Dominic Wightman silenced by blogger

It isn’t surprising that Dominic Wightman hasn’t been online lately and Christmas/New Year festivities have nothing to do with it. Mr Wightman sent me an email  recently asking if I was prepared to remove references to him on this blog in return for information. I didn’t say no outright – but I asked exactly what he wanted removing. I should have been tempted by Mr Wightman’s proposal because he promised me information which would  make me a lead player in the field of fake anti muslim terror conspiracies hatched by what I now term the ‘blue/pink alliance.’  Instead I could see myself being manipulated like Tim Ireland and Richard Bartholomew who volunteered to become Wightman’s stooges a year ago and have been whining ever since. I did ask, however. I think Mr Wightman was left in no doubt what the final response would be.

Ireland and Bartholomew allowed themselves to get duped because they have no political agenda – they just go with the flow. Wightman isn’t right to describe these two as radical leftists because at least socialists have some sort of purpose, even if they are promoting a failed concept. By allowing Mr Wightman to influence any kind of investigation, it invariably gets tainted with Mr Wightman’s agenda which is slavishly pro Conservative. Mr Wightman comes from a social strata in England who sip gin and tonics around the open fire at the Surrey local pub and who all pronounce the word Jaguar with an  R.  These people  are  actually  museum  pieces  who  have  somehow  remained  at  large  in  the  broader  community.  If  the  allegations  outlined  in  the  Met  Police  emails  are   true  we  call  for  Mr Wightman’s immediate arrest.

There is also evidence that the failed musical clowns who remind me of the Teletubbies on amphetemines, aka The Cheerleaders, have also been involved in recent acts of violence which warrant criminal charges. We would like to reinforce our position that threats of violence in an online sense and actual acts of violence in a real world sense are both illegal in Britain. The Cheerleaders have been threatening acts of violence against so called Islamic radicals as well as Bloggers such as Mr Ireland.  If the Met Police anti terror squad is interested in the criminal behaviour of the amphetemine Teletubbies, we will be pleased to assist. We are also aware that Mr Richard Bartholomew claims to have made a police statement related to the Teletubbies criminal behaviour. The recent propoganda Youtube videos produced by the amphetemine Teletubbies suggests their threats have turned real and that one of the Teletubbies  fled the UK and is hiding out in the UAE.

Mr Jenvey has also been arrested and we’re quite pleased about that. His hideous campaign against UK Jews requires a stern response from law enforcement.

Perhaps the entire fake anti Muslim terrorist coalition might consider fleeing to South America en masse. We hear the Catholic Church has in the past provided material assistance to Ustasha terrorists and German Nazis. The amphetimine Teletubbies, Wightman, Jenvey, might also consider this route because their days are numbered in the UK as law enforcement is closing in on them. We hear that the price of a gin and tonic in Paraguay isn’t that expensive and the tonic water wards off the mosquitos.


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