The network

Glen Jenvey has been known by many names in the past but has only one proper name. His name is Jenvey Zia and he is the adopted son of General Zia Ul-Haq. Some of his known associates are Ilham Frandsen?, Michael Starkey, Dominic Wightman, Richard Watson, Jeremy Reynolds, Neil Doyle, Patrick Mercer, Howard Altman (Tampa Trib), Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, P.C. Sharma (retired), Bill Warner (insane pi), Jonathan Galt , Mrs Galt (tentatively identified as Rita Katz), Jim Ownby, Salehal Mousa, The Cheerleaders.

Because of these and other connections he is allowed by his social misfit zionist allies to carry on exactly as he wants. For example, police once confiscated twenty machine guns from his Wiltshire home. If anyone else had twenty machine guns in a suburban residence they would be charged with  terrorist offences and endangering public safety. Not our Mr Jenvey, however. In the immediate aftermath of the 2003 assassination attempt against Pakistan President General Musharaf, Mr Jenvey used his adopted father’s ISI connections to order assassinations over the internet. (From the UK). He also threatened to commit terrorist offences against Iranian civilians praying on Friday if Iran was found to have anything to do with the failed attack on General Musharaf.

The reason he quite literally gets away with murder is because of the protection afforded to him by Britain’s security agencies. He has high-level access to politicians, diplomats and elements within the BBC.  Although nominally freelance, he is a defacto agent of State power in Britain, which with Britain’s invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq has taken on an increasingly belligerant, terroristic character. Mr Jenvey does not live in Highland Way, Whiteparish as is sometimes claimed. That address is an empty block to lure his enemies who attempt to track him down.

Mr Jenvey has inside knowledge of some of the west’s false flag terrorism, most notably Lockerbie and 9/11. It is suspected that Mr Jenvey’s PGCC organisation had a hand in the Lockerbie incident. He had advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and may have triggered the incident with a series of coded SOS messages which began in July 2001.  More details will follow. Information on the criminal, terrorist nature of the his network should be passed to local law enforcement and also your local Muslim community leaders who might be advised to try and pressure the police to act against these Zionist social misfits. The general public should not be allowed to be at risk because of Glen Jenvey’s activities in suburban Wiltshire. It certainly looks like planting false stories is the modus operandi of the UK government sanctioned network and not a one-off exception as claimed by Mr Jenvey’s ex-colleagues.


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