The complete Air Traffic Control recording (Cleveland) for Flight 93

Part one

Part two

Part three

Please be aware that the three recordings display the times in the file name. Therefore it is possible to calculate the time when a particular exchange took place by using a media player with a counter.

As far as we’re aware these recordings aren’t generally available on the net. Placing too much significance on the recording is inappropriate because the third recording contains prolonged periods of radio silence. We suspect, although we don’t know, that either the Cleveland controller switched frequencies or that his supervisors took charge on a separate channel. In either eventuality, no attempt to contact the hijacked airliner can be heard in the third, vital tape.

We can determine whether sections of the third recording have been wiped, however – and we will attempt this analysis in the coming period. For those interested in how this is done we mention that Wordpad usually has enough memory to undertake such an analysis.


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