Lockerbie: introduction

Due to a well executed conspiracy by some enemies of Islam, which is the religion of truth, this blog has been inactive for a few weeks.  We feel undeterred, however, and plan to come back exposing the conspiracies of the infidels. It might take a little more time to come back – but when we do so we will send the infidel conspiracy mongers into a real frenzy with what is admittedly only a partial truth about Lockerbie, in’shallah.

Prior to the granting of Abdel Baset Al-Megrahi’s last appeal against his conviction, the British government was in absolute panic mode about the Lockerbie outrage. This was partly due to evidence given by a senior Scottish policeman code-named ‘The Golfer’ who provided chilling details about how evidence had been planted by the Americans at the Lockerbie crash site. ‘The Golfer,’ being a senior Scottish policeman, no doubt believed in the system he had served for many years. He had illusions that if he gave evidence to the Scottish judicial system he would be believed. His identity was protected and he was promised protection from repercussions. Unfortunately for ‘The Golfer,’ however, this was not enough. He signed a confidentiality agreement which meant that the evidence he gave in session could not be revealed to the public through the press afterwards. ‘The Golfer’ was duped and instead of going to someone like Robert Fisk, he literally gave all his evidence away and now it won’t see the light of day.

‘The Golfer’s evidence was compelling – but once the confidentiality agreement was in place, those engineering the cover-up couldn’t believe their luck. At the time of ‘The Golfer’s’ revelations, this writer was dropping non-too-subtle hints at strategic places on the internet that the true location of the Lockerbie bomb wasn’t the brown Samsonite suitcase loaded at Malta and transfered aboard Pan Am 103 at Frankfurt but in the sewage tanks. The British government and their American counterparts were in a panic. Their whole tangled web of lies and deceit was coming apart. How were they to respond? Well, the public record speaks for itself. The appeal was granted but not because of anything ‘The Golfer’ said. Not because the bomb was in the sewage tanks and not the brown Samsonite suitcase. Suddenly, obviously by sheer coincidence, the British “discovered” a whole lot more about Tony Gauci than they ever knew before – stuff they obviously hadn’t had time to seriously consider before, if you take their word for it. Tony Gauci, by the way,  is the Maltese shopkeeper who allegedly sold Al-Megrahi clothes which were subsequently found at the Lockerbie crash site with – you guessed it – explosive residue.


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