Some thoughts on the Abu Islam scandal and surrounding issues.

It has been interesting sitting around after going south this morning because I have been thinking carefully about Mr Wightman, the Cheerleaders and the Abu Islam scandal. Because the various participants in this acrimonious affair have publicly declared their positions in detail, I’ve been able to identify some contradictions in their various accounts. These apparent contradictions are herein noted.

Why is Sajid leaving The Cheerleader’s Facebook/MySpace page claimed that Sajid was leaving because of the them. For the forum administrator of Ummah to depart because of them suggests that at least part of the conflict is obscured from public scrutiny – and that the campaign of threats and intimidation is not limited to this writer and Tim Ireland. Obviously the surface activity is only a fraction of everything going on and what we’re looking at are only ripples on the surface of a much larger river. If  for a moment we can assume that the Cheerleader’s claim is true, our goal must be to find out why these individuals are being intimidated.

Why was Charlie Wadia authorised to notify Richard Bartholomew that they were going to kill a named (but censored by Bartholomew) Islamic extremist and “everyone around him?” Bartholomew claimed on his blog that he informed the police – but can anyone verify Bartholomew’s assertion? And why did Charlie Wadia notify Bartholomew they were going to kill someone anyway, when doing so only increases the chances of being caught. Let’s not forget that Bartholomew once wrote an article sympathetic to Jeremy Reynolds, Glen Jenvey’s erstwhile partner – who thinks compulsury indoctrination of Christianity to the homeless is justified – and who spends his life plotting and conspiring against Islam, the true religion of God. So even before the Abu Islam affair blew up in the Crusader’s faces, the major players had clearly established their reputations as arch-reactionaries, has-beens, social-misfits – and the driving force of this bandwagon of losers and dupes appeared to be the British State itself. Can I get access to the Newsnight team and get them to make favourable documentaries about me? Can I get the Newsnight Team to portray me as a hero, a latter day James Bond 007, who single-handedly saves the world from the dastardly plans of the evil Doctor No? Ooops, I seem to remember that Doctor No got nobbled by our superhero at the end of the movie. So we’ll just have to find another evil adversery to fit the bill. How about Islamic extremists? Yeah, that will do…

Bartholomew also engaged in an I.P. sharing arrangement with Bloggerheads, and MPACK.  The full implications of this I.P. sharing ring are not clear at the moment but I hope to learn more in the not too distant future. appears to be hosted on Vbulletin and Sajid, the moderator of the Ummah forum, once explained that he has admin rights to the server. Let me explain at this point that Sajid has notified members that he is leaving although he hasn’t specified a reason. The Cheerleader Facebook/MySpace page announced that Sajid was leaving because of them. So is it possible to take an educated guess at what is happening? The known facts have an inextricable tendency to lead to further disclosure, so what is not immediately apparent should be seen as a fact yet to be revealed. We can see the overall picture, however: Online provocation by the intelligence services of the crusader nations is their modus operandi. Sometimes these acts of provocation include providing cash and resources to criminal elements. A cell is, therefore, enabled. I think we are witnessing a false-flag operation actually taking place.

It is this overall picture which the likes of Ireland, Bartholomew and Mr Wightman are desperate to obscure. Jenvey got caught red-handed and has since concocted a story that he did it to make Jews feel as insecure as Palestinians must feel. Although it is hard to admit that I agree with anything the Cheerleaders say, I simply cannot argue against them when they state quite clearly that the Abu Islam affair had nothing to do with making Jews feel insecure. He got caught doing what all his ex-colleagues are doing all the time. The affair was only exposed when he slipped up and was nailed by the r.tims revelations. Instead of admitting that the provocations are happening all the time – which would be pretty hard for the British Government to admit since it was sanctioning them, Jenvey was marginalised, described as nuts, and is portrayed by Ireland as a fantasist – instead of being part of a network sanctioned by the U.K. government. In other words shout, make threats, diversions, scandals – and hopefully (from the infidels point of view) the general public won’t find out the truth.

The evidence of criminality is piling up against the infidels: Lockerbie, 9/11, 7/7, Bali, the Dublin airport provocation, the granny bomber scandal. Recognise the hands of the  infidels in all these operations? Recognise the same hands? They will surely continue their plots against the true believers. But because they hatch their plots in desperation at their losses in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, their plots and provocations are easy to expose. These infidel intelligence operatives keep making enormous stuff-ups and can’t get their story straight after more than a year: they don’t get exposed by people like me but never fail to expose themselves because of their inferior intellects. They are agents of disbelief and colonialism. They are agents without ethics, without Divine Guidance. Their plots will always fail.

BAKRI: Hit the target, hit it very hard, and that issue must be understood. The situation there is quite difficult and therefore the answer is within your own question. (Dublin Airport).

Which operative asked Bakri Muhammed about Dublin airport? We find the provocation so serious we wonder why charges have not been laid. Actually, I do realise why the government cannot charge itself with making terrorist threats and provocations – I was just adding a touch of long overdue sarcasm to this fascinating exposè.

The truth has a way of always catching up with the infidels. In fact, they are pursued by the truth from the cradle to the grave and spend their whole days running away from it. Glen Jenvey converted to Islam and that is clearly a precedent. All the rest of his rag-tag army of social-misfits would be well-advised to do the same because that is the only way they can hope to save themselves.

On another note we might examine Mr Wightman’s claim that he has little to do with the Cheerleaders. If someone makes a public statement denying something which they claim isn’t true then it’s usually interesting to examine their motives. Why deny it in the first place, thereby giving the allegation legs. Why not ignore the allegation or just sue? Mr Wightman is a good example of someone whose repeated denials arouse more interest than the original allegation. Why all the fuss?

Omar Hamza Jenvey has alleged that Mr Wightman attempted to plant on an unspecified Islamic website information which suggested that so-called Islamic extremists were plotting a particularly nasty attack. An email was allegedly sent from one of Mr Wightman’s accounts which asked for the outline of a plot to be translated into Arabic. This evil plot, allegedly hatched within the sinister depths of Mr Whiteman’s mind, suggested old ladies could be used in terrorist attacks because they pull shopping trolleys, which could be used to transport explosives without arousing suspicion.

Omar Hamza Jenvey claimed that he and Michael Starkey reported Mr Wightman to the police for this attempted provocation. Omar Hamza Jenvey has posted online correspondence where Merrick Rose of the Metropolitain Police, claims they are unable to act against Mr Wightman because that would reveal to Mr Wightman that his emails were being monitored. I would have thought that was the whole purpose of monitoring: namely to prevent criminals from conspiring to commit criminal acts. The Metropolitain Police in this case took the view that they didn’t want their monitoring uncovered, even if they had to allow criminal activity to continue, which is a quite strange position for any police force in the world to take, as they are in fact policemen who are duty bound to uphold the law. What is the point of monitoring if when criminal activity is discovered (Mr Wightman’s or someone else using his email account) nothing is done about it? Merrick Rose’s response, reproduced on the Pravda forums by George Chetty is illuminating. The thread was subsequently deleted by Chetty, who appears to have had cold feet after turning against his infidel terrorist masters in such a virulant way. I was lucky to recover the majority of the thread (though not all of it) from Google’s cached version of the page. I suspect that Chetty had been deleting the posts one by one and the cached version only reflected his first two or three deletions. Perhaps the Federal Government of Australia might agree to put Australia into the same time zone as the United Kingdom at least temporarily when all these spying scandals blow up. At least then I might get to the information before it is deleted.


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