Internet Anthropologist aka War Intel makes threats against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

In one of the most obvious and objectionable breaches of  Terms of Service, American and International law, a website run by a  pro-American stooge with military ties has issued chilling death threats against Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks. We repost the offending comments here for posterity and advise Republican and Democratic gangsters who hide behind their keyboards that we have taken screenshots to preserve evidence, as well as other methods of preserving the record of their criminal behaviour. The operators of the website in question,, may wish to enter as a defence that they are only reposting material posted elsewhere. We don’t buy this line of argument for a second, as there are no links provided for any alleged  original source material.

Julian Assange has been attacked for leaking evidence of American chauvanistic behaviour throughout the world. We think Wikileaks is providing the general public with a good service and congratulate the website and its contributors. We have noted the desperation the ruling class exhibits when their schemes are exposed: it isn’t what they want at all. They would much prefer to deal with compliant media such as the New York Times who supported their lies and deception in the lead up to the war in Iraq, for example. While honest Americans such as Scott Ritter and the individuals who ran the Traprock Peace Centre were pouring scorn on the possibility of Iraq having any weapons of mass destruction, the pro-Zionist media led by  Murdoch supported all the lies about uranium from Niger, aluminium tubes for centrifuges, vx nerve gas and anthrax. Hence the world has come to know that American politicians are compulsive liars whose day in the dock will surely come in our lifetime.  We are never surprised just how low these people will sink. We demand FBI take these individuals into custody immediately.

We also note with interest the similiarity in writing styles with the author of the piece below and Glen Jenvey. If anything happens to Julian Assange please don’t try to run “Gerald.”

We also note with interest that American so-called intelligence are doing the bidding of their Russian counterparts once again. The FSB wouldn’t be that stupid – they would just keep their mouths shut. Also please learn to spell. Who do these clowns without a circus think they are? Big shots?

“We plead with Mr. Julian Assange NOT to post the Russian material
to save his own life.
Our Paradigm Intel WARNS:
FBS will Kill Julian Assange, and others running wikileaks will just disappear forever.

Julian Assange should find a place to hide, and remain there for his own safety.

Not come out after dark and definitely not in the daylight for maybe 20 yrs?
If they post Russian material.
Mr. Julian Assange there are other ways to get out of posting
Russian material.
Maybe loose it or just forget all about it, saying they made
a mistake they didn’t really have much Russian stuff any way.
And there were not any new disclosures.

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