We hope Mr Dominic Whiteman’s lawyer works pro bono

Recently Mr Dominic Whiteman emerged from a period of silence with a blog attack on Tim Ireland, the so-called left wing radical who hangs around with other “extreme left wing radicals” such as Mr Richard Bartholomew. Apart from attacking Mr Ireland relentlessly on a personal level for three whole pages, Mr Whiteman, or Wightman, came up with very few facts. Yes, it seems, he drove past Mr Ireland’s house (stalking?) and saw black smoke and he intends to sue Mr Ireland for unspecified reasons. We wonder why it took three pages to say these things but as has been noted before, Conservative party supporters from Surrey do tend to waffle on an awful lot to the extent that some have identified it as a genetic trait. We wonder what the new sub-species of wafflers from Surrey should be called and invite our ever increasing readership to come up with suggestions. I might even find out how to post a wordpress poll to really spice things up.

We think that Mr Wightman’s purpose in threatening to sue Mr Ireland is to silence forever legitimate bloggers who are only reporting claims made by Merrick Rose of the Metropolitain Police that Mr Wightman, or Whiteman, wrote the granny bomber email. We didn’t pull the information out of thin air ourselves  like the bunny rabbit out of a top hat. We are sure that the emails published on this website are genuine and that the Met Police believed Mr Wightman, or Whiteman, was the author. All these are inconvenient facts. Tim Greene and Glen Jenvey exposed Mr Whiteman as he attempted to have his words translated into Arabic. Had the second part of his evil plan come to fruition we might have seen angry mobs of shoppers attacking elderly Muslim shoppers in the belief that they were carrying bombs in their trolleys. We find it incredible that the Met Police haven’t charged him but we also find the behaviour of the Met Police incredible sometimes, particularly in the case of the young Brazilian on the subway. We have information that Merrick Rose was involved in that travesty of justice too. And we plan to write about it soon.

Hands off free speech! Free speech is implied but not written into the Australian Constitution unlike United Kingdom where you get slapped with a D notice for exposing the state secrets. Does anyone remember Colin Wallace when he tried to exercise free speech in the United Kingdom? We wish to advise Mr Wightman, or Whiteman, that if he intends to run for parliament to run as an independent and not try to align himself too closely with his Tory benefactors in case they get burnt. Remember what Hugo Chavez said about Bush – how he could smell the charcoal?

We note with interest that Mr Wightman also suggests in his long, rambling essay that Mr Ireland should be careful “real ” Nazis like Combat18 and Blood and Honour don’t come knocking on his door and pin him down on the floor with a meat cleaver. We find this suggestion incredible especially as Mr Ireland’s address has been revealed on the internet numerous times by Mr Dominic Wightman’s known associates. We advise Mr Ireland to immediately report Mr Wightman, or Whiteman, to police for making non-too-subtle threats. Despite Mr Wightman’s numerous denials that he has anything to do with “The Cheerleaders” we have a recording of Flowers and Jenvey on tape discussing the Richard Tims account, a recording which was subsequently passed to Ireland and Bartholomew by non other than Dominic Wightman. Perhaps “having nothing to do with” something has a differant meaning down in gin and tonic land.


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