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Thank-you for hosting these thoughts which are an expression of our beliefs. Please if you live in the United States do not think we are writing these words against you. We maintain a position where we think that the truth should come out and if the truth is uncomfortable, so be it. We haven’t heard from the Cheerleaders recently, so if you are interested in finding out about them, check out this private message:  It is interesting

Salaam Aleykum and Ramadan Mubarak.
consider this the internet equivalent of you waking up in bed with me sitting on you with my hand over your mouth. My name is Shooter Hadchiti of the Hur al-Ayn, and apparently you called me an idiot, So listen up- my Forensic Text Analysis software showed an 85 % match between you and Michael Starkey, how do you plead? Don’t lie to me now,or I’ll hunt you down like a dog.

(Fanmail)  (received from one of the Cheerleaders.) I told my pet labrador I received this mail and Goldie urinated on the nearest tree. Forensic text analysis software is an invaluable tool for the diligent investigator although it is quite expensive and the same job can be done by the human brain. For those unable to operate a cappuchino machine properly, however, the results can be confusing. We recommend a bit more steam.


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