Lord Lucan of Surrey

Sometimes in the course of these investigations it becomes necessary to sit back and take time off from a particular inquiry and let events dictate what we subsequently write. We don’t know in advance how a situation will develop and waiting and seeing is sometimes the only course of action available. Sometimes we push buttons to hasten an outcome but pushing buttons isn’t always guaranteed success. Our opponents can decide to ignore us, for example, or change their virtual identities. Another strategy recently deployed by our opponents is to go offline altogether, skip the country – and, in their view, leave mugs like us asking worthless questions. We aim to demonstrate that this sense of immunity is in fact encouraged by the state in which they are resident. And skipping the country is something an embarrassed police force will often encourage as they cease to be the focus of attention for providing protection for criminals in their midst.

In case any of our readers attempting to digest this report find our comments too abstracted from reality, we now wish to give these thoughts a concrete basis by outlining the nefarious plot being hatched in the United Kingdom by Dominic Wightman. Whether or not Mr Wightman has social connections with some members of the police is neither here nor there. We are sure social patronage counts for little in the eyes of senior police who have seen attempts to hide behind a veil of political and cultural superiority many times before. A good example of this is the Lord Lucan affair when a member of Britain’s over-priveliged aristocracy committed a serious offence and went on the run. The police investigation proceeded as it would for any commoner, as the ruling class likes to refer to anyone without something they refer to as breeding. Perhaps because the case received so much publicity, Lord Lucan’s fellow breeders were unable to intervene on his behalf. Certainly, it is possible to conclude that many within the British aristocracy wished the whole Lucan affair would simply go away. Subsequent events, of course, proved ideal for many within the scandal plagued British aristocracy as there was no court case and consequently no evidence presented about why Lucan was afforded lavish privileges in the first place.

We weren’t the only investigators to focus our attention on the issue of fake terror alerts emanating from the ruling class in the UK. We saw these alerts as being an attempt to ratchet up anti-Muslim hysteria and also as an attempt to frame Muslims. When the anti-Muslim group Vigil made the Paltalk recordings, for example, a deliberate attempt was made to frame Omar Bakri Muhammed Fostok with the so-called Dublin Airport provocation. Let us recall briefly the outline of this provocation for readers who are unfamiliar with this attempt at perverting the course of justice:

The Vigil collaboration began, we are led to believe, when Neil Doyle and Dominic Wightman came up with the idea that a private intelligence initiative could assist Britain’s anti-terror campaign because the security services and police were overstretched and couldn’t cope. While it is true that Britain’s security services were overstretched in the wake of the London bombings, we find the idea that two like-minded individuals could suddenly decide of their own volition that a private agency could provide assistance as implausible. We offer as evidence for this suggestion the fact that Vigil investigators could access BBC’s Newsnight team as a mouthpiece for their bigoted, factually inaccurate reports. We also find the disclosure that Vigil Directors and investigators could ask Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles to intervene on their behalf as interesting to say the least. Sir Sherard, it must be remembered, was Britain’s ambassador to Israel and also was included on a list of former and current MI6 officers leaked to the website cryptome.org. In short, we believe that Mr Doyle, who in some published photos resembles a frightened schoolboy, and Mr Wightman, with his connections to Merrick Rose of the Met Police, could not have proceeded without the tacit approval of the British government. We now recall Glen Jenvey’s remarks that when his group wanted to issue a fake terror alert their first approach was to the police; if that didn’t work they would go to the press – invariably the Sun newspaper; and if that didn’t work they would approach Sir Sherard. This process leads us to make a comparison between the illegal activities of Vigil and the American legal principal of three strikes and you’re out.

At least it must have seemed like that for Omar Bakri Muhammed Fostok. Vigil investigators alleged that he supported an attack on American forces en route to Iraq via Dublin Airport. The report delivered to Scotland Yard by Dominic Wightman and Patrick Mercer contained information relating to the so-called Paltalk Lectures, which were recorded by Wightman and Jenvey, as part of their intelligence initiative against Omar Bakri Muhammed Fostok. Predictably, the Newsnight team and other elements within the BBC repeated the allegation thereby giving it general currency. Surely, Vigil investigators must have thought, they had enough information to force the police to act.





The problem for these Inspector Clouseaus in waiting was that American forces do not travel to Iraq via Dublin Airport but via Shannon airport. A further revelation that the idea of attacking Dublin Airport was not made by Omar Bakri Muhammed Fostok but by a Vigil investigator posing as a radical Islamist, sent a prominent member of the Newsnight team, Richard Watson, into what can only be described as desperate damage control. No doubt these pro-Zionist clones were forced into a series of crisis meetings with Dominic Wightman and, after becoming aware that even three or four gin and tonics wouldn’t make the problem go away (like Lord Lucan), sought a solution that would enable them to continue their provocations.

It was only after an independent investigation that the nefarious schemes of the British ruling class were exposed for all to see.

It has been suggested on various American detective shows that a criminal often returns to the scene of his crime to gain a sense of his own importance. And while they were obviously loathe to repeat the allegations about Dublin airport, soon Jenvey and his erstwhile band of provocateurs, social misfits and gin and tonic swiggers were at it again with a new terror alert about a threat to UK Jews. In this particular provocation Jenvey posed as a radical Muslim, this time on a Muslim discussion forum. He suggested that like minded Muslims should consider targeting British Jews including Sir Alan Sugar. The Sun newspaper repeated the allegation that UK Jews were being targeted by radical Muslims, without bothering to mention that it was Jenvey who made the suggestion. What followed is now well documented and needn’t be repeated here. It should be noted, however, that this author takes the view that Jenvey’s downfall was facilitated by Wightman and perhaps Mercer. Why else would Wightman collaborate with the webmaster of bloggerheads unless he wished to divert the investigation away from his own illegal behaviour?

Not to upstaged by Jenvey,  Wightman needed to get into the act and did so with another fake terror alert. While Jenvey’s scheme of targeting UK Jews showed the vile and depraved links to which this band would descend, Wightman’s attempt at faking a terror alert sunk to unprecedented depths of criminality. He got caught red-handed attempting to plant intelligence that radical Muslims were considering planting bombs in the shopping trolleys of elderly Muslim shoppers. An email published on this website from Merrick Rose of the Met Police clearly shows that the police were aware of Wightman’s foul plot. It must be remembered that the United Kingdom population were paranoid about a new wave of attacks and Wightman’s role can only be seen as an attempt at provoking vigilante attacks on elderly UK Muslims. No doubt this attempt at instigating race-warfare sits comfortably with Mr Wightman’s Aryan superiority philosophy. For the majority of Muslims, however, a sense of bewilderment arose about why Mr Wightman had not been charged with conspiracy and treason.

The reason why Wightman wasn’t initially charged are made clear in the email. By alerting Wightman to police knowledge of his plans, he would become aware that his emails were being intercepted. We are thus led to a position where according to police, the secrecy of the surveillance was more important than a prosecution. Why wasn’t Wightman prosecuted when the cat was out of the bag, it is reasonable to ask. It seems quite clear to us that the granny bomber affair, the Dublin Airport provocation and Jenvey’s targeting Sir Alan Sugar was only the tip of the iceberg. If Wightman was charged he wouldn’t be the sacrificial lamb but would be in a position to bring down others far more important than himself. We believe the information most at risk if Wightman was charged was fascist penetration of the police force and security services – and we have evidence to reinforce this perspective. We think we can understand the nexus between the fake terror alerts and the murder of Jean Charles De Menenzes. The fake terror alert scandal could be contained if those responsible could be shown to be unstable or motivated by personal gain. Jenvey fitted the bill perfectly while Wightman could not claim a similar mental health excuse.

As can be seen from entries on this blog, we haven’t touched upon the issue of the fake terror alerts for some time. We left it alone and let the participants brew for a while, much like a quaint English pot of tea. Recently, however, we got bored sitting around and visited bloggerheads and the Westminster Journal to see if there had been any developments we should be aware of. To be honest, we thought the whole affair would have died a natural death by now, in much the same way as the Lucan affair died a natural death when no new leads were uncovered. We weren’t at all really surprised when we found Tim Ireland still whining about his own treatment at the hands of the white supremecists. We were surprised, however, to discover Mr Wightman still attacking Tim Ireland by calling him a nutter, a stalker and numerous other insults too benign to mention here. What, we wondered, is still driving these people to pursue such a vain and unproductive course of action?

At first we thought they both were nutters. Ireland is easy to label as a nutter because of his incomprehensible rants on his website. Mr Ireland would have to sit down for at least seventeen years to explain to someone (anyone who would listen) his various gripes against the conservative blogger, Ian Dale. I once sent an email to John Loftus and asked him about a specific piece of intelligence. Mr Loftus didn’t reply and that’s the way it goes on the net. Ask a question, sometimes get an answer. Mr Ireland appears to be upset that various conservative figures refuse to answer his emails. Well, that’s life. Stop sending emails and you won’t get upset when people don’t reply to them. It’s actually easy to work out but some people never learn. They lack the moral fibre of Muslims.

Visiting Mr Wightman’s website was a somewhat different experience – because we always thought Mr Wightman had a keen sense of humour and was a step ahead of Ireland in terms of common sense. Like all myths which eventually crumble, however, we are forced to come to terms with a new reality: Wightman is desperate to attack Ireland as part of his attempted cover-up. And by attacking Ireland on mental health grounds he seeks to minimise the damage Ireland has caused by investigating the fake terror alerts. They’re threatening to sue each other, calling the cops frequently and generally acting like idiots. Wightman is threatening to relocate to New York (we imagine he wants to stop the mosque at Ground Zero by chaining himself to a fence) and Ireland is accepting donations for his much anticipated day in court. What a pair of losers these pair are proving to be. In the absence of anything serious on either of their websites we have come to the conclusion that Wightman is playing games with Ireland because Ireland knows the story about the granny bomber affair but refuses to speak out in any meaningful way. And just in case Mr Ireland has too much on his plate and secretly wishes to avoid a lawsuit, we have no such qualms. We know Wightman won’t sue because you can’t suppress the truth. The last time we wrote on this subject Mr Wightman sent us an email asking for information in our reports to be removed in exchange for new information which would make us a leader in the field of fake terror alerts. We aren’t interested in deals with the enemy and said as much at the time. This isn’t an anonymous blog as Wightman has suggested. Any correspondence (including writs) can be addressed to andreweslazak@yahoo.com.au. People over here get a real sense of self-worth when they sue each other, it’s become something of a fad, especially in New South Wales. We promise to keep telling the truth in relation to this and other intelligence matters. Just because we’re thirteen thousand miles away doesn’t mean you can’t launch a lawsuit. Have a good, stiff gin and tonic and think about it. Or if you are still a bit confused why not consider the Lord Lucan option. Take the flight to New York then hop on a flight to Paraguay. It’s nice there, honestly – and the gin and tonics are cheap. There’s a bit of social unrest and talk of a Hugo Chavez style take-over. To put it succinctly there are lots of causes to get involved in, especially anti leftist causes. Tempted? How about saving the rain-forest? Ask Merrick Rose and I think he would agree it’s a marvellous outcome. Marvellous! Don’t forget the mosquito coils and the white suit.

We note with interest that Wightman claims he made a statement to police about his knowledge of the Cheerleaders_xxx. We wonder whether this statement was made before the Cheerleaders_xxx went to war or afterwards. It sounds like Mr Wightman has become a police informant and the Paraguay option may be the best way out. That’s a personal observation from someone who knows that raising the ire of fascists is only enjoyable from a distance. We might add at this point that writing about these individuals is always good for our stats and suggests they’re so paranoid of being locked up they scour the net searching for articles written about them.

Over here in Australia we don’t run like frightened children to the police every time people say unkind words about us. Even when one of our computers was stolen we didn’t report the theft to the cops. We look at the activities of Jenvey, Wightman, Ireland and Bartholomew and have a good chuckle at the lack of moral fibre in all those individuals. We believe exposing the activities of fascist elements has a much greater value than worrying about a reputation that is already so badly damaged it can never recover. We’re not even going to bother appealing to Tim Ireland to send us anything he has on these losers. If Mr Ireland has anything important to say we urge him to publish on his own website or the pravda discussion forum where – if he drops his obsession with Ian Dale and Nadine Dorris, he could conceivably make a difference. Finally, we would like to point out that a far more comprehensive solution to the problems encountered by the individuals mentioned is readily available. We sincerely urge the individuals mentioned to embrace Islam and do good deeds for the rest of their lives, renounce their false love of lies and sin and become whole people, true followers of God who work tirelessly for truth and justice.





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