Sometimes we are accused of saying our opinion too much – so here’s a bit of intel

miraserve 1 is spamming: (Glen Jenvey) (wayback) (wayback) (wayback) (wayback) (wayback) (wayback) (wayback) (wayback) (wayback) (wayback) (wayback) (wayback) (wayback) (wayback)
mail to: (wayback) (wayback) I think I’m getting close to finding Galt’s identity. (allegedly one of Jenvey’s sites)(i’ve never heard of it) (“hey, inquiring minds need to know.”) An expression previously used by Galt. (wayback)

JohnathanRGalt Johnathan Galt John Galt (Galt’s user name)
shariahuk2001 user name (glen jenvey) (glen jenvey) (all caps) (PGCC Operative.) Possibly responsible for relocating registration to Kenya -just a crude guess. (abu islam, according to Manic at


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