Goodbye Geocities. Found a new home.

Operation_Breaklock at Geocities was online from 2005 until recently (September 2009). The stated objective of the website was to secure the release of Abdel Basset Al-Megrahi from prison in Scotland after he was unjustly tried and convicted for the Lockerbie bombing. Yahoo, which owns the Geocities sites, decided to close down all their free accounts, presumably to concentrate on paying customers.  I don’t think the site is accessible through the Wayback machine at

When an injustice occurs, as they frequently do in post-world war 2 Britain,  there are many fine examples of people who stick their neck out to try and assist the framed victim.  And eventually, of course, Mr Megrahi was released from custody to live out the remainder of his days close to his friends and family. It is a tragedy that Mr Megrahi is  in the final stages of prostrate cancer. May God protect him, his family and friends, and give him strength to overcome his illness. Maybe the Libyan sunshine will help or maybe there are experimental treatments such as artemisinin or vitamin b17 which might kill the cancer cells. I’m quite sure the Libyans are providing Mr Megrahi with the best care available. Please when sincere Muslims read this post could they pray for him, as there is nothing in the world as powerful as the power of prayer to Almighty Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate.


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