Eyewitness Testimony via Jihad Unspun

Glory and thanks be to Almighty Allah. We repent to him and seek his refuge from our evil actions, indeed whoever He guides, there is no one who can misguide, and whoever is misguided, will perish by the will of Allah.

From Abu Shihab Al-Qandahari (nickname) to the Muslims who can hear with respect to the lies and fabrications of the American Government and the apostate regime of General Mushareef pertaining to the arrest of Sheikh Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah, the lion of Allah, this is what really took place.

A group of Pakistani mercenaries came to a building where some brothers lived (Ramzi has never lived there) and drew people and passers by from a nearby street in order to divert people’s hearts to create fear for the Mujahideen (may Allah grant them victory) who are being supported and loved by the Muslims in Pakistan. The main issue here was that four Pakistani American agents tried to invade the house where there were even women and children however, the Mujahideen killed many of the apostates without even using their full force so that the apostates did not hit innocent civilians.

The battle went on for over three hours and when the Mujahideen’s ammunition ran out, the enemies of Allah were able to kill two of the Mujahideen from the land of Ansaar (Yemen) and arrest ten of the dignified Mujahideen; 8 from Yemen, 1 Saudi and 1 Egyptian. While all this was going on, the lion of Allah Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah was very far away from this incident although he wishes that he was there to face the American intelligence dogs himself.

So by Allah, how can he be in two places at once? And I hope the brothers do not forget that the brother being held (i.e. Safar) has denied being Sheikh Ramzi but Allah has blinded the Kuffar (disbelievers) in their arrogance. One of these mercenaries was able to fool the Americans and convince them that Sheikh Ramzi was amongst the (arrested) brothers, only to claim the bounty for him self. We promise him that he will never be happy with the bounty, even if he was foolishly granted it by the Americans.

O brothers and sisters, O those who cried and wept for Ibn Al-Shibah, thinking that he has ended up in Guantanamo Bay, be informed that he made an oath never to step foot in Cuba except as a conqueror, never as a prisoner. We wonder how the Arab media has benefited from feeling pleased about this alleged arrest – it is through the arrest of Ibn Sheikh made them happy. And to the rest of the brothers, we pledge that we will never give them up and we will liberate them so patience my brothers – indeed the victory of Allah is close.

This is a testimony to the people for whom I am responsible for before Allah in order to expose the American conspiracy to appear successful to those who heard about the arrest of Sheikh Ramzi so they would then hurry to contact him which would then expose him so he could be brought to the Americans. This is the only possible reason the Americans delayed the announcement about the arrests for three days so that they could review their security measures but they will never fool the Mujahideen.

This is my testimony, I declare it and ask Allah’s forgiveness. In addition, my brothers, don’t forget about the tape which the USA broadcast last Ramadhaan (Holy Month) which claimed to be Sheikh Osama Bin Laden’s. He is innocent from it and notice the degree of technological progress which the Americans have reached and their ability to fool the people, although this does not fool us.

I am Abu Shihab Al-Qandahari Al-Yemani and I declare what I saw with my own eyes on the same street. By Almighty Allah I swear that brother Ramzi has survived all this and my eyes will never mistake the face of Ramzi even if they put 1000 masks on him. I thank Allah, the one who kept Shaytan (Satan) away from the Mujahideen, and I thank him for he choosing them to support his Deen. I praise the Prophet (saw) etc…

In conclusion, it comes as no surprise that the American government continues its war of disinformation and deceit, particularly now that support for President Bush is declining in the days leading up to the elections. From the “smoking gun” tape to the supposed capture of Abu Zubaidah (who was killed in action during a Pakistani raid and who was not captured to disclose high level plans and key information on Al-Qaida he has been attributed with), the propaganda machine continues to ensure the American people support a government that has an unending thirst for power and global control, regardless of the consequences.


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