More analysis of a network

When a group of agents join together to fight so-called Islamic extremists they often enjoy the fruits of their labours for a short period of time and then enter into a period of decline. Because fighting any sincere Muslim implies a certain amount of moral degeneracy, this degeneracy tends to spread out within the group and affect the overall quality of the operation of the anti-Muslim cell. When the United States of America and its allies launched their war on Muslims in 2001, they of course maintained their initiative through the use of military force. They enjoyed success in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. They destroyed whole communities. And their Intelligence driven initiatives – awash with funds – made several advances.

But of all the charges levelled against them, the Muslims were only guilty of one: they were guilty of knowing there is only One God and knowing that Allah (swt) created the universe single-handedly, that God has no sons, daughters or wives and that Muhammed (pbuh) was his Last Messenger, the Seal of the Prophets.

Of course truth was on the side of the Muslims.

It is therefore not surprising that whenever problems occur within an anti-Muslim cell, when an analysis is undertaken by management, a cover-up will ensue. Any honest analysis should conclude that the anti-Muslim cell is rotten to the core – but that could never be admitted. It is sometimes very educational to observe how anti-Muslim cells function in times of crisis. It’s interesting to see what kind of analysis takes place and what conclusions are drawn. If we can see that an analysis of their problems avoids placing blame for tension and violence at their own feet, we are entitled to conclude that dishonesty has prevailed. What is needed now is to focus on one particular example of problems occuring in an anti-Muslim cell. That way we won’t be talking about the idea in the abstract. We should focus on one example and as a particular set of circumstances are discovered, we should be able to reach sound conclusions about the problem. In our analysis we won’t be blaming personality clashes, mental illness, disputes over funds, for any underlying problems, as the infidels are doing. We’ll be looking at the lack of moral fibre and ethics spread right throughout the infidels and focusing on that.

It is fair to say at this point that any analysis of the problem has to be examined truthfully by this writer. If I were to launch an investigation and then only confirm preconceived ideas that would be a tragedy. It would also be disinformation and the antithesis of our main ideal, which is truth. If we can’t keep telling the truth, maintaining the truth and proclaiming it simply because it is the truth, then we promise to be quiet. We won’t say a word because of our shame.

One particular problem which has occurred within an anti-Muslim cell recently is the problem of Glen Jenvey getting caught planting fake stories in the UK press about terror plots. Mr Jenvey could be said to have made a complete ass of himself in the last year or so as he first fell out with at least one but probably two or more of his bosses and then had a public tantrum which led to some sort of breakdown. Mr Jenvey’s problems didn’t end there and he belatedly apologised for planting fake terror stories in the Sun newspaper. He was due to appear on an internet radio broadcast but failed to turn up and was said to be in hiding – fearing for his life. He then faked his reversion to Islam presumably to buy himself some time. When he felt confident enough to admit to the truth he confessed that he drank beer and ate bacon sandwiches. More importantly, he conceded that his reversion to Islam was a farce and then went on to further describe his behaviour as an experiment. At the time of writing there have been reports that Mr Jenvey has been arrested for inciting racial hatred. That, if true, would be an irony as Mr Jenvey is a non-white Asian whose real name is Jenvey Zia.

What can be said with some certainty is that Mr Jenvey has a lot of enemies. It should be pointed out Mr Jenvey made a lot of enemies in 2002 and 2003, for example, and continues to do so today. It is fair to conclude that Mr Jenvey always puts himself in situations where he makes lots of enemies and that is part of his psychological profile. After his recently faked reversion to Islam he failed to apologise to offended Muslims and exhibited psychotic behaviour which included a total lack of awareness that his actions were seen by Muslims as totally abhorent. But Mr Jenvey wasn’t content to insult Muslim religious beliefs and leave it at that. As if 1.5 billion people wasn’t a big enough number of people to upset he also attacked Jews so ruthlessly and with such invective and hatred we are convinced it was not part of the hoax. We therefore conclude that Mr Jenvey has indeed become even more psychotic than usual and turned against a significant number of his former associates and whole races.

The initial crisis was prompted by the discovery that Mr Jenvey planted a fake story on the discussion forum calling for a campaign of harassment and intimidation against members of the United Kingdom Jewish population. It is manifestly unfair to target any Jewish person who is not living in Israel as this places Jewish people in an impossible position. If the Jewish person is resident in Israel they are often described as Nazis, baby killers and terrorists. Perhaps a Jewish person might not use this same language to describe Jews who live in the Zionist state but it is clear that a large number of Jews do not live in Israel because they do not agree with the goals and ideals of the Jewish state. Many Jews who live outside Israel see the proliferation of corruption within the Zionist state apparatus as being symptomatic of a deeper malaise, for example. They are not surprised at the rise of criminal gangs associated with the drug trade and oppose Israeli military tactics in Lebanon and the West Bank. These Jews are a source of inspiration for other Jews and also for the rest of us. Their political position needs to be strengthened through dialogue and encouragement and the idea they should be targeted for who they are is abhorent. Thus we can see that Mr Jenvey’s targeting of UK Jews is the work of a warped and twisted mind. Going on to give the story to the Sun newspaper is totally reprehensible and we would also think criminal. In fact, the absence of criminal charges is both noticable and surprising. The absence of criminal charges leads us in the direction of believing that Mr Jenvey’s actions were state sanctioned.

One needs only look at Mr Jenvey’s known associates to further strengthen this belief. A list of Mr Jenvey’s known associates reads like a who’s who of the international anti Muslim coalition: Ilham Frandsen, Michael Starkey, Dominic Wightman, Richard Watson, Jeremy Reynolds, Neil Doyle, Patrick Mercer, Howard Altman (Tampa Trib), Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, P.C. Sharma (retired), Bill Warner (insane pi), Jonathan Galt , Mrs Galt, Jim Ownbey, Salehal Moussa, Jon David Messner, Lt. Col. Abul Rahim Khan, Aaron Weisburb, Tim Greene, Merrick Rose, The Cheerleaders, Paul Ray. Please note this list has been revised since the publication of the previous one. Please also note there is a current investigation in progress which aims to reveal the identities of Jonathan and Mrs Galt. A note should be made at this point that the name Ilham Frandsen comes from a single source whose motives for disclosing this name may or may not be dubious. It should further be pointed out that not all of the above listed individuals work together on an ongoing basis at the present time. Mr Doyle and Mr Jenvey, for example, appear to have parted company after publication of the book Terror Tracker. Salehal Moussa and Jon David Messner appear to have dropped off the radar completely and there have been reports that Messner passed away. Because of the nature of his work in hijacking so-called Islamic radicals’ websites, it is likely Mr Messner had good reason for believing that reports of his death may have thrown off any enemies who were chasing him. In the shadowy, morally degenerate world of the anti Muslim coalition, a faked death and a new identity can be seen as a breath of fresh air.

To further strengthen our case that planting fake stories in the UK press is the modus operandi of the anti Muslim coalition, we should look for other instances where this type of behaviour has occurred. And fortunately other examples do exist which go some way to proving our contention. Please refer to the post I made recently where Met Police emails were published which refer to a fake terror plot allegedly hatched by Dominic Wightman. In the period when Mr Jenvey was faking being a Muslim, he stated that the secret brief which the British Home Secretary used to continue to imprison Abu Qatada contained false information which indicated Abu Qatada was planning to break the terms and conditions of his release. We are entitled to conclude from the context of his statement that he knew information had been planted by himself or known associates. At this point we would like to appeal for information about the evidence used to convict Abu Hamza Al-Masry with whom Jenvey developed an obsession. Please forward any information to Muddasar Arani, a highly capable individual who represents Sheikh Abu Hamza. While it is true that I’d like to know any information which throws doubt over his conviction, the proper course of action would be to contact his lawyer. A further example of planting allegedly fake stories was recently uncovered where so-called Islamic extremists were said to have targeted the singer Madonna. If as we suspect this is only the tip of the iceberg, we can see why focusing on Mr Jenvey’s mental state and describing him as a bumbling fantasist has been the order of the day. It is a smokescreen to hide the fact that what Mr Jenvey did was and is considered normal operating procedure. By smearing Hizb-ut-Tahrir in the BBC Newsnight programme with the use of private security consultants, the BBC and henceforth the government can maintain plausible deniability if the information provided by these private individuals subsequently turns out to be fake. Of course if Hizb-ut-Tahrir are the threat that Mr Wightman and Mr Jenvey claim they are, we wonder why MI5 didn’t report directly to the Home Office and the organisation could be proscribed. Of course the Home Office might require the provision of evidence which isn’t the case when Mr Wightman and Mr Jenvey can make unsubstantiated allegations on the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme. There has also been some evidence that an anti Muslim cell member suggested to Omar Bakri Mohammed that Dublin Airport might be a good place to attack as it was used as a staging post for American troops. We immediately suspected the clowns without a circus of the anti-Muslim cell operating around Mr Jenvey and Mr Wightman as it is Shannon airport which US troops use and not Dublin airport. If the threat had been developed by individuals intent on attacking American troops on their way to Iraq, we think those individuals would be keen to attack the right target and not get their knickers in a twist.

Of course it is only one step away for under-cover operatives to suggest to so-called Islamic extremists an idea for a particular terror plot – and then to go on to provide them with cash and resources. I’m quite sure Mr Omar Bakri isn’t as stupid to accept such an offer but we can imagine the following scenario. Operative: “Yes, it’s certainly the case that American troops are being ferried to Iraq via Dublin airport and we should attack them there.” Mr Omar Bakri Muhammed: “Hit the target, hit it hard….Blah, blah, blah… the answer lies within your own question.” If £50,000 arrives in the operative’s account via a Western Union money transfer in the coming weeks, that’s all the evidence the police need to swoop. And if, as sometimes happens, an attack does take place, that’s the fuel needed to keep the anti Muslim crusade going and perpetuate the spending needed to underscore the infidel nations’ fake war on terror. We correctly identify the war on terror as the morally bankrupt infidel nations’ attempt to inflate military and intelligence spending in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. We know an attractive alternative for the diverted funds would be to invest in infrastructure, schools and health services. And for those who wish to point out that western civilisation needs the resources to defend itself because of 9/11, please don’t speak too soon as we haven’t even got to that subject yet. Because all the while independant so-called American investigators focused on alleged bombs in the buildings and missiles hitting the Pentagon with dancing Israelis laughing in the background, the real investigation has been going on here, on this very same computer, and the results will be published on this blog unless it gets closed down. Please remember that free speech is implied but not written into the Australian constitution and any internet service should not see the Australian constitution free speech provisions as something they can choose to ignore. It’s also quite clear by now that all forms of terror are opposed equally by us and in making the points we make we adhere to the truth. Truth isn’t subjective, it’s objective. Although we can define objective truth in a subjective manner, that can’t add or subtract from the objective characteristics of our world. All the words in the world wont change the fact that a group of anti-Muslim private consultants have been duping the public with fake terror stories. The facts exist without this commentary and can be independantly verified by anyone who knows how to use an internet search engine.

We also appeal to the United Kingdom police for a forensic examination of the twenty machine guns confiscated from Mr Jenvey’s secret UK home. We think it is reasonable to ask what reasons Mr Jenvey provided to the police for amassing such a sizeable arsenal. It seems quite clear that twenty machine guns are not needed for self-defence when a nine ml Glock or Beretta would serve the same purpose. We would also like to reinforce our opinion that holding twenty machine guns in a suburban Wilthshire residence places local residents in grave danger. It seems strange that a realistic defence of Jewish rights should come from a Muslim. In conclusion I would like to point out that ethics have a universal quality and are not confined to one particular group or another. Discovering true ethical conduct or re-discovering true ethical conduct is something which renews the internal dynamic of any society.

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