When was “Ramzi bin al-Shibh” arrested?

According to the American government in its various statements, the arrest took place on the 11th September 2002. The international police organisation, Interpol, published a differant date, however – and various United Nations web pages displaying differant, updated versions of a document commonly known as The Consolidated List, echo the date given by Interpol for the date of arrest: 30th September, 2002.

Is this at all significant? Could it be that Interpol collect their data at the end of the month, for example, and that explains the later date? It might also imply that the United Nations simply collects data from Interpol and perpetuated the error. We considered that possibility but came to doubt that a data collection process could lead to such an error –  at least in this case. We think that by delving into the circumstances leading up to the arrest a great deal of uninformed speculation can become reasonable grounds for doubting the entire government case. Certainly, the conviction of  Zacarias Moussaoui has been shown to be doubtful and dubious as a result of our revelations thus far. We must remind our readers that for a conviction to have any validity, the defendant must be guilty as charged – not guilty in any general sense that the defendant was obviously up to no good and therefore the conviction is sound.

Firstly, some background information is necessary for those new to the case to form a preliminary judgement. It is of little use to have a bunch of supposed facts in one’s mind and then rush out to proclaim to the world that a miscarriage of justice has taken place. People need to see the facts laid out before them and to have a basis upon which to form their own judgement. That’s what we will be focusing on in the coming period. Because we are again experiencing technical difficulties we find it necessary to publish in installments – and hopefully the process will lead to a finished document in about two weeks. Readers are welcome to check back onto this website to view any progress in the meanwhile – but to see the finished document we recommend returning after a two week period, approx.

We are also of the belief that so-called technical problems can sometimes be of benefit in determining an outcome. The constraints placed upon us will hopefully make us proceed more cautiously, with greater dilligence – and with the utmost care. As Muslims we find it difficult publishing personal details about other Muslims, especially when they are confined to Guantanamo Bay and we don’t have the opportunity to seek their advice or permission. Alternately, we have found that the American government and its allies in the corporate media circus are seemingly incapable of telling the truth even on rare occasions which is the justification we have for writing these pieces.


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