Two separate identities, one unknown individual

It should be emphasized at the outset that our investigations employ a common sense approach and this is one of several reasons why we publish solid intelligence and meaningful achievements as opposed to unmitigated hype. There are other reasons why we deliver the goods such as our unique database which is so comprehensive and extensive that we have been told we compete equally with various state sponsored intelligence organizations. And because we are committed to the truth no matter what the consequences, we believe we receive Almighty God’s blessings when He pushes a bit of information in our direction. We were the first to reveal the true location of the Lockerbie bomb on Pan Am 103 and we also published the information that the same batch of C4 plastic explosive was used in the USS Cole attack and the first Bali bomb. Furthermore, without wishing to put too fine a point on it, we know we get results because when we deconstruct the official version of a particular event, we let the facts do the talking.

The September 11th terrorist attacks are sometimes described as the worst terrorist attacks ever. We beg to differ. We see the American attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as being far worse. We also think the mass murder of civilians carried out by the RAF in Dresden, Germany, should be treated as a war crime. We don’t have to go back seventy years to find examples of worse terror attacks, either. The Israeli attacks on Palestinian and Lebanese civilians have reached unparalleled heights of criminality. Because we attempt to achieve balance in our views, however, we also condemn German persecution of Jews, gypsies and idealogical opponents of Nazism. We denounce those who attempt to re-write history for political purposes, such as the delusional President of Iran and other apologists for common criminals. In fact, our record of defending Jewish rights is quite good as we were particularly active in exposing the stooge Glen Jenvey when he concocted a vile plan to target Alan Sugar. We didn’t just expose Jenvey, we actually shut him up. We don’t think he’s going to resurface again in a hurry and we express our surprise and dismay that  he finds support in South Asia. What self respecting government minister would consider giving him a visa to enter the country after all the trouble he’s caused?

Being a small, cohesive unit does sometimes have its drawbacks, however. We cannot focus our attention everywhere and are sometimes forced to make arbitrary decisions to not take on a particular project as we don’t have the resources. A good example of this is the recent attack by international pirates on a flotilla of aid carrying boats to Gaza. We would particularly like to commence an investigation in that direction by publishing names and photographs of the pirates so Interpol can arrest them. We haven’t exactly chickened out of that particular project because we’re frightened of being arrested or shot, we just don’t have the resources to focus in more than one direction at once. So after getting rid of Jenvey/Chetty/Webb/Zia  and with the well-timed release of Mr Megrahi from prison in Scotland, we decided to focus on the September 11th attacks and slowly but surely expose the real structure of the event. We maintain that the event still dominates American domestic and foreign policy nine years after the attacks. We hope that by deconstructing the official version we can at the very least maintain that someone was prepared to speak the truth in an era dominated by falsehood. This, we believe, is what God wants.

It goes without saying that American taxpayers are funding a monolithic defence and security structure that we can quite clearly see devouring billions of dollars worth of tax-payer funds and leaving the table bare for initiatives in health, education and developing national infrastructure. Many American cities such as Detroit and Los Angeles are in a state of terminal decline with social conditions in areas such as housing rivaling those in the third world. The scourge of drug-addiction has reached epidemic proportions and American prisons are so overcrowded that basic prisoner’s rights have ceased to exist. The permanent war economy developed in the post WW2 period is literally bleeding America dry. President Roosevelt’s New Deal has turned into a nightmare for millions of American families who are forced to raise their children in a society dominated by violence, drug addiction, state sponsored racism and crime. Old people and the homeless regularly freeze to death in the bitterly cold American winters and women fleeing domestic violence are forced to sleep in tents or cars.

Despite this, the security services are well-funded and the Army, Navy and Air Force have the most advanced equipment in the world. With the demise of the Soviet threat twenty years ago, American intelligence agencies had to refocus on the new reality and this process led to the creation of agencies focusing on Iran, Iraq, North Korea and the perceived threat of terrorism from radical Muslims. The levels of spending didn’t decrease when it became clear that the Soviets posed no threat to Americans. In fact, the opposite was the case. The embassy bombings, the USS Cole incident and of course 9/11 helped define the new threat in the post Soviet period and ensured continued, increased funding for the agencies. American intellectuals incorrectly saw this as an attempt to take away their constitutionally enshrined freedoms. Some saw the introduction of wiretaps, government spying and the concept of enemy combatant status as attempts to white-ant the Constitution. We see the development of these trends as a consequence of America’s feeble Constitution and an inevitable outcome of the permanent war economy. After the German Nazis developed a permanent war economy in the 1930’s, they had nowhere to go except into Poland and the Soviet Union. A nation that bolsters defence industry profits to a large extent will eventually need to deploy the weapons to keep the industries viable. In America’s case, they had nowhere to go except into Iraq and Afghanistan and we predict that the period of perpetual war will consume more victims in the coming period. It is our view that people like Bush and Cheney are puppets of the defence industry. Clinton was just as culpable except that he didn’t have to deploy the same forces at that time.

Everyone familiar with the period in question will recognise landmarks defining the epoch: H.W Bush launched Operation Desert Storm; Bill Clinton deployed military forces in Somalia; WTC93; the Oklahoma City bombing; the attacks on the American embassies; the USS Cole incident and 9/11. Of course there were other sub-plots taking place at the same time: the millennium plot and the case against Sheikh Omar Ahmad Ali Abdel Rahman, for example. With the absence of a Soviet enemy, these events became the life-blood for the American agencies. The combined resources of the NSA, CIA, FBI and other, smaller units such as Able Danger sank billions of dollars and millions of hours into identifying this new threat. The Americans worked closely with their European counterparts and created the largest spying operation in the history of the world. Mosques were infiltrated in an attempt to identify radical Muslims in Finsbury Park, London, for example. The agencies combined their vast eavesdropping powers to create vast data bases and watch-lists to prevent radical Muslims from travelling and communicating with like-minded people without the agencies becoming aware of it. With the above in mind, we will now consider the case of Ramzi bin Al-Shibh (Ramzi bin Al-Shibah) more closely and place his case under the microscope of analytical scrutiny.

As stated earlier, the official version of events as outlined by Mr McDermott in his book Perfect Soldiers, saw Ramzi apply for refugee status as a Sudanese named Omar only to have his application rejected. Undaunted, he allegedly departed Germany only to return again a short time later with his Yemeni identification papers and a Yemeni passport # 00085243. Then he applied for refugee status again and was finally accepted. We pointed out the logical inconsistencies of this yarn and described it at the time as bogus information. We now wish to further advance our arguments and provide context for our earlier disclosures.

We can see from this visa application that the immigration officer dealing with the application has noted that the applicant was travelling back and forth to Jordan. That’s very interesting because Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh is also said to have travelled to a summit of Al Qaida terrorists in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the year 2000. That particular meeting provides the central narrative for the 9/11 Commission Report and recounts how American intelligence first heard about the planned meeting by wire-tapping the phone of an alleged Al Qaida hub in Yemen. The CIA allegedly requested Malaysian Special Branch monitor the meeting and they did – photographing the participants poolside at the apartment and also “ducking in and out of internet cafes” in Malaysia’s splendid capital city.

So much emphasis has been placed on this meeting in Malaysia by the 9/11 Commissioners and associated newspaper reports that at one stage we thought the Americans would run out of paper rehashing the story of Al-Hazmi and Al-Mihdhar slipping through the American dragnet. The narrative is central to American’s understanding of the planning for 9/11 and the pretense that the CIA made errors of judgement and was asleep at the wheel. The participants of the meeting allegedly included Hambali, Yazid Sufaat, Nawaf Al-Hazmi, Khalid Al-Mihdhar, Tawfiq bin Attash, Khalid Sheikh Muhammed and Ramzi bin Al-Shibh. Malaysian Special Branch allegedly photographed Ramzi bin Al-Shibh next to Tawfiq bin Attash and there is also said to be video evidence of his presence. Despite this, we are led to believe, both Al-Mihdhar and Ramzi bin Al-Shibh left Malaysia and participated in the attack on the USS Cole later in the year. The Prime Minister of Yemen declared that Al-Mihdhar was involved but left Yemen a few days later. American intelligence sources later confirmed to Al-Jazeera journalist Yosri Fouda that Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh was involved.

Are we to believe that Al-Mihdhar and Ramzi bin Al-Shibh engaged in this frenzy of Jihad activity and then attempted to enter the United States using their real names? Do the 9/11 Commissioners seriously expect us to believe that if the aforementioned information is true that the CIA couldn’t co-ordinate their activities with the State Department and lay a trap for two obvious terror suspects? Again, the suggestion doesn’t make sense. We understand that the 9/11 Commissioners contend that the agency was guilty of incompetence but this suggestion doesn’t cut the mustard, in our opinion. After all, the CIA requested Malaysian Special Branch monitor the Malaysia meeting and they did. They also forwarded a report and photographic/ video evidence to the American agency. The participants were known and so were monitored in Singapore, Bangkok and K.L. Why weren’t they stopped if the narrative is essentially correct?

At the very least, after two and possibly three of the participants of the Malaysia meeting took part in the attack on the USS Cole, why wasn’t action taken? The drowsy driver must surely have woken up by now – or was he catatonic?

The narrative isn’t sustainable and when it is scrutinized it breaks down. Common sense enters the equation; common sense informs us that if these two weren’t watch-listed they weren’t who the Americans say they are or they were deliberately allowed to proceed.

Please be aware that if you are an American reading this report you are engaging in dangerous activity. To reinforce this perspective here is a short video clip of the current and former American Presidents clearly stating that thinking for yourself and employing common sense is a dangerous and unpatriotic activity and should be avoided at all costs. Please watch the video and carefully consider whether you really wish to continue reading because it gets worse for the American spin doctors, far, far, worse.

We have sufficient evidence to call into question the identities of most of the 9/11 participants. In some cases, naturally, the evidence is stronger than others. We have provided evidence that Ramzi bin Al-Shibh has been incorrectly identified and elements within American intelligence know this too well. A major part of the problem the Americans faced when making their supposed identifications was that all roads had to lead back to Osama Bin Laden as part of a predetermined outcome for any investigation. Therefore, the agents on the ground were compartmentalized into units focusing on a particular issue. The issue of funds and the issue of the entry of individuals into America were dealt with separately with no overlap. When we look at the issue of funding we are led in the direction of focusing on Atta’s Suntrust account and on the role allegedly played by Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh who allegedly went by the alias Ahad Sabet. When we look at the brief history of the Pentbom investigation we immediately see this compartmentalization in practice, with FBI agents in Boston and Portland kept totally in the dark about the direction of the wider investigation. FBI Chief Mueller, it must be said, was forced to conduct such an unwieldy investigation that it must have been very difficult to pull all these disparate elements together.  We think we can see that the version released to the general public is a construct.

A good method of confirming this contention is to look at the small print. In the United Nations Consolidated List we see that Ramzi bin Al-Shibh’s Sudanese identity and a variety of different names, including the one the Pakistanis identified him by and published first on this blog, simply will not go away. We suspect that the reason for this is that the Americans might be able to run an FBI investigation but they can’t control an international one. What results do we get when we turn to German

sources, for example? The same ambiguity with two nationalities, two birth-dates. The 1973 birth-date links him to Khartoum, Sudan while the 1972 birth-date links him to Yemen. We’re looking at an unknown individual with an identity constructed from two separate, equally real identities. The fact that Zacarias Moussaoui was convicted partly on the basis of the Ahad Sabet evidence should make Americans mobilize for political and Constitutional reform.

A fundamental doctrine of any democracy in the world, let alone the American one, is that the executive arm of government and the judiciary should be quarantined from each other. Yet the Zacarias Moussaoui case shows quite clearly the executive arm of government deciding which witnesses would be available, which portions of evidence should remain under seal and what Moussaoui would be allowed to say in open session. When Moussaoui tried to insist that Ahad Sabet and Ramzi bin Al-Shibh were two different people, he became the subject of a gag order and his sanity was questioned in a twenty first century American remake of a Franz Kafka novel.  We think, therefore, his conviction should be considered unconstitutional and avenues of appeal launched on that basis. We also take note of the fact that Zacarias Moussaoui has been sentenced to life in isolation from other inmates and is allowed no visitors, no doubt to prevent him from revealing important evidence that Ahmed Atif was a British agent.

While the anonymous author of the Xymorpha blog had some intelligent comments about 9/11 at the time and the author Chaim Kupferberg is astute and gifted, we can’t find any Americans at all who pose serious questions about 9/11. We think that Americans have in general watched one too many episodes of the X Files and in one way or another have become delusional. With the latest revelations about thermite in the WTC dust and the so-called peer reviewed paper on the subject, we conclude that intelligent debate is not taking place – as far as we know.


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