonesia and the southern Philippines, had never been heard of in the countries in which it was supposed to operate. When the Singapore authorities took the world by storm in announcing their discovery, Malaysian authorities were perplexed and astonished that the Singaporeans were disseminating the information. Of course the Malaysians, for example, were aware that many within the country rightly interpreted Islam literally and called for the implementation of Islamic law. Many within the broader Islamic movement saw the creation of a South-East Asian Muslim Super-State as a way of stamping out corruption, nepotism and the introduction of alcohol and heroin into the heart of Muslim society. To some extent it is fair to say that the progressive Muslim movements in the various communities began to reject the nationalist perspective of their respective nation-states. They rejected the ethnic Chinese capitalist control of their societies and the introduction of unclean foods into their markets; the sale of alcohol in Chinese owned bars and strip-clubs; the introduction of narcotics by predominantly ethnic Chinese gangsters into the communities and the charging of interest on loans by multi-national banks. For many within Malaysian society, again as an example, nationalism was seen as an abject failure that led to the enslavement of  Muslim society. An indication that Muslims were indeed rejecting the nationalist perspective was seen in the Malaysian state of Kelantan when a state government was elected promising to introduce Islamic law. It is interesting to note that Kelantan has a predominantly rural economy and the major town, Kota Bharu, has little in the way of industry. To the south of Kelantan, Terengganu is another rural state where most Muslims live in small villages or kampongs, and where the introduction of Islamic law is immensely popular. To sum up this perspective it should be noted that traditional Malay societies by and large support the introduction of Islamic law, setting off alarm bells in the secular western part of the country where the majority of the ethnic Chinese population dominate the economy.

And while it is true that popular Islamic movements enjoy strong support throughout Malay society, it is equally true that the government in Kuala Lumpur is hostile to the introduction of Islamic law. The Kuala Lumpur government is desperate to avoid a repeat of the 1969 race riots when groups of armed Muslims attacked the source of sin by burning Chinese owned bars and strip clubs and shops selling pork and alcohol.

There is a similar situation in Indonesia where the local Muslims are hostile to the introduction of sinful practices, such as gambling, alcohol consumption and night-clubs. The heroin epidemic is not as bad in Indonesia as it is in Malaysia – but other drugs such as amphetamines, magic mushrooms and pot threaten the foundations of Muslim society. Within a broader context, then, this so-called vast Islamic conspiracy that allegedly occurs throughout the South-East Asian region is nothing more than a natural reaction by Muslims who rightly oppose sinful practices in their communities. It is also necessary to point out that ethnic Malay Muslims and their Indonesian counterparts are in no way hostile to Chinese people per se. They are acutely aware that millions of Muslims live in China itself where they are terribly oppressed along with other religions such as the Buddhists in Tibet. They are not in the least opposed to Chinese people because they are Chinese or speak a different language. They are solely opposed to the introduction of sinful practices in their communities and correctly see the introduction of Islamic law as a solution not just of their own problems but of the entire world’s problems.

Being guilty of a thought crime and being guilty of being a member of a coherent, structured organization with a membership, leaders, oaths of allegiance etc., are two very different things – and we think the Singapore government’s decision to publicly declare they uncovered a hitherto unknown organization – takes a leaf out of the American book when they successfully identified Al Qaida as an organization in the January 2001 trial of four men charged in connection with the embassy bombings in Africa. The prosecutors in the case also decided to charge Osama bin Laden and required evidence of a criminal organization to enable a successful prosecution to go ahead. Because prosecutors required evidence of a coherent organization with Bin Laden as its leader to prosecute, they essentially created one with the assistance of a key prosecution witness, Jamal Ahmed Al-Fadl. The Singapore decision to identify Jemaah Islamiyah as an organization follows essentially the same narrative except that Abu Bakr Basheer is identified as the leader of this new, mythical structure with identifiable ties to Afghanistan through individuals such as Hambali. This declaration by the Singapore authorities provided them with additional ammunition to clamp down and repress legitimate Muslim opposition to sinful practices in the region because they could claim that Muslims were part of a criminal organization. Please remember at this point that the Singapore government is itself a totalitarian regime that will not even entertain the idea of opposition parties or indeed criticism of any sort.

Parts of the document published by the Singapore Authorities border on the absurd: at one point the alleged JI leader in Singapore advises “members” to avoid telling family members what they have had to eat and to keep sensitive documents in “safe boxes.” In a letter written to Mullah Omar in Afghanistan by the same JI “leader,” he asks whether all Muslims in places such as Singapore are required to migrate to Afghanistan and asks Mullah Omar what will happen to all the mosques and Islamic institutions if all Muslims leave. This same JI leader then goes on to ask Mullah Omar if it is true that the Saudi king is an American ally who co-operates with the non-believers in “many matters.” We are left to imagine Mullah Omar raising a discerning eyebrow if he ever received such a letter. Of course he did not.

We do not think it is necessary for us to attempt to debunk the many allegations contained in the report about JI activities in Singapore because this is primarily a report about Bali and to launch into separate investigations would be a diversion. One particular allegation in the report should not go unchallenged, however, and it concerns the information that Khalim Jaffar planned to cause explosions at the Yishun (please scroll down page) Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) station at the behest of Mohamed Atef. It is stated that American forces found a video in the bombed house of Mohamed Atef (Abu Hafs) showing surveillance footage of the aforementioned station. We don’t believe this for a moment as it comes hot on the heels of the famous American discovery of the laughing Osama Bin Laden confession and Ramzi bin Al-Shibah’s last will and testament, also allegedly found in bombed houses. Firstly, if Abu Hafs did ever possess such a video, we do not think he would be stupid enough to leave it lying around waiting to be discovered by American forces. More importantly, Abu Hafs was extremely loyal to Mullah Omar and the Taliban and always obeyed Mullah Omar who ordered that no foreign operations should be launched from Afghan soil. Immediately after 9/11, Osama bin Laden issued denials that he was responsible for the attack but noticed that his denials received scant attention and the chorus of threats intensified. Bin Laden then switched tactics and started praising the attacks without taking personal responsibility. Even this tactic was opposed vehemently by Abu Hafs who continued to deny any involvement and remained totally loyal to the Taliban. For this reason, Abu Hafs’ video statements are literally impossible to find on the internet today – and he has been almost completely expunged from the (official) 9/11 narrative by the Americans and As-Sahab, Al Qaida’s so-called media company. Abu Hafs did not simply issue denials that their group was responsible for 9/11, he strongly opposed foreign operations altogether. Allegations that he had a role in the African Embassy bombings are an example of the Americans clutching at straws in a desperate attempt to conceal the fact that one of their own operatives carried out the surveillance of the embassies involved. For the Singaporeans to disseminate information that Khalim Jaffar was acting on behalf of Abu Hafs makes their report appear even more unreliable and suspicious than it would be had they made the allegations against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, for example.

We also note with interest that Abu Hafs was identified as the organizer of the plot to bomb the Singapore MRT station at a time when the Americans had not completely developed their fictional narrative about superstar terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The report is dated January 2003 and we imagine it took a reasonable amount of time – three or four months – to assemble. The Singapore government’s decision to identify Abu Hafs as the organizer of the MRT plot therefore echoes American disinformation prior to the outing of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as the organizer of almost every terror attack since WTC 93. For those readers who wish to develop this insightful perspective further, we recommend reading Chaim Kupferberg’s Truth, Lies and the Legend of 9/11 linked to here. In this beautifully constructed document Mr Kupferberg analyzes trends and undercurrents underpinning American allegations in its newly declared War on Terror. We can see how trends evolve and then shift to keep abreast with intelligence related developments. Perhaps more than any other writer, Mr Kupferberg’s analysis focuses on various threads in the fabric of disinformation and clearly exposes the lies disseminated by the American agencies and their subordinate international counterparts. Readers who are particularly interested in this aspect of the 9/11 plot should not despair that we provide no further information at this point in time. We will return to the subject (God willing) in the future and provide a more detailed account. As something of a preview for this perspective, however, we provide a link to one of Abu Hafs’ denials here. Of course Abu Hafs supported Jihad as it is ordered in the Qur’an and that’s why he was in Afghanistan helping to consolidate the gains of the Islamic Emirate. To allege that he was in Afghanistan organizing foreign operations is a vile slander and a lie based on manufactured evidence.

We maintain that wide-spread opposition to the exploitation of the region’s resources by multi-national companies and ideological opposition to widespread sin such as gambling and alcohol consumption was and still is the primary component of Muslim opposition to governments in the region – and of course this perspective does not sit well with those governments and multi-national companies like BHP, Rio Tinto and the foreign owned banking sector. These companies are not just hostile to Islam – but to anyone else who threatens their interests. When the people of Bougainville unanimously opposed copper mining on their island, criminal gangs in London, Port Moresby and Sydney sent in mercenaries to smash up the resistance, commit murder and destroy the communities. A similar situation developed in Iryan Jaya when local people opposed mining on their traditional lands. An indication of the depths of criminality flourishing in Australia was made apparent when the regime in Canberra sent attack helicopters to destroy the fledgling resistance. Australia then supported a Gaza like siege on the people of the region and it was left to a brave group of Australians to try to break the siege and deliver much needed medical supplies.

Brave resistance leaders such as Francis Ona  posed a serious threat to transnational mining companies in the 1980s although the resistance was short-lived because of the overwhelming force used against the civilian population by transnational mining companies and their backers in London, New York and Sydney. In this important period, Australia strengthened its self appointed position of defending the exploitation of the region’s resources by Australian mining companies and financed a campaign of murder and intimidation with regional allies in Port Moresby and Jakarta. Throughout the 1980s, importantly, Australia was implacably opposed to the East Timorese independence movement and even went as far as ignoring the death of Australian journalists in East Timor to avoid upsetting their lucrative relationship with the Suharto regime in Indonesia. This caused a hell of a stink in Australia because the government was seen to be capitulating to Indonesian pressure to keep their mouths shut on the issue – despite clear evidence the journalists were chased into a house and murdered in cold blood. Throughout the period of the 1980s and 1990s when a Labor government was in power in Canberra, Australia strongly opposed independence for East Timor and politicians portrayed the East Timorese resistance as leftist rebels intent on a Nicaraguan style take-over. In this period, the population of East Timor was attacked ruthlessly by the Indonesian military and many thousands of people died with the government in Canberra paying little more than lip-service to the concept of human rights. One particular violent incident occurred when many hundreds of people were killed in what became known as the Dili graveyard massacre and Australian so-called human rights campaigners were outraged that the government in Canberra would not support independence for East Timor.

It is important to point out that Indonesia saw East Timor as an integral part of the Republic from a nationalist perspective. For a long time after Indonesia won its independence from the Dutch, a tiny outpost of Portugese colonialism maintained links to Lisbon and defied the legitimate decolonization process. The government in Indonesia rightly saw East Timor as an integral part of Indonesia that had been taken over by foreigners, colonized – and they wanted it back. The trouble, at least from an Indonesian perspective, was that the population overwhelmingly wanted independence. The Australian government backed the Indonesian claim until John Howard became Prime Minister of Australia and the government of Paul Keating was voted out of office in 1997.

The Howard government publicly supported Indonesia’s claim to its sovereign territory but secretly and treacherously worked against the Indonesians by encouraging the separatists to continue to push for independence. The reason for this about-face was the realization that an independent East Timor could proclaim its own territorial limits, thereby giving any independent government in Dili access to lucrative gas fields in what were Indonesian territorial waters. The Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, negotiated a deal with the East Timorese leaders in which they would receive support for independence from Canberra in exchange for allowing Australia access to the gas fields and thus robbing Indonesia of the sovereign right to its territory. The territorial boundaries were in fact crucial for Australian and East Timorese negotiations and it is impossible the Indonesian government was unaware of the deal being struck between Canberra and Dili. John Howard suddenly became a spokesman for human rights in the area and supported the idea of a referendum to determine East Timor’s future status. Howard also pushed for foreign peacekeepers in East Timor and was responsible for the invasion of sovereign Indonesia by Australian troops. In this scenario, we will demonstrate quite clearly, that it was Howard and his imperialist plots against Indonesian sovereignty that lit the fuse on the Bali bomb. The powerful Indonesian military would never forgive the Australians for the humiliation they suffered by the presence of Australian troops and the loss of its legitimate sovereign territory.

We have now arrived at a point where we can begin to look at the complexities of the Bali bombings and begin our analysis in earnest. Unlike other investigators who make unsubstantiated allegations against Muslims because they feel immune from repercussions sitting behind their computer monitors in the United States and elsewhere, we are unable to do so. There have been allegations, for example, peddled by right-wing nutcases, that Azzam the American and Omar Al Farouk are either CIA or Mossad agents on the basis that the first was born into a Jewish family and the second escaped from Bagram detention centre. Of course what these right wing nutcases all fail to realize is that real Jews, true Jews, are People of the Book and should not be criticized ad infinitum for their beliefs. Stigmatizing Jews is a long-time preoccupation of the American right who blame Jews for many of their own problems because they are unable to honestly look at themselves. Of course it wasn’t Jews who launched a genocidal war in Vietnam nor was it Jews who dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This long time preoccupation with all things Jewish led to some outrageous allegations against Jews in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, with various right wing commentators blaming Jews for the attacks. One example of this was the allegation that Mossad agents tracked and followed some of the 9/11 hijackers in America and even rented property in the same street as Mohammed Atta. We saw this at the time as essentially disinformation and we were right – because it was subsequently established that the residence in which Mohammed Atta allegedly lived was a post office box. There are many other examples of right wing nutcase westerners blaming Jews for terror attacks and the attacks in Bali are no exception. They remind us of the allegations peddled by right wing nutcases such as Henry Ford of a vast Jewish conspiracy behind the Bolshevik revolution and it is interesting to note that the right wing nutcases used manufactured evidence – The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion – as evidence to support their warped and twisted theories.

We feel quite sure that blaming Jews and the semi-mythical Mossad organization for every terrorist attack is an established part of procedures to provide disinformation to the general public. We ourselves have been conned in this way in some instances although now we feel we have broken free from this trap. We can see right through the nut-case schemes of various American commentators who endlessly rant about Israeli control of Congress, Mossad hit-squads operating in America and how Mossad agents on Flight 11 took control of the aircraft. We feel quite sure that if indeed there were Mossad hit-squads roaming the streets of America, some of these right wing nutcases would be pushing up daisies themselves. To constantly rebuke true Jews who believe in the Torah, which is a revelation of God, is another example of sin.

We mention all this in passing because the Mossad did it angle is relentlessly pursued by other so-called investigators in the Bali bombings case and is quite clearly disinformation. When the C4 component of the Bali bombings was identified by Indonesian investigators, a campaign of disinformation was launched claiming the C4 was made in Israel. When that ploy essentially fizzled out because there was no evidence to support it and an astute blogger noticed the fraud, a new tactic was launched by a (now deceased) ex-special forces member who claimed the Bali bomb was a micro-nuclear device with the core plutonium coming from the Dimona plant in Israel. The evidence that reportedly establishes this conclusion is nowhere to be found – nowhere. Presented instead is circumstantial evidence which correctly establishes the fact that the bomb which exploded outside the Sari Club was far too powerful to have been caused by Amrozi’s device and photographic evidence of burns on the bodies of some of the victims.

To present photographs of dead or severely burned victims of the Bali bombing to attempt to establish the Israeli made micro-nuke theory is another example of sin. Nowhere, for example, is evidence presented to show where these victims were in relation to the blast site and the victims were not interviewed. In fact, so-called eyewitness testimony presented elsewhere to reinforce the Bali micro nuke “theory” consists of reading extracts of newspaper reports and falsely claiming these reports are eyewitness reports. An eyewitness report is the process where an investigator actually interviews another person, preferably on camera, and records as many details as the victim (in this case) can remember. A good example of proper investigative techniques employed by real investigators are the interviews conducted by the Citizens Investigation Team, who established beyond reasonable doubt the true flight path of Flight 77, the plane that hit the Pentagon. Because they went out of the way to conduct these interviews in Washington in a proper, cohesive manner, we think this is one of the reasons they have upset so many within the so-called 9/11 truth movement, who prefer to conduct their “research” glued to their computer monitors, drinking wine and smoking pot – while looking for imaginary explosions on grainy videos.

We are not defending the State of Israel in the slightest by writing this report. There have been cases where Israel has conducted terror campaigns such as in Gaza and the West Bank, for example. We quite readily agree with the suggestion that the state of Israel itself was established as a result of terror campaigns waged by the Irgun and Stern gang. We see the dispossession of Palestinians as a crime against humanity. But what we are dealing with here is disinformation and the stupid arguments presented to support the Bali micro-nuke theory do nothing except divert attention away from serious analysis. Why on earth Abu Bakr Bashir ever went along with the theory is really anybody’s guess and goes to show, to some extent, that Muslims as well as disbelievers need to be more critical when digesting so-called facts. Astonishingly, the originator of the Bali micro-nuke theory, Joe Vialls, claimed that Mossad used another micro-nuke in the 2004 bombing of the Australian Embassyl in Jakarta and that yet another Mossad micro-nuke was used in Baghdad in 2003. Perhaps after reviewing his work at this point Mr Vialls thought he was onto a good thing by getting people to actually read this drivel and so when the Asian tsunami was triggered by an earthquake in 2004, Mr Vialls likewise decided to go for the big one by claiming that the earthquake was triggered by a nuclear device. Mr Vialls has also in the past claimed that smoking tobacco doesn’t cause cancer and attributes the spike in cancer rates to – wait, you guessed it – radioactive dust.

As we recently pointed out in our analysis of the alleged hijackers at Dulles airport, Mr Vialls’ assertion that the cctv video taken at Dulles airport could not be genuine because the shadows cast by people in the video were too short – is just plain wrong. At that time we felt somewhat reluctant to debunk his analysis comprehensively because we knew he died and did not feel comfortable attacking deceased individuals. We feel no such compunction now because Mr Vialls’ legacy lives on at the website On this website we find much of Mr Vialls’ analysis repeated by the former editor of the Jakarta Post, Robert S. Finnegan – and false allegations against the mujahideen fighter Omar al-Farouk. Much of what Mr Finnegan has passed on to his band of new-age flunkeys appears to have been influenced by the fact that Mr Finnegan is dependent on Indonesian authorities to extend his visa. Thus, he claims that Indonesian authorities were lied to repeatedly by the Americans and Australians, without adhering to the truth that all three conspired together to enable a cover-up. While we agree that there is evidence that pressure was put on the Indonesian authorities to go along with the chlorate bomb scenario and to leave it at that, Mr Finnegan refuses to examine the probability that Indonesian intelligence learned of Amrozi’s plans and facilitated the larger explosion by either doing it themselves or passing on the information to the regional CIA station chief.

When we in turn focus on other so-called facts presented to reinforce the Mossad did it angle, we find confirmation of disinformation at work in the shape of an unusual aircraft which departed from Denpassar airport in great secrecy immediately after the bombings. This aircraft, a DeHavilland Dash-7, is reported to be Israeli owned by the various proponents of the micro-nuclear device theory but again, quite predictably, no evidence is presented to back this claim. No registration number is given and there have been no reports presented into how its Israeli ownership was established. In fact, from our information, the plane was registered in Queensland, Australia – and so if any of these clowns without a circus provides a registration number, one of our investigators will willingly undertake a search with Queensland aviation authorities to establish its true owners. The Bali micro-nuke clowns instead link back to a so-called ex-American Naval intelligence operative named Wayne Madsen (maybe he’s one of Mike Vreeland’s friends) who claims to have been told by his sources that the plane was Israeli owned. Where’s the evidence? Where are the registration details? Readers are advised not to go rushing over to Wayne Madsen’s website seeking information because you have to pay to read the articles and we wouldn’t pay these people ten cents.

What are we left with after all the radioactive dust has blown away? It is quite clear that the Bali explosion was far larger than an explosion caused by Amrozi’s device. It is equally clear that the Indonesians convicted of the bombings had their local operation hijacked by external elements. Let us focus on this aspect of the bombing for a while and see if we can make any sound assumptions. Who could conceivably have learned about Amrozi’s plans and decided to use that operation as a cover to launch a far more deadly operation? Being quite rational human beings and guided by the truth of Islam, we can only conclude that local operatives had to be involved. To us, the most likely candidates would be elements of the Indonesian security services, possibly working as agents of the CIA. Indonesian supporters of Jihad could not gain access to the military grade explosives used to detonate the explosion at the Sari Club.

Is there any evidence elements of the Indonesian security services penetrated the cell whose members were subsequently convicted? Well yes, there is – and although the individual named Nasir Abas  has a terrible reputation for truthfulness within Indonesian Muslim circles – we have an indication he was telling the truth in one particular instance. Nasir Abas is an Indonesian informer who was allegedly turned by the Indonesian security services after his arrest in early 2003. He is also the brother in law of Mukhlas who was subsequently convicted for his involvement in the bomb plot. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this – and disregarding the question of whether Nasir Abas is now telling the truth in any particular instance – he states in an interview that the Indonesian police knew he opposed the first Bali bomb and confronted him with this at the time of his arrest.  This information – if true – implies that Indonesian security services were getting information from sources very close to the cell. Of course it could be argued that Nasir Abas expressed his opposition to the Bali bombing in  much wider circles and this information could have filtered back to the police from a variety of sources – who may not have had any connection to the convicted bombers. We base our assumption on the fact that Nasir Abas was related to Mukhlas and on the information that the bombers were subsequently ostracized by those who opposed the bombing.  It seems that the security services were aware of this rift. We found this information in a very interesting documentary called: Al Qaeda: Turning the Terrorists which is linked to below. In case problems encountered by viewers watching Google videos persist, we are linking to a transcript here.

We have come across an official document produced by the American Department of Homeland Security that identifies the explosive components used in the Bali bombings. Unlike other pronouncements by people like John Howard, who insisted the bomb was made with commercially available chlorate, the Department of Homeland Security document is not meant to be disseminated to the public. It is an official document and it has not been declassified and we believe the information contained within comes from American intelligence sources, probably from the FBI. Therefore, it should not really be on the internet – but it is. We didn’t put it there, that’s all we know. We have done everything we can think of doing to preserve the evidence for this document in the event it is taken off-line as a result of this report. It is a document meant for internal consumption within certain classified sections. We therefore believe its information is believable as we think it is unlikely the Americans would present disinformation to themselves. The document is about explosives generally but contains information that the Bali bombs contained C4, PETN and TNT. This information corresponds precisely with a statement released by Police Maj. Gen. I. Mangku Pastika, Indonesia’s chief investigator on the blasts, on November 13th, 2002. Please note that unlike the rag-tag army of so-called intelligence experts and the micro-nuke crowd, we are presenting real evidence to reinforce our theory. All we need now – what we’d really like to see – is for Abu Bakr Bashir to embrace our perspective and provide us with more information. We don’t expect him to contact us personally but we are calling on Indonesian Muslim sources to contact us and provide fresh information. We think we’re getting close to unraveling the origin of the Bali device and we need help to finish it off. We can be contacted at

Let us summarize the information we presented thus far. Glen Jenvey claimed the C4 used in the Bali device and the USS Cole attack came from the same batch. We have no way of knowing whether this information is correct but it appears to be specific enough not to be a guess. It is specific information and, in our view, believable. We also have no way of knowing how the C4 used in the Bali device made its way from Yemen to Bali but we’re not going to take the easy way out and start insulting dead Muslims like Omar Al-Farouk with allegations of being a CIA agent and transporting it there. We are well aware that Omar Al-Farouk put up a courageous fight against the British when they surrounded him in Basra and we don’t want to insult his family with false allegations. It is disinformation anyway – just like 99.9% of other information coming from British, American and Australian sources in the so-called war on terror. Anyway, we prefer to believe the testimony of Sheikh Abu Yaya Al-Libi who escaped from Bagram air force base with Omar Al-Farook and whose testimony about the good character of Omar al-Farook can be examined in the video. This video information is provided for information purposes only, educational purposes, to refute the disinformation peddled by these new age flunkeys. Crucially, in our view, it is important to remember that Clinton did not retaliate militarily for the USS Cole attack when it would have obviously boosted Al Gore’s election chances had he done so. Did Clinton know something we don’t? We have information the Yemenis only pretended to keep those allegedly involved in the USS Cole attack in prison and kept letting them out, implying they were not guilty. We also have information that there are individuals allegedly connected to the USS Cole attack in the Syrian prison system.

Finally, we have Abdur Rahman Wahid’s assertion that the Bali bomb plot was hijacked and that Amrozi was unaware of the second device – and for the ex-President of the Indonesian republic to say such a thing we suspect there are concrete reasons. We don’t think he was taking cheap pot-shots at his own military for some perverse political reasons and we think he knew something too.

We consider the making of this documentary as being part of the plot by the Australian government to force the Indonesian government to clamp down on Indonesians opposing sin in their own country. As usual in all of these cases, it is only Muslims who can even get close to the truth. The other so-called investigators are surrounded by a thick fog of radioactive dust and we take this opportunity to ask them to revert to Islam because if they can’t solve the Bali case after nearly ten years they should just give up and learn about Islam so at least they will know the truth about God.

Furthermore, we are not in a position to allege the Bali bomb was planted by the Indonesian military or police – the ex-President of the Indonesian republic did so on camera and we are only pointing out that information because we are aware of it. We do not know the origin of the bomb, who made it or who delivered it. We can also identify a disinformation campaign in relation to this particular aspect of the conspiracy as well, with allegations the Bali device was constructed by Azahari bin Husin made by the Indonesian authorities. If we make a list of all the people alleged by the Indonesians and Australians to have constructed the device or masterminded the plot, the list would become essentially redundant because of its length. It may well be an Indonesian, American or even an Israeli supplied device but there is no evidence for this. The Department of Homeland Security document and the Glen Jenvey document are hereby presented as evidence, nothing more and nothing less.

We therefore challenge the band of new-age flunkeys to provide the Dash-7’s registration information and the evidence they presumably have about the plutonium from Dimona. While they are feverishly working out an excuse about why they can’t do this, we’ll go away and study the absurdities of the micro-nuke theory in greater detail, focusing on the fact that these hypothetical devices need critical mass to go bang.