Was S.O.S” the trigger for 9/11?

This report is something of a labour of love and might take a while to complete. If the truth comes out slowly instead of all at once then that has to be measured by the limits placed on the individual. I have had difficulties recently as a result of my Fujitsu laptop being stolen by Zionist and Crusader agents who think they did a good job in silencing one of the voices of truth.  They are wrong to think that they have silenced us because the truth is multifaceted and will always come out in the end. Zionist agents broke into my residence and stole my laptop because they are frightened by the truth. We know what they are up to with their false claims to Palestine and their false flag terrorism as they have been caught red-handed by our investigators. They were caught red-handed issuing threats against the brave and proud people of Iran and the Islamic scholars in Pakistan. If the British government refuse to prosecute these individuals to the full extent of the law then they cannot say they weren’t informed. We caught Dominic Wightman trying to set up a false-flag attack with the notorious granny bomber episode and we have established beyond doubt that Glen Jenvey is in control of sections of the Pakistan ISI. This is only a blog and I am only an individual and we have no access to state resources so these reports can only be seen as an attempt to stem the tide of conflict. We want to see peace – but peace with justice. Palestine is for us a symbol of truth against falsehood. We are entitled to our beliefs in Australia and freedom of speech is implied but not written into the Australian Constitution. This means that we are entitled to write about our beliefs on the internet without fear of prosecution or intimidation. Where facts are clearly established we are entitled to write about them, so Muslims can be defended by the truth, as the truth is always on the Muslims side, and will remain that way until the end of time.

So it isn’t a great surprise that this report should take a while and it will. Instead of making a draft it is the author’s preference to publish and then add to it. For those who find this method infuriating, we apologize.

The letters “S.O.S’ can be seen in more than one way. In a traditional, orthodox way,  it is the emergency distress signal for ships at sea. In more recent times it has been used to denote any emergency – where, for example, the musician Sting sang “sending out an S.O.S.” People listening to that song wouldn’t assume that he was at sea and his boat was about to sink. They would assume that he was in distress generally from the context of the expression. In fact, “S.O.S” has become an expression that people use to announce a state of distress or an emergency. Where is all this going, one might ask.

As we all know, the attacks against America took place on September 11th, 2001. In English we write the date as 11/9/2001 but Americans write the date as 9/11/2001. Hence, the attacks became known as 9/11 and with these two numbers we can readily identify the event: 911 also happens to be the telephone  number of the emergency services for residents of the United States.

We can see why most people are bored thinking about or even contemplating 9/11 because we can generally ascertain that most people are sick of the subject because of the reams and reams of disinformation that has been written on the subject. So much has been written, in fact, that an important event has been generally overlooked – and the consequences have been tragic. We think that it is a good time for us to speak – knowing that the so-called intelligence agencies are taking desperate measures to avoid facing reality. Those clowns without a circus will do anything to avoid facing reality and if they want to break into my flat then why haven’t they got the guts to come up to me in the street and let me see and hear  what they have to say. Instead, they act like the losers and social-misfits they are and then go crying to the cops or the agencies when they get exposed. They’re useless, and that’s why this blog’s stats achieved a record last week. Not bad going, in the circumstances. They hate us because we’re Muslims first and foremost because we follow the true religion, the word of Almighty Allah. But the main reason they chase after us is because we know the truth about their activities and we’ve been given brains by Almighty Allah to put our thoughts onto the internet. The Crusader/zionist alliance likes to grovel a lot, roll around in the dirt, steal, break in – but they haven’t got a hope in hell of shutting us up.


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