New photograph of Ramzi bin Al-Shibh (Ramzi bin Al-Shibah).

It appears that the American intelligence services, particularly the CIA and those in charge of maintaining the official legend of 9/11, are having difficulties that can be traced back to the enormity of the lie they created in the first place. Faced with mounting coalition losses in the unwinnable war in Afghanistan and under pressure from a rapidly expanding level of debt, American military planners and their Wall Street backers are quickly coming to terms with the expression what ye sow ye shall reap. Grim faced Americans are slowly realising that their future looks set to unfold into an unmitigated disaster and the possibility that America will go bankrupt and disintegrate is the most likely scenario. We could imagine a situation where the United States economy declared war on many fronts and thereby temporarily avoided economic collapse. The permanent war economy developed in the post World War Two period can now only survive by inflicting mass destruction upon whole civilisations, not just in Central Asia but throughout the world. Such is the unprecedented crisis of capitalism that only a European war can inflict the necessary infrastructure damage needed by Obama and his corporate gangster collaborators, who are by their very nature incapable of developing infrastructure and public works projects as a way of resolving the crisis. Instead, the brave and proud people of Afghanistan and Pakistan endure constant aerial bombardment and jackbooted Marines kick down the doors of their humble dwellings. The destruction of Iraq and Iraqi society are an ever present reminder of what can be achieved when freedom and democracy American style is unleashed upon the world.

We have noticed that in the past when uncomfortable facts emerge from sources outside the nefarious control of the American corporate media, a smoke-screen is put into place to disguise the true nature of the emerging facts. In the last few weeks, such a situation developed when photographs taken in Guantanamo emerged of captured 9/11 co-ordinator Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh (Ramzi bin Al-Shibah). All too quickly the media focus shifted away from the photographs and onto the subject of torture. Why, we asked? After all, Seymour Hersch covered the subject of prisoner abuse extensively and American war crimes were exposed to the world. Why bring it up again, especially now when the images of Abu Ghraib are still seering in the hearts of the Muslim Ummah. We think we know part of the answer. We have come across a new photograph of Ramzi bin Al-Shibh (Ramzi bin al-Shibah) and through some careful analysis have determined that his real name is Umar Muhammad ‘Abdallah Ba’ Amar. We hereby set about demolishing the myth of the Hamburg Cell crafted so carefully by Terry McDermott with his unparalled access to numerous German intelligence (BKA) reports.

Ordinary, run of the mill journalists struggled after 9/11 because government officials in the United States and Europe rarely gave away information to the press on the record. The information presented to the general public was replete with quotes from anonymous, well-placed or knowledgeable sources. It was left to a small rump of American investigative journalists and bloggers to dig for facts as best they could. The picture that emerged was both damning and contradictory. Nobody really believed, for example, that Ziad Jarrah, the alleged pilot of Flight 93, fitted the profile of an Islamic fundamentalist. He had a girlfriend, drank beer and occasionally smoked pot. He appeared well-integrated into Western society, got on well with the people at the Florida Flight Centre and there was evidence he was alleged to have been in two places at once. We think that Mr McDermott was tasked with the job of cementing the official story and we base this assumption on the following:

Mr McDermott’s book, titled Perfect Soldiers, changed the way many people think about 9/11. Ziad Jarrah, again as an example, ceased to be the easy going Lebanese student all reports portrayed him as prior to the publication of Mr McDermotts book. He became, literally overnight, a young man torn between two worlds, with one foot in the Islamic camp and the other foot firmly planted in the west. The reports of his girlfriend and his beer drinking were replaced with tales of secretive trips to Afghanistan, a passport reported lost to cover-up evidence of his trips to Osama Bin Laden’s training camps and links to radical mosques. All well and good so far, maybe some of it actually happened. When we check some of Mr McDermott’s sources, however, we can see many examples of unnamed German and American intelligence reports allegedly seen by the author. Being inquisitive by nature, we wondered why Mr McDermott was given access to so many of these reports. Why weren’t other journalists? Who, in fact, requested German intelligence officials to co-operate with Mr McDermott in such an unprecedented way? We don’t think his bosses at the Los Angeles Times could have organised this access without assistance from the American intelligence services.

Mr McDermott’s book was quite extensive in its scope. He covered many aspects of the 9/11 plot with the notable exception of Arab sources. Where the book reveals many alleged aspects of the plot developed in Hamburg and the move to Florida by the future pilots, nowhere does he touch upon the recruitment process for the so-called muscle hijackers, for example. Nor does the book deal properly with events in Portland or Dulles on the 10th of September, 2001. Reports that Dulles airport security was breached on 10th September received no mention in the book. In fact, the only contradiction to the official story that Mr McDermott revealed is the denial by FBI Chief Mueller that Marwan al-Shehhi’s phone calls were monitored. That, in our view, was Mr McDermott’s mission: to present the official story in a palatable, carefully controlled way; paper over the most glaring inconsistencies with unparalleled access to BKA and FBI reports.

Mr McDermott, like the rest of America, focused intensely on the role of Mohamed Atta. Atta’s alleged role was scrutinised in great detail and many examples were given to show his growing radicalisation. Mohamed Atta became the central figure in Perfect Soldiers in the same way that Daniel Hopsicker thrust Atta to the forefront of the plot. Whether or not these observations have any validity is outside the scope of this present report. Atta, we decided, can wait for another day. We decided to focus on Ramzi Bin Al-Shibah instead, not so much on the role we think he played – but on the role he allegedly played in the official legend of 9/11.  Let us start with who he actually is, his real identity, as that is about the best starting point we can think of at the moment.

If the world wasn’t quite sure who Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh is, Mr McDermott was quick to give us the information. He lived in Germany with the identity of a Sudanese named Omar  and applied for refugee status only to be rejected, Mr McDermott informed us – citing unnamed German intelligence reports. He then returned to Germany under his real name, with an equally real Yemeni identity and applied for refugee status again – and this time was accepted. I remember at the time reading the relevant passages, stopping, and forcing myself to read it again. It wasn’t the easiest thing to digest because it frankly didn’t make sense. If there was nothing wrong with his own identity, why had he taken the risk of using a false Sudanese one. Add to that there can only be so many officially sanctioned channels for individuals seeking refugee status in Hamburg and it seems impossible, on the face of it, that he wouldn’t be recognised as the same individual who previously applied with a Sudanese identity. The situation is further complicated by the information that Ramzi was always known as Omar whilst living in Hamburg, even after he returned to Germany with a Yemeni identity with the first name Ramzi. Mr McDermott, despite his unparalleled access to BKA reports, was off to a shaky start, we thought at the time. Quite frankly, we didn’t believe a word of it.

These are screenshots from a video using the save image function in Media Player Classic. The trick is to keep your finger on the pause button, wind it back and try to get the next frame. After about half an hour you get the hang of it. Then go and play around with the images in Photoshop, until you get the same or better than us. We think his name is Umar Muhammad ‘Abdallah Ba’ Amar and that leaves a huge hole in the 9/11 legend. We think he’s holding a board of some kind at the time of his arrest in Pakistan. We think his date of birth is 1973 and the word Yemen appears on the bottom of the board. We think we can also determine that the name Abu Ubaida is written on the second from last line. We also believe he wasn’t arrested on 11th September 2002 but on the 30th September 2002. We further suspect that this missing three weeks helps explain why Yosri Fouda kept changing the date of the interview he claims he gave to the identity previously known as Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh. We think we’re right. We think we’ve got the best sources. We think Zacarias Moussaoui should be immediately released from prison because he has been framed.

We will post the link to the video in the coming period after backing it up first, In šāʾ Allāh. We will also create a permanent link to the Guantanamo images so the evidence is in the public domain. Back in 2002 a dispute arose between and Jehad online who claimed ‘Ramzi is with us.’ We think we now have enough information to support the Jehad online position. We believe Jehad online was run by a state run intelligence service. In conclusion we believe that the Americans should immediately be expelled from Guantanamo by the Cuban government. We call for the Americans to be given safe passage out of the country on the condition they hand over all prisoners to the Red Crescent Society.

The above link links to a three part hq documentary. We find it interesting that the BBC interviewer himself has unique, unparalleled access to sources including ex Pakistani President Musharaf. Access of this type is rare and is usually linked to a need to get a certain message across. Whenever the so-called war on terror needs its narco fix of carefully chanelled information, BBC journalists are dispatched to carry out the job on behalf of their government bosses. Using this analysis we define the corporate media as another wing of the state, in much the same way as the army or police force. President Musharaf doesn’t give interviews unless it is part of a well-scripted plan. With the above in mind we urge our readers to view the documentary in its full. What message is being pushed here? Internet censorship, a legitimate need for increased surveillance and strenghening an already repressive state security apparatus are all justified in this film. For those who don’t have the time nor patience to watch it we inform our readers the Ramzi bin al-Shibh clip is in the third of the videos. We can see quite clearly from the board he is holding that the Pakistanis hadn’t identified him by that name.


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